Camping at Mitchell Falls in April

by Zoe

Just need some more information about camping at Mitchell Falls. Do I need to book a camp site in the quiet area? Can you also please advise whether the camping at King Edward River is any good? We were planning to stay at Ungolari Safari Camp but it's closed in April (when we are going).

Thanks for a great website with lots of excellent info!

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Mitchell Falls in April
by: Birgit

Hi Zoe,
Thank you for the kind words.

How are you planning to access the Mitchell Plateau? Driving?

(One of my readers went up there in April 07 in a private plane, so I thought I'd ask. If you are flying in your own plane, disregard what follows below. But if you were planning to drive...)

You may need to read a bit more about the area.

The King Edward River Campsites are great (in my opinion they are). Both the King Edward and the Mitchell Falls campground are bushcamps with minimal facilities (access track and bush toilets, no more). These aren't commercial campgrounds and there is nothing to book.

But the much bigger issue here is the climate and the wet season.

Have you downloaded and read the free Kimberley guide yet? If not, that's a good place to start. It has a very detailed chapter about the climate and seasons.

If you could easily drive up to the Mitchell Plateau in April then Ungolan wouldn't be closed.

Tourist businesses do not close their doors arbitrarily over the year. They operate when it's possible, and they close when it's not.

In April everything on the Mitchell Plateau will still be under water. You will not be able to get across the King Edward River.

There is a chance you will not even be able to get to the Kalumburu Road turn off on the Gibb River Road. There are a few rivers on the way there, too.

Before you visit the Kimberley in April, make sure you have a good understanding of our climate, our roads, and what that means for access to places and attractions.

Zoe's holiday
by: Roddy

I think Zoe has to read a lot more than she does if she wishes to travel to Mitchell Falls in April. I absolutely agree with the comments made that she would not get up there driving.

Even Billy Bonfire, the experienced Victorian go anywhere bushman would not entertain such a trip. Zoe, we suggest you go late May or June/July.

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