Sir John Gorge
Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, Gibb River Road

Sometimes readers write and ask which are the best gorges in the Kimberley. If I was to make a list, Sir John Gorge would feature somewhere VERY close to the top.

Sir John Gorge

Sir John Gorge is located near the Mornington Wilderness Camp, which as a whole rates as on of my top picks along the Gibb River Road.

This massive gorge section of the Fitzroy River is 23 km long (you can only access a few kilometres of it). Sir John Gorge is a popular place for sunset, but I think it would be a shame if one sunset was all you spent down here.

Sunset at Sir John Gorge

If you are lucky, you can explore the first three pools of the gorge by hired canoe. I say lucky, because there is only one canoe. They only allow two people in the gorge at a time.

You get your paddles and a lunch hamper at the reception and the gorge is all yours for the day! Which of course makes this an extra special day. Nothing beats the feeling of having a place as powerful as this one entirely to yourself...

But even if you don't manage to nab the canoe, you can still have a great day or half day at Sir John Gorge. Bushwalkers could hike up a long way if they like. You should easily be able to reach the third pool. You can see if you can spot the Short-eared Rock-wallabies that live in the cliffs along the second pool, or just swim and laze along the first.

More Pictures of Sir John Gorge

Overlooking the first pool.

Arriving at the first pool. No canoe here... You have to walk along the first pool. The first canoe is parked at the start of the second.

The start of the third pool.

The first challenge after a 30 min walk over rock slabs is to find the canoe, well hidden under shrubs in a little bay.

A small pool and waterfall in a side gorge.

A small pool and waterfall in a side gorge.

Parked canoe.

When you reach the end of the third pool you can park the canoe and continue on foot.

Looking back down towards the third pool.

Looking back down towards the third pool...

The fourth pool.

...and upstream into the fourth pool. I had neither sunscreen nor a hat on when taking this photo. So the swim that followed only went about half way. Next time I'm here I definitely want to get a VERY early start for the day and swim to the other end and walk from there...

Floating down the very still third pool in the afternoon.

Floating back down the very still third pool in the afternoon.

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