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Special Issue -- Grab your pre-launch copy of "Destination Kimberley".
February 29, 2008


I had so hoped to finish this within February, as I'd promised. Darn. Despite having an extra day (the 29th) I just missed it. Oh well, at least...

The full travel guide is finally available!

For a short time only, you can get a pre-launch copy of "Destination Kimberley, The Only Kimberley Guide You Need", here:

What does pre-launch mean?

It means at this point in time the book is only available to newsletter subscribers, at a much discounted price. This is a special offer only for you and is valid only until next Sunday! (European, Canadian and US readers please be careful, you are way behind us. Make it Saturday, to be sure.)

Once the offer expires the link above will not work any more and will only take you to an error page. (You can still get the book, but you will have to pay full price).

A few comments regarding this special offer:

The book comes with a 12 months guarantee. That guarantee of course also applies to the special offer, no ifs and buts. If you aren't happy with it you just contact me and you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Another thing you should know is that the book still hasn't undergone the very last final proof reading. One of my reviewers mentioned she has a few suggestions regarding some grammar issues, but I don't have her list yet. So for now you still have to put up with my sometimes weird German way of putting things into words... And, um, probably a typo here and there. But that's why you get such a big discount. (45% off!)

To see what else the reviewers had to say about the guide, to find out more about the guide itself and to grab your copy while you can, go here:

Looking forward to hearing what you think about it!

B. (Birgit)



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