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Popular campsite closed, large number of 2WDs heading for the Gibb River Road
May 20, 2008

This is not a full blown newsletter issue, just a quick update for bushcampers.

Not far from Halls Creek, along the Duncan Road, are several waterholes that have always been popular with both locals and tourists for day trips and as overnight camping stops. (See page 115 of Destination Kimberley for details.)

Caroline Pool was the most popular and most frequented of those places, so much so that the environment started to suffer.

To protect this waterhole and the surrounding vegetation the Environmental Health Department had to restrict access to Caroline Pool. It is now a day use only area. Camping is NOT allowed any more, but you can still stop here for a swim and a picnic.

This restriction applies only to Caroline Pool. You can still camp at Palm Springs or Sawtooth Gorge, as well as other places further along the Duncan Road.


Another quick heads up for people heading for the Gibb River Road late August/early September:

During the last week of August and first week of September you can expect to come across a large number of 2WD vehicles, heading west along the Gibb River Road and piling into the campgrounds at night.

At this point 57 cars are registered for this trip. How many will make it that far and how close together they will be by the time they get there is a different question. First they have to survive the Canning Stock Route!

Of course these aren't just any 2WD vehicles...

See for more details and for the route and dates.

I guess you either join in the fun or make sure you get there are few days early or later!


More from the Kimberley soon,

B. (Birgit)

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