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Recent Kimberley guide book updates, question for families with kids
January 14, 2010

14 January 2010, Issue #021

In this issue:
  • Destination Kimberley updates
  • Calling all families with children

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Hi everyone!

Rain, rain, rain... Kununurra is even soggier than it was last time I wrote!

Cyclone Laurence, which I mentioned last time, did not really dump all that much water on us. It saved it all up for the west coast.

But close on Lawrence's heels followed another major depression, bringing enough rain to cut the road for a day. And for the last three days it's been raining, raining, raining again. It's nice :-).

This is only a very short newsletter issue with some updates I made to Destination Kimberley.

The updates themselves are not so short, but rather than typing them all into this email, I've put everything into one printable document for you. You can download it here:
(It's a pdf file and may take some time to load into your browser window. Right-click and save the file if it does not open in your browser at all.)

These updates have been live for a while. I usually complete a major review well before the New Year. I am vey sorry that this year I was a few days late, and I am very late letting you know about it, due to reasons I explain below.

I also have a reader question for all families with children who have travelled the Gibb River Road or have done other extended camping trips into remote areas.

Martin from Holland needs some tips and advice. Can you help?
Gibb River Road with minimal baggage
(To respond to Martin please post a comment on the site.)

Thanks in advance!

Everything else here is going reasonably well. I've been out of order for a while, battling some mysterious disease, but the worst appears to be over.
My doctor was very confident that it's glandular fever (ugh, just what I needed), but I don't have all blood test results back yet, and the quick ones they did at the hospital were negative.

I've been trying to decide whether I'm hoping it is glandular fever or not. Glandular fever is awful and takes a long time to recover from, but I'm not sure that having a virus named after me is the sort of fame I've envisioned for myself...

As you can imagine, I am a bit behind with everything, including the new guide book (due out this month, see last newsletter issue for more info), my inbox is full (what else is new?), so I better get back to work!

Talk to you soon,

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