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Easter holidays: what's open, what isn't? The promised bonus chapters for Destination Top End
March 31, 2010

31 March 2010, Issue #023

In this issue:
  • Easter holidays: what's open, what isn't?
  • The promised bonus chapters for Destination Top End

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Hello everyone,

I blinked and it's nearly Easter. How did that happen?

This is a short issue for all those people who are about to take off on their Easter holidays.

Easter holidays: what's open, what isn't?

A reader heading up here for Easter asked me if it's possible to "do" the Gibb on their particular motorbike. Well, it doesn't matter what bike you have, you can even have the best equipped Landcruiser or Patrol, it still won't be suitable right now. The Gibb River Road between Mt. Barnett and the Pentecost Crossing remains closed.

You can drive as far as the Pentecost Crossing on the eastern end, it's being graded as we speak. El Questro will open tomorrow (April 1) as usual.

You can get to Mt. Barnett from the other end, and the DEC aims to open Windjana, Tunnel Creek and Bell Gorge by Good Friday. The rest of the road will definitely remain closed over Easter, and what happens after that is anyone's guess.

Purnululu opens tomorrow (April 1).

See the Appendix of Destination Kimberley for all the contact details, web links and phone numbers you need for updates on closures or road conditions of individual parks, stations and tracks.

Things are still drying out over in the Northern Territory, so if you are spending Easter in Kakadu or Litchfield you'll have to stick to the main roads. The same goes for any other areas further south. None of the major 4WD tracks are expected to open any time soon.

Again, you can find all the information about NT parks and tracks via the links and phone numbers in the Appendix of Destination Top End.

Now, especially the East Kimberley has been very dry for weeks, it looks like an extremely early season over here. But it could also turn out very differently.

Ex-cyclone Paul, currently sitting over the north east of the NT, is expected to move back towards the coast today. If it moves back out into the gulf it could re-develop into a cyclone. And who knows what it will do from there. There could also be another cyclone for us in the cards somewhere. You never know.

It's not even April yet.

(Not as I'm writing the message. It might be by the time you are reading it.)

Which brings me to the second topic for today:

The promised bonus chapters for Destination Top End

I promised in Destination Top End that I would throw in a few more chapters for free, covering the areas south and south east of Katherine (Stuart Highway as far as Threeways, Roper and Carpentaria highways, East Arnhem). And I said those would be ready by end of March.

I guess it's end of March! (How did that happen? I only blinked!)

Ok, here's where I am. The writing is all done. I need to go through and edit, proof read and format everything, and I want to make a couple of maps, and then I need to incorporate the lot into the main download and figure out an easy way to get that to you.

But since all the information is there now, and since it will take me a few more days to polish everything, and since I said end of March...

If you are about to take off on your trip and need it NOW, please email me at and put "bonus download" in the subject line. (It's important you put that in the subject line or I might miss your email. I am getting way too many of those...)

Also important: I need your full name and I need the email address you used when you bought Destination Top End. Not any email address. I need the email address the download link was originally sent to!

So, put "bonus download" in the subject line, and your full name and email address in the body. I will be sending you the additional chapters manually tonight or tomorrow, or whenever I get your message.

If you do NOT need those chapters right now, then you are better off just waiting until I've finalized things. You'll get a much neater version of it after the Easter weekend.

Note that at that time I will also remove the introductory offer. (The special newsletter offer expired long ago, the price has gone up a bit, but it will go up again soon.)

So if you were thinking about buying Destination Top End but haven't got around to it yet, now is the time!

And now back to work for me. (What else would I wanna do for Easter, ey?)

Enjoy your Easter holidays!
More from the Kimberley soon,

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