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Imintji Roadhouse closed!
May 02, 2015

2 May 2015, Issue #041

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Only one quick update in this message, but it's a biggie.

Please everybody be aware that


The roadhouse has been closed as a result of a dispute over lease conditions between the Aboriginal community and those contracted to run the shop. The community hopes that another company will eventually re-open the shop, but for now the roadhouse is closed indefinitely.

If you are travelling from Derby, make sure you have enough fuel and supplies to last you to Mt. Barnett Roadhouse.

If you are travelling from the Kununurra/Wyndham/El Questro side, make sure you fuel up and stock up at Mt. Barnett to last you to Derby.

This is a huge loss. Imintji Roadhouse is an icon on the Gibb River Road and a lovely place to stop at, not to mention the convenience of having two places along the road where travellers can get supplies. Let's hope that things will eventually be worked out. And until they are, throw in another jerry can or two and some extra food, and enjoy the trip regardless. One way to look at it is that this adventure trip just became a bit more adventurous again :-).

Take care and talk soon!

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