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Latest Kimberley newsletter, ever...
November 23, 2011

23 November 2011, Issue #036

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In this issue:
  • 1., 2. and 3. News from the Home Front
  • 4. and 5. Guide Book Updates
  • 6. What's Next?

Ok folks,

Here it is, the latest newsletter issue ever. I'm afraid it might also be the shortest ever. There are several important things I want to let you know.

1. I'm still alive!

2. I'm still stuck in Europe.

The universe sure has thrown me a few curve balls this year. Health was one big issue, as most of you know.
(If you are new here and curious you can check earlier newsletters from this year.
Alternatively skip straight to point 3. below.)

I am not ready to risk a return to the Kimberley, not ready to leave my physiotherapist and my trainer behind, just yet. But there is no need to be concerned for me, things are going well. Much, MUCH better than the doctors had predicted when I first arrived in Germany.

The knee was not the only problem I had, another serious one came to light, and I am dealing with that, too. (No point in doing things half heartedly, I'm gonnna fix all this once and for all!)

I also have family issues to deal with. The unexpected death of a close relative has caused a fair bit of upheaval, but again, there is no need to worry, to feel sorry for me, or anything like that.

All in all I am very happy where I am, it's just not where I expected to be right now. But hey, if we always knew what lies ahead, life would be pretty boring.

3. If you have not been receiving any newsletter issues since June, it's not because something is wrong with your subscription. I haven't written any. And I can't promise that I will return to my usual publishing schedule any time soon.

4. I can and do promise, however, that if you buy or already bought one of my guide e-books to visit the north west next dry season, then you will travel with a current, up to date guide.

(It does not matter when you purchase. Once you are a customer you can request a fresh, up to date version of your guide, when you need it. More about that later.)

Mind you, I am way behind with updates at the moment, and I apologize for that.

I will use December to go through all the guides, will update what needs updating, mostly the thousands of forever changing details like web addresses, phone numbers, prices, opening times etc. (yeah, that job is as nightmarish as it sounds...), but also several other important changes. At that time I will also add all the changes and new discoveries that you have let me know about.

If you have been thinking about sending a trip report, if you did notice out of date information, changes to the information in the guides, now is the time to send all those in.

A HUGE thank you to all the kind folks who ignored the fact that by all appearances I was dead, and who sent in reports and updates anyway.

Also a thank you in advance for any reports, updates and new travel information that you can share from your experiences. I really, really appreciate all the help I can get. Being so far away from everything does make it a bit difficult to keep my finger on the pulse as usual.

(And we all love those trip reports and photos, right?)

5. As I wrote above, existing customers can get a current version of the guide when they need it.

To get a fresh download link for the latest version of a guide, please write via the contact page on my website. (No, not now! Wait until I actually updated everything.)

Request a fresh download link and include the email address you used for your original purchase and your surname. My assistant needs to find you in the database to be able to reactivate your link.

If there were any problems with your original download, if I had to send you the files manually, or if you bought offline, please mention that as well! You may not be in the database but I have records of your purchase. Of course you can get a fresh link or file like everybody else.

I will let you know when I'm through with the major overhaul for the year. It will likely be late December or early January.

6. I will be back in Australia before the wet season is out. That's a promise, too :).

Talk soon!

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