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A quick note about road conditions. Campground reservations, wireless internet access.
April 25, 2009

26 April 2009, Issue #016

In this issue:

** Just a quick not about the roads
** Your Kimberley travel questions


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Hi all,

Just a quick not about the roads =================================================

The road report at is my favourite source for road condition information because it pulls together information from so many bodies. Main Roads, the shires, the national parks etc.

However, there either is a bug in their updating function or maybe it is updated less often than I thought it is, because for example they still show the Gibb River Road as closed. (The report shows last updated on 20/4.)

The Gibb River Road is in fact OPEN all the way through. Main Roads advises to take extreme caution (especially at all crossings of course) as there are many holes and rocks, the Pentecost is also still over 500 mm deep, but the road is open.

The condition for the Spring Creek Track (access to the Bungle Bungle) is shown as unknown. That track is all open. (It's always one of the first to open.)

The last thing I heard (Friday) is that Windjana Gorge is open, Tunnel Creek and everything else is expected to open this week provided it remains dry, which so far it has.

Now, it also has remained dry here in the East Kimberley since I last wrote, the Derby and Broome area has had rain. The last couple of days in Kununurra were very steamy and this morning it was overcast.

Please understand that even if many roads are currently open, there are still no guarantees. It isn't even May yet, and as you know if you read my books, the last two years we also had unexpected rains in June. The roads are open now, if it rains they may well get closed again.

If you need current, detailed information about individual roads and tracks contact the relevant authorities. All contact details and links to online reports are in the appendix of Destination Kimberley.

So if you want to know more about the Gibb River Road, get in touch with Main Roads, for access to national parks contact the nearest CALM office, for local roads ring the shire offices etc.

Your Kimberley travel questions

If you have questions regarding travel in the Kimberley, please submit them here:

Q: I wonder whether I can get wireless internet access whilst travelling in the Kimberley Region.

A: The Kimberley is a wilderness region. As I write in Destination Kimberley, there is not even any mobile phone coverage outside the few towns.

I did not mention it because to me it was obvious: there most certainly aren't any wireless hot spots along the Gibb River Road, in the national parks or anywhere else. If you need wireless internet your best bet are the more upmarket hotels/motels in the bigger towns.

Q: Another question that comes up repeatedly is who to contact to make reservations and bookings for campgrounds on the Gibb River Road or in the Bungles.

A: Again, this is an undeveloped wilderness region. You can not book a bush camp site in the wilderness. Do not expect manicured campgrounds with neatly marked out sites that you can reserve or book.

You just rock up, ideally early enough to nab a good site. The campgrounds are usually open areas with a few very basic facilities dispersed throughout, and everybody just squeezes in. (And a tight squeeze it is come the main season!)


That's all for today. I have been extremely busy in the last weeks, not least with a building project that HAS to be completed by mid May. (Anybody who's ever owner built anything knows that everything always takes a lot longer than anticipated. What WAS I thinking???)

I will be on the road myself from mid May onwards. If I get a chance I'll send you some updates from the road, but don't hold your breath. (See question about internet access above ;-).)

But you will certainly hear from me once the Kimberley leg is completed!

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