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Kimberley News: A little update!
May 14, 2017

Hi, me again :)

When I wrote the last paragraph for yesterday's newsletter issue I already thought, "I know I'm jinxing it. I bet something will come up and I'll have to send a follow up message immediately."

To be perfectly honest, it is not so much that something came up but that I neglected something. I had drafted the last issue 36 hrs before sending it, and I didn't re-check everything before hitting the "Send" button.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news:

The DPaW announced that they had to push back the ETA for the opening of Silent Grove and Bell Gorge to around May 25!

And they do not expect to open Tunnel Creek and Windjana until the first week of June!

(No ETA for Lennard Gorge yet.)

As always they will announce any opening or changes to expected opening dates on their alerts page.

You also find that link in the appendix of Destination Kimberley.

And that's really it for a while now. (I hope!)

Sorry for my sloppiness.

Happy travels and talk again sometime in June!


Those of you planning on leaving for their trips soon, please always also refer to the appendix of Destination Kimberley, Destination Top End and Destination Red Centre or to the links in this and in previous newsletters to keep yourself up to date about the conditions.

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