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Kimberley News: Destination Red Centre is Here! Grab your Pre-Launch Copy Now.
March 13, 2017

13 March 2017, Special Issue

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In this issue:
  • Destination Red Centre is Here! Special Offer for Newsletter Subscribers.
  • A Cautionary Tale (from the Red Centre).


This is a special issue of the newsletter and it contains only one main item.

(Sorry if you are a new subscriber and this is the very first issue you receive! Your regular newsletter will arrive in your inbox early April. In the meantime please browse through recent and older issues here.)

I am so happy that for once I managed to stick to my self imposed schedule.

I told you we would release this new guide mid March, and here it is! Two days early.

Destination Red Centre is Here!
Special Offer for Newsletter Subscribers!

Destination Red Centre, an Insider Guide to Australia's Red Outback Heart, is finally available!

Our brand new full travel guide, Destination Red Centre, covers the probably most famous part of Australia: the Outback around Alice Springs and Uluru/Ayers Rock.

Explore the southern half of the Northern Territory, including Alice Springs, Ayers Rock/Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, the West and East MacDonnell Ranges (all in great detail, of course), as well as many other national parks, nature parks and conservation reserves, out of the way Aboriginal communities, little known gorges and swimming holes, quiet campsites, many, many bushwalks...

Destination Red Centre complements Destination Kimberley and Destination Top End, and it delivers the same quality insider information.

If you already own one of my guide books then you know what you can expect: a very detailed and comprehensive guide book, written by a local, that makes sure you get to see the very best a region has to offer.

So get your pre-launch copy of "Destination Red Centre, an Insider Guide to Australia's Red Outback Heart" here, at 20% off the regular price.

(If you don't own any of my guide books yet, click the above link to read about this new guide in more detail.)

For now Destination Red Centre is only available to you, my newsletter subscribers, at 20% off. This is a special offer only for you and is valid until next Sunday.

I know many people set my newsletter aside to read when they have time on the weekend. Therefore this offer will remain in place for the whole week including the next weekend.

I am not going to pretend that the price will go up at exactly midnight, because I hope to be blissfully asleep then!

But the price will go up some time on Monday, whenever I get around to making the changes. After that Destination Red Centre will be the same price as other Destination guides.

As I said, this special offer is only for you. Destination Red Centre is not yet available from my website.

However, if you want to tell your friends, or the members in your 4WD club or forum, or even your Facebook friends, that they should get this guide before the price goes up, well, I guess that's ok ;)

Please feel free to do others a favour and let them know about the special offer!

Just like all other Destination guides, the new guide also comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy with it you just contact me and you get a full refund, no questions asked.

You can't go wrong by checking it out.

We look forward to hearing what you think about it!

A Cautionary Tale

For everyone planning to travel to the Red Centre (or any other remote area, really), here is an important reminder from one of my readers:

Last winter we explored the Red Centre (it wasn't red, it was green and covered in wild flowers) and this story below may be a good reminder for the coming season.

A young couple was towing a van with a small 2 wheel drive car and like many drivers thinking you only fill the car with fuel when the tank is nearly empty.

They virtually broke every piece of advice including checking on reliable fuel stops and weather conditions.
Well they pushed their luck for fuel and didn't take into account what head winds and towing a van does to fuel consumption.
They ran out of fuel about 100kms short of their destination.

A passing 4x4 called a mate on the UHF to call for help with his sat phone.
Hours later a tow truck turned up with a 20 litre jerry can of petrol.
Cost: $50 for the fuel and $600 for the 200km round trip.

DO your homework, fuel stops, weather etc. and fill up often.

I have on occasion filled up a 3/4 full tank just to be sure and also avoid an expensive road house on the way.

Thanks, Doug, for this reminder!

Destination Red Centre of course includes everything you need to follow this important advice.

Whether it's links to check weather and road conditions, advice on communications equipment to carry, detailed descriptions of all tracks, distances between fuel stops, longest distance without fuel on any given route... Anything you need to have a safe and enjoyable trip without mishaps, you find it in Destination Red Centre.

When I asked Doug if it was ok to include his message in this newsletter, I mentioned that some of my readers could probably do with a reminder.

His answer: "ONLY SOME???"

Yes, I think only some. Because nine years of experience clearly show that anybody going on the road with a Destination guide is very well prepared indeed.

And if that isn't a good reason to add this new guide to your library, then I don't know what is!

So get your pre-launch copy of "Destination Red Centre, an Insider Guide to Australia's Red Outback Heart" here.

And that's it for today. I will be right here for you all of next week. If you have any questions or problems regarding the new guide, just get in touch through my contact page.

You will also hear from me again with a regular newsletter issue during the first week of April. (Unless something important happens before that.)

After that I'll take a little break for a couple of weeks. I will explain to you in the next newsletter how you can get help during that time if you run into any problems with a purchase.

And by April 20 everything will be back to normal here!

Those of you planning on leaving for their trips soon, please always also refer to the appendix of Destination Kimberley, Destination Top End and Destination Red Centre or to the links in previous newsletters to keep yourself up to date about the conditions.

Happy travels,

PS.: Get your pre-launch copy of "Destination Red Centre, an Insider Guide to Australia's Red Outback Heart" here.

Feedback? Found some out of date info in one of my guides? Let me know via

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