4WD car rental?

by Michael Stajner

Hi Birgit,

We are planning a six weeks trip from Darwin to Perth, and are planning to spend about 2½ weeks on the stretch between Darwin and Broome in a 4WD (preferably something like a bushcamper).

The problem is that 4WD car hire just for those approx. 3 weeks through the big companies will set us back almost 5000 $ (incl. a one way fee). Do you know of any cheaper companies or is that just what we should expect to pay?

Thanks for a great website... It is SO much help ;-).

Best regards,
Michael Stajner

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Jan 14, 2009

by: Birgit

Hi Michael,
As I said above the questions form, I can't help with those commercial questions, finding the best prices etc. I am not in the tourism industry so I don't have access to all that info.

I do have a feeling that there are a couple that might work out slightly cheaper, but I don't have enough info to be sure. It's impossible without requesting a specific quote for the exact number of days that includes all the remote area and one way fees etc.

There isn't one company that is just way cheaper than everyone else...

Tried the big visitor centres here? A travel agent who specialises in Oz? Those would be the people who know the ins and outs of the car hire business.

My feeling is if the big companies all cost that much, you won't be able to shave much off it. Maintaining 4WDs is expensive. But so is accommodation or eating out, which in a camper you don't need, so it evens out in the end...

Jul 07, 2009
Wicked 4x4 Campers
by: Jacob Christoffels

On the Wicked camper website I saw that they are now offering 4x4 campers that allow you to drive on the Gibb River Road. These aren't too expensive. I'm only not sure if I want a trip in a Wicked 4x4 van. (The normal non 4x4s aren't the best vans in town)

My girlfriend and I plan a trip in September 2009 and are looking for a good deal for +/- 18 days Darwin to Broome. We got a quote from Adventure Tours for a nine day trip from Darwin to Broome. Birgit, any thoughts on this company? It's quite short.


The Netherlands

May 15, 2010
Adventure Tours
by: Ivar

Jacob, we did some Adventure Tours the last time we visited Australia and were very pleased with the way they run their shop. We did a tour from Alice Springs to Uluru and one in Kakadu National Park. We found the guides very knowledgable and nice to get along with. The tours weren't that massive (just 8 to 10 people) and it was one of best guided experiences we ever had.
If you're interested in more information please get in touch with me (ivar@garmerwolde.com).

Jun 25, 2014
Travelcar centre
by: Kris Garrein

I greatly advise travelcar.com.au

Their prices are much lower but their quality is probably better than the big companies.

We rented a Toyota Landcruiser Bushcamper with them in 2009 and 2012, both times for about 65 days.

Next year we're coming back and almost certainly will be renting the same type of vehicle from them.

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