Destination Kimberley
(plus Top End and Red Centre)
Reviews, Feedback, Testimonials

Below are examples of comments and feedback I received from readers who bought Destination Kimberley.

All comments are unsolicited, spontaneous messages from readers that I received via email or that were posted somewhere on my site or on the web.

You can find reader feedback about my other two  Destination guides (Top End and Red Centre) at the bottom of the page. Many of the Destination Kimberley testimonials also refer to both the Kimberley and Top End guide which are usually bought together.

These days, most people actually purchase all three guides. But the Kimberley is what sticks in people's memory and what they write about. The Northern Territory  just does not compare.

"I have lived and worked in the Kimberley region for decades. Broome, Derby, Fitzroy and Halls Creek.  I maintained over 300 aboriginal communities. I have always read you’re info and it’s been the most comprehensive I have come across. Your information even came in  handy to me, a Halls Creek local. I really understand the effort you have gone to and that because of passion, not for personal gain. I praise you for that.

You should be proud of the service you have supplied and believe me I have been informed of the same by many many travelers passing through. There are a hell of a lot of people that wouldn’t have had half the experience without your information."
--Alastair, a Kimberley local, received in March 2022

"I just wanted to let you know that both my wife and I are indebted to you for your great book. Thank you, thank you and thank you for publishing it and maintaining it. We spent 32 days travelling the Gibb River Road alone. Visiting all of the stations along the way and up to Kalumburu. Then onto Broome and the Dampier Peninsular and then back through Fitzroy Crossing to Halls Creek and the Duncan Road culminating at Lake Argyle. You book was an excellent travel companion."
-- Barry and Elaine Collier, received March 2022

"I just wanted to drop you  quick email to let you know how you continue to make a difference to peoples confidence in biting the Kimberly bullet.
My kids were 12 and 10 and I wanted to do a family trip that was a challenge, satisfied my need to be in the wild but at the same time I felt comfortable taking the children.  Your newsletters and guidebook did exactly that and I can honestly say I used it as a go to reference to plan our trip (I definitely don’t want little bite sized bits of information served up to me) and it was instrumental in me deciding to take the family to Kimberly and drive the Gibb.

We spent 6 weeks driving around, camping under the stars, breaking the hire car (several times) and seeing a bit of the world not everyone has the chance to see. The kids were covered in dust most of the time, swam in waterholes while keeping an eye on the freshwater crocs, watched fruit bats feeding from the tent, had spiders in the toilet, snakes under the car and a wallaby in the camp.  They loved every minute (well actually Hannah wasn’t keen on the spider in the toilet bit :)) and I know they will always remember it and probably appreciate it more as they get older and look back.

You helped make that happen and I just wanted to let you know that you made a difference with what you have done."
-- Dave from the UK, received March 2022

"I have so enjoyed your writings and plain straight forward common sense.
My research for two Kimberley trips started and finished with you.
I also appreciate your honesty... you don't muck around.

My second trip was to lead a group of 8 Trakmaster vans from Katherine to Broome via the Gibb.
A wonderfully enjoyable trip made easier because of your writings."
--David Thomas, VIC, received March 2022

"Many years ago we purchase your Destination Kimberley and it became our guide bible, so much great information that helped make our trip so enjoyable.

In the years since we have travelled extensively and used your Top End and Red Centre guides, so thank you.

My wife and myself will retire next year and are setup to travel for who knows how long.  We are planning to take off next May.

Your guides will be the first items placed in the vehicle so keep up the great work."
-- Robert from Geraldton, WA, received October 21

"Your books were just fabulous and all we used in the Kimberley and the Top End. They were accurate, culturally aware and so informative. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Thanks again, Matt and Meredith."
-- Matthew McKay, Australia, received June 2021

"From what we have read so far I think your guide is going to be an invaluable help on our Kimberlies honeymoon we have coming up! 
There are soooo many answers to all of our questions in there it is amazing. Shall be our Kimberly gospel for sure! "
-- Hannah Brodie, received April 21

"I've read your book back to front and it is a masterpiece! [...] Keep up the good work on the guide, it really is the best."
-- Cameron Shepard, Australia, received February 2021

"My partner and I did the Kimberley in June last year - all we used was your eBook and Wikicamps.
The eBook is the only resource one needs in the Kimberley. Thank you for making it so easy for us.

I've made a small donation towards your newsletter. It is an insightful newsletter, and while we may not travel in WA for a while, we have the BEST memories from our Kimberley trip.
Thank you for being so amazing.
--Michelle R., received May 2020

"I spent 7 months travelling Australia last year with my family. Your book was a huge help during our Kimberley adventures!
We spent 17 nights on the Gibb River Road. Made it up to Kalumburu and so many extras along the way. We couldn't do it all, and hope to be back again soon. Thank you so much for sharing so much information. Unbiased opinions and true locals only tips. Memories forever for us.
Once again a massive thank you from the Thoms family."
-- Dan Thoms, received May 2020

"I had no idea when I purchased this all those years ago that it would prove to be the best purchase ever for both content and now economics!"
-- Susan Barber, after re-downloading a current copy of her guide, which she had purchased 8 years before.
Received November 2019.

"Thank you very much for your guide books, which accompanied us during our 17-days tour from Darwin to Broome via the GRR. They are perfect advisers and a great support when having any question. We found a lot of current tips and good explanations and descriptions.

All the best and C.U., actually your guide books, soon again.

BTW: the kids, aged 12 and 14, called you ‚Auntie Birgit‘ - so whenever there was a question, one said ‚Let’s ask Auntie Birgit!‘ :)"
-- Markus Keschmann from Austria, received August 2019

"We are just back from our trip.  We were along the Gibb River Road (anticlockwise) in 2nd half of May.  The trip was great.

Just thought I’d let you know your guide was outstanding and much better than any of the other sources we had – by a large margin
Very practical and not overhyped on any aspects."
-- Bill from Australia, received July 2019

"I want to thank you for your book Destination Kimberley, which became our bible while travelling.  It was so refreshing to have a travel book written by someone totally familiar with the area, and able to provide such personal advice and recommendations. Thank you!"

"We were so impressed with your book that I made a note to contact you when we got home. Let me just say that we found your book won head and shoulders over a certain popular ebook travel guide. We will be recommending it to anyone we know who is heading up that way."
-- Sue from Australia, received June 2019

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"Thank you so much for making our recent trip to the Kimberley so fantastic. Your guide Destination Kimberley was an amazing resource which was packed full of information to make our choice of destinations more informed.
We particularly loved Mornington Station and learning about the AWC. Mt Elizabeth Station, thanks to Helen (chef) and husband Peter, was a great stop for amazing food prepared by Helen and a day swimming and relaxing at Wunnamurra Gorge. "
-- Lisa Goetz from Australia, received June 2019

"Just wanted to let you know your Destination Kimberley book has been so helpful in planning our Kimberley adventure.
We leave in 2 weeks and with all the fantastic tips and information you’ve provided, we feel that we are very well prepared for our trip.
So a big thanks again, can’t wait to get started."
-- Caron Sinclair from Australia, received April 2019

My wife, I and our 3 kids (aged 6, 9 and 11) did a 10 week journey from Melbourne up through Uluru to Kakadu, and then across to Broome on the Gibb River Road last July to October, and your books were one of the highlights of our trip. We used your Red Centre and then Top End books, and then as we passed into WA we had a ceremonial move to your Kimberley book. Every day as we moved along our journey we would open up to the next page in your book and the whole family would listen as we read your words about our next destination, and then it felt like something was missing when we headed South from Broome through the Pilbara and West Coast and we didn't have you with us (perhaps another book in the making for you??).

Anyway, thanks so much, you really made our holiday and we quickly came to rely on your guides to help us source the best things we could do along the way.

Thanks again Birgit, hopefully we can do the whole trip again with your guides in the coming years, we loved it.
-- Graham Rowe from Melbourne, received March 2019, here is Graham's eldest son's blog about the trip

"We purchased "Destination Kimberly" at the beginning of 2018 and did the Gibb River Road in June. This book is excellent. It dispels many 4WD myths and the common sense approach is to be applauded.

We spent 14 days on the Gibb Rd and Cape Leveque Rd and went to as many of the attractions along the way as time permitted. We stored our small van in Derby and then camped all the way in a good quality touring tent, gas stove, and good quality esky, etc.

Now for the "tyres" and easy part.
We did this trip from Canberra across the Nullabor, up the west coast of WA, through the Kimberly, across the Top End, through central QLD, then down the east coast to home.
We did this in a 2014 Triton Dual cab diesel ute.
No bull bar, or altered suspension, no extra gimmicks fitted. All our tyres were standard "Highway Terrain". We only carried the one spare. However we do have a tyre repair kit, a very good quality compressor, tyre levers and mallet. (I do know how to get a tyre off a rim and replace it.)
A total distance of 17580 kilometers and not one single tyre mishap or puncture.

We treated the Gibb River Road with respect and common sense. Along the way we did come across people who had punctured their tyres.
So at the end of the day we just had a basic Mitsubishi Dual cab, with Highway tyres and we stuck to the common sense approach as outlined in the "Destination Kimberley" book.

Thank you to the author of this publication, and we are going to do this trip again along the Tanami Road as a short cut in June, July, of this year."
-- Elizabeth McKeowen & Hans Broers from Melbourne in a comment on this page in March 2019

Your Guide is still the most comprehensive and best advice for independent travellers to the Kimberley and I hope it continues!

We recommend it to everyone … and it is still compulsory reading for our new tour pilots every year.
-- Steve Irvine, Managing Director of Kingfisher Toursreceived January 2019

In May/June this year we spent 5 weeks traveling across the Kimberley and we used both your newsletter information and the downloaded Destination Kimberley extensively in planning and during our trip.  Your advice on roads and conditions, websites, and campsite information was extremely helpful.  It meant that we felt well prepared and being the second time across the Kimberley we were able to have some different experiences.  Standouts were the Mornington Conservation Park and the gorges, on the river at El Questro (and happy hour) and a number of the station stay campsites. All up, an amazing trip across such beautiful country.  

So, thank you for access to your experience and knowledge. It made a positive impact on our trip. 
-- Carol from Australia, received November 2018

"Your guides were fantastic on our trip. Extremely detailed and up to date information on the condition of the vehicle track as well as the walking tracks. 

My husband and I relied on your guides throughout our trip. I had injured my hip and hamstrings in a fall at Kalumburu and my husband has a wonky knee so some of the tracks were just too difficult for us and it was great to get a walking track report before we committed to the walk. I downloaded onto my iPad as Wi-Fi is spotty at best up there. We would have missed many amazing places if it hadn’t been for these guides.

Thanks again for your wonderful guides. We told lots of other people we met around the camps about them."
-- Mary Coles from NSW, received November 2018

"Some years ago I joined your mailing list before doing a campervan relocation from Darwin to Perth, which obviously included the Kimberley, and only got a fleeting glimpse - but I was hooked...
This September my wife & I (at last!) got the opportunity to do a proper trip - hired a 4WD camper in Broome, scooted up the highway to Lake Argyle, and then slowly wended our way back along the Gibb RR.

Beforehand we (obviously!) downloaded your Guide - and wow, what a feast of information - it really is a triumph of easy-to-read, worthwhile information, and one even gets a chuckle too at the tongue-in-cheek comments that bring it all to life. Congratulations!

Anyway, just to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Kimberley, even though we could only spare a week off work - and at the risk of repetition - it would have been infinitely less enjoyable without your Destination Kimberley guide. We had read bits beforehand but I was surprised at how much we used it while travelling - one would drive, the other would read about the places up ahead - and we even changed our sleep-over plans once we discovered essential on-the-ground details (which we could only understand when we were actually there).

We also had a great time at Mt Elizabeth Station - we took an afternoon-evening stroll and the bird-life was just amazing - also woke in the early hours of the morning to a symphony of birdcalls - quite magical. And when the Eftpos line couldn't get through, Emma simply said "have it on the house...".

We'd love to visit the Kimberley again but that would just have to be longer than a week..."
-- Alistair & Helen Campbell from Australia, received October 2018

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic book! I travelled through the Kimberley about 25 years ago and I am now planning a return visit with my husband and children next year. I purchased your book and can’t believe how detailed and extensive it is! You have done an amazing job. I have heard it is very busy up there now, which to be honest I’m a little disappointed about as the isolation and remoteness was part of the charm from my first trip. In saying that I am still super excited to travel back there and show my family. Thanks again, you will make our trip all that more memorable."
-- Tish Perry from Australia, received September 2018

"Want to say that I love, love, love your guide to the Kimberley.  We have just spent 12 weeks camping which included the Gibb River Road.  We spent 28 days on the Gibb and travelled 3,362 kilometres!  What a trip - your guide was so useful, and we carried pages with us on some walks.
Great work and thank you."
-- Deb from Australia, received September 2018

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"Thank you Birgit.
We spent a month (June/July) this year in the Kimberley with the main focus being the Gibb River Road. We found your book invaluable. It had all the tips that one gets from other travelers (often after you've moved on) that get the most out of each location. I read the history sections out loud to my partner and son as we drove from one location to the other and they added to our experience. We were blown away by the beauty of the area and I have some great memories and great photos.  Thank you again. Julie, Shane and George"
-- The Pearson family from Australia, received in August 2018

"1000 Dank für deinen tollen Guide. Wir werden AUG/SEP nach 10 Jahren zum ersten mal wieder in unsere "alte Heimat" reisen und mit unseren 4 (fast) erwachsenen Kindern u.a. per Wohnmobil von DRW-ASP fahren. Wir freuen uns alle total auf den Urlaub, werden es entspannt angehen und dein Guide wird die ganze Zeit dabei sein!

Nochmals Danke – es ist vllt etwas hochgestochen: Aber mit dem Teilen von deinen Erfahrungen setzt du wirklich ein Zeichen gegen Konsum, Kommerz, Egoismus… Das finde ich gerade heute sehr wichtig!
Mach weiter!!!"
-- Anne Ackermann from Germany, received July 2018

"Thank you for all the information we got from you, which was invaluable for our journeys. So proud we made Kununurra to Broome, via Mitchell Plateau and most of the other sights, and then up to Cape Leveque, without a single puncture or other car problem. My husband drove exactly as per your advice, and it worked. Saw plenty of others with problems though.

Please keep up your excellent work for others. There is nothing else like this, and we recommend you to anybody we meet planning a similar trip!"
-- Stephanie and George Hudson, received June 2018

"I purchased your Destination Kimberley Guide in 2010 for a trip we did in 2011, we found your guide invaluable. We found ourselves in places we would not have considered (Whale Song camp where we spent 11 days just to name one) and travelling roads recommended by you that proved to be absolutely brilliant (Duncan Road & Buntine Hwy).

This year we will return to the Kimberley and once again use your guide.  As our version is out of date I was wondering if I can get an update or do I need to purchase the latest copy? I also wish to put the guide onto my iPad if this is permissible.

Thank you again Birgit for providing Destination Kimberley, you do a brilliant job."
-- Lynette Knowles, received May 2018

Note: Of course it is possible to get an update! No need to ever purchase one of my guides again. You buy it once and you will always have access to the most up to date version of it. And of course you can put it on your iPad if you wish!

"Briefly, I want to thank you for the unique service you offer: our latest trip to Australia (our eleventh) took us to The Kimberley for the first time. Your guide outshone all the others and gave us a great holiday with your unapologetic opinions and sound advice. Thank you SO much!"
-- Edward Haslam from the UK, received November 2017

"Our trip to the Kimberley saw us leave Brisbane on May 5th and return June 20th - 47 days, 12,400 kilometres. We started with a party of five in two Land Cruisers.  My wife flew into Darwin & bused to Katherine to join us. Then it was to Kununurra, Wyndham and onto the GRR. We stopped, camped, hiked, swam at El Questro, Ellenbrae, Manning Gorge, Mornington - sadly Tunnel Creek area was still inaccessible.  So out to Derby, Broome, Cape Leveque, Fitzroy Crossing & Geiki Gorge, Purnululu, Lake Argyle and on to Darwin before two Canadians flew home while the four of us headed south to Daly Waters, Three Ways, Barkly Homestead, Mt. Isa, Longreach, Mitchell & home.

We had a fabulous time thanks to your excellent advice. Could not see everything (a reality) but completed the trip without damage to the vehicles tires or otherwise, though the trailer got shaken up a bit.  Only stopped for 'coffee' at Home Valley Station but would opt for it versus El Questro another time.  Lots of interesting bits like the Rusty Shed Cafe in Wyndham.

The 2nd couple from Canada asked if they could come when they heard I was going to be returning to Australia. I loaned my material to them and Richard's wife Kayla read your advice aloud as he drove in the mornings!
Richard who had travelled to Australia in the early 60's kept telling me that our trip north & west was better than he had ever imagined!

We had a terrific time and though we saw the results of foolish driving - one rental LC with rear axle broken at the differential housing on a recovery vehicle headed to Kununurra - and punctured/torn tyres, we suffered no failures."
--Rick Higgs from Canada, received September 2017

"Just a quick note to say thankyou. We went from Darwin to Kununurra, down to Purnululu and then across the Gibb to Broome and up Cape Leveque. Your ebook is brilliant. Your information was absolutely invaluable. Aside from the occasional minor entry fee increase since the last edit it was absolutely spot on. Your descriptions were exactly correct and very, very useful.

Very detailed and very well written.  You should be very proud of what you've created. It is an absolutely brilliant product you have put together and I recommend it to anyone thinking of heading to that part of the world."
-- Andrew Noble, received September 2017

"I just want to say thanks for all the work you've invested into the Destination Kimberely eBook. It was a great help during our time in Broome, Dampier Peninsula, the Gibb and Purnululu. I enjoyed the honesty of the experiences you shared in addition to all the details you covered. We had a wonderful time in the Kimberleys and were able to get to almost everything. 
Thanks again for all the information you put together. It was invaluable."
--Tania and Bruno, received June 2017

"Hello, we travelled the Kimberley two years ago using your guide - best holiday ever! Can't thank you enough for introducing us to your part of the world. Last year we went to east Arnhem Land after reading your review of the area in the Top End guide. Just fantastic! This year we are headed to the Pilbara and wondered if you have written anything or can recommend someone else's blog for the region? Thanks again for your guides, they were invaluable. You took us on trips which will stay forever etched in our memories as among the best of a lifetime."

-- Anitra and Peter Doyle from Australia, received June 2017

Note: Sadly there is no Destination Guide for the Pilbara or west coast yet, though I'd love to offer one. If you know someone who knows that region like the back of their hand and would love to write a book about it, send them my way!

"Just to say a big thanks for writing such comprehensive guides - just returned from a trip to the Kimberley and found your guides invaluable, particularly the tips on avoiding the crowds."
-- Daniel Day from the UK, received June 2017

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"My wife and I went on a sabbatical of three months last year, and visited the Kimberley - something that has been my dream for a long time. We had an amazing time (this is where I would like to write amazing with 'dots' between the letters, but that may look too American; the point is, it was very, very amazing).
We still think of it so fondly and with so many great memories; the Kimberley (and also other parts of the NT and WA) have touched us deeply. Every time we see a picture or hear one of the songs we listened to during our trip, it brings tears to our eyes. 

It is fair to say that much of our pleasure and experience has been thanks to you. Your guides, both Destination Top End and Destination Kimberley, were terrific. We enjoyed reading them so much. Not just because of all the great and unique pieces of information and practical stuff (without which a trip to these areas, particularly the Kimberley, cannot be complete, or even close to complete) but also very much because of your terrific writing style. Your candid, fun, honest way of writing feels like each page is a text from a good friend sharing tips with us.
Also, we loved how honest you are and that not 'everything is great' (as most guides present, well, everything) but you provide a nice judgment of places and also explain why.

When we did the Tanami Road from Halls Creek to Alice Springs, and then from Alice Springs onwards did the Red Center (West and East MacDonnells, Mereenie Loop, Kings Canyon, Uluru and Olgas) we very much missed your guides; we had to resort to Lonely Planet and that was just such a disappointment after having been guided by your books through the Top End and the Kimberley. Unfortunately, we were there just a year before your guide to the Red Center became available. 

So, again, a huge thank you from me and my wife. I still read your newsletters and my heart skips a beat when I receive a new one, as it takes me back to our great experiences in what has become your country. "
-- Ferdinand from Amsterdam, NL, received April 2017

"We recently completed the Kimberley trip we had been planning for 12 months and I wanted to commend you on your fabulous book that I purchased downloaded and bound and we looked and studied it often before travelling for 6 weeks from Darwin June 9 - Darwin July 20.
All the valuable information was so informative and so very true to the word!

We really enjoyed all stops and walks and gorges. We decided to fly into Mitchell Falls from Broome and walk from the campsite BUT had a great helicopter ride out back to camp. We also did the overnight Horizontal Falls sea plane from Derby and from Kununurra we had a flight over the Bungle Bungle ranges.
We balanced the trip with these added extra treats as we had walked and driven and bounced about so much for the 43 days.

I wanted to let you know that WE (2 x 50+ yr old couples with our 2 vehicles)  really thought your book was so informative for us we followed the pages daily so we didn't miss out on our planned itinerary we made from your recommendations.
A great fun and beautiful country up there.
Thanks so much darling."
-- Lynell Santamaria from Sydney, received August 2016

"We just got back from 2 weeks in the Kimberley – driving from Broome to Kununurra via the Hwy, and back to Broome via the GRR.   We had a brilliant time, absolutely superb... using your guide extensively along the way.
At your suggestion, we asked at Doon Doon Roadhouse about visiting Harry’s Hole, and the proprietor was great, with clear directions. He even let us use his phone to call Harry for permission.
At Purnululu we did your ‘1 Day Rush Around’ itinerary, and it was a treat – we loved it.  Unfortunately it was 38°C, and we bloody near melted, but it was a most memorable day. :)

I have to say thankyou for putting this guide together – your plain English, no nonsense style is refreshing, and we were the best informed travellers we met.  :)   Your descriptions of the roads, the conditions, the services, the supplies, and your little tips along the way, were invaluable.
We wanted to do so much more, and could have spent a month (or more) doing it more thoroughly, but our 2 weeks were rich and exhilarating.
Congratulations on putting together a fabulous product – you really deliver... and it is apparent that you love the Kimberley – we can see why. 
Keep up the good work!"
-- Alan Vickery from Melbourne, received June 2016

"I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous Kimberley guide. My partner and I used it to take her mother on a two week trip finishing 23 May 2016 (Broome, Fitzroy Crossing, Purnululu, Wyndham, Kununurra then onto Darwin for the flight home) and found your information invaluable.
My mother-in-law's father surveyed the Wyndham Darwin road in the 50's so this was in lieu of an 80th birthday party for her.

To then receive updates from you at no further cost is amazing - we'd actually be happy to pay a subscription to receive the update.

Anyway, thank you for your insights and the two of us will be back next year to more fully explore some of the gems we saw along the way."
--Alan and Flora from Australia, received May 2016

"We have just returned from our Kimberley trip. Both books from you were great and unbelievably helpful. Of course, we planned ahead what we would like to see and where to go. We rented the car in Darwin and first went to Kakadu and continued our trip towards GRR with a small detour to Purnululu. [...]
Due to all this unexpected rainfall, we had more time in Broome and drove up to Cape Leveque which was stunningly beautiful - white beaches and no people.  And the sunny weather was just back in time.
I want to mention that the Victoria River Roadhouse was absolutely worth a stop. And you also mentioned some hikes around there, we did and we really liked it a lot! Thanks for that!!!

So, that was it. Both guides are just great and were very helpful! We definitely have to return to GRR to visit all the gorges. We really enjoyed our trip and made the best out of it. :)"
-- Ladina from Switzerland, received May 2016

"We have completed our Gibb trip and would like to thank you for all the information that you provided. We were lucky in that the road opened up just as we were preparing in Kununurra, and the only things we missed were the gorges in the west, still closed as we passed. We had a wonderful trip and thanks to you we were fully prepared. We were staying in cattle stations along the way, all very good, but the star was Mount Elizabeth, the only one that is still home to the cattle farmers. I know that some people find it a bit spartan, but we were charmed by the proprietor, Pat Lacey, and learned so much about life in the outback. It is so sad that the station may soon be sold. The previous night we stayed in Ellenbrae, where the facilities are run by Logan and Larissa, two lovely people who made us very welcome and provided a delicious meal. But without your guide we might have missed all this!
Thank you so much - and I hope that you keep the guide alive for future visitors to the Gibb."
-- Les and Ruti from Israel, received May 2016

"Just wanted to thank you for the updates you send through. I love reading anything about the Kimberleys and the Top End of Australia and followed your guide back in 2014 when I did the Gibb River Road on a girls trip...
No flat tyres and no car trouble, in fact I think I was the only girl on the Gibb River Road at the time and the only one that did the whole road without a flat or punctured tyre, so pretty proud of myself! Your guide was like a bible to me, been the first ever big trip I have done (on gravel), so once again many thanks. I plan to do another trip in the next couple of years back to The Gibb River and Kalumburu...
-- Leann from WA, received April 2016

"Thank you so much for organising to keep your website and books updated. We were sorry to hear of your health issues.

We purchased Destination Kimberley and Destination Top End a few years ago. Both of your guides were vital to the organisation and enjoyment of our 7 weeks spent touring the Kimberley from mid May to early July in 2013. We were able to see everything we wanted to see in that time. This included 23 days on the Gibb River Road with detours to Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu. 

Most of the travellers we met were using your guide. We have recommended your guides to a number of our friends.

Next year we will be using your Destination Top End guide as we are looking forward to spending  a couple of months travelling from  Katherine to Darwin and the Gulf exploring everything we can on the way."
-- Michael and Margaret Sampson, received February 2016

"Many thanks for your terrific guidebook.  My wife and I plus 5 other couples completed a trip along the GRR in July this year.  It was fantastic and your guide book was very helpful even though this was my sixth trip.  I just love the Kimberley and hopefully will get back again to see places we missed on this trip eg Charnley River and Mitchell Plateau."
-- Mike Cosson from Perth, received December 2015

"My husband, got a copy of your book before we drove up to the Kimberley. We spent three amazing weeks up there. The trip was infinitely better because we had all the information you had written down!! Seriously, it made a huge difference.
We have lived in WA for a total of 5 years (two times) and have camped extensively during that time. We waited until we felt extremely comfortable camping until we tackled the GRR. It was easier than we thought - even with three flat tyres! We loved every minute! Thanks for helping make it so great!!"
-- Cheryl from Perth, received June 2015

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"I have this concept in my head. It isn't profound in that I am not profound. But it seems important to me.

Some people in this existence, shine, they are vibrant, they walk their own path, they achieve amazing things. They stand out, they have an energy about them. I think that these people are "Lights."

Lights vary in degree.

The rest of those in existence are attracted to these aforementioned "Lights" whether it is just watching from a distance or flocking to the Light. These people are Moths.

Moths vary in degree as well.

I have lived as a light but have morphed into a moth. Anyway, that doesn't matter, 

You B, are a light. I am glad you enjoy your life. Though I don't know you, I feel you deserve it.

Take Care and good luck with the moths."

-- Marc from the US, received May 2014 (Thank you, Marc. Many years later, this note is still special to me.)

"Many of my friends who have visited the Kimberly recently used your guide and commented on how accurate it was. They always referred to it as they travelled along. We are going for 3 weeks this June so it will be our constant companion also. Thank you for keeping info up to date."
-- June from QLD, received March 2014

"To buy your book was the best idea I had planning my vacation in WA!!!
Many thanks for your help. I honestly did not think that getting your book will help so much and that you personally invest so much time!!! Many thanks!"
-- Eberhard from Germany, received March 2014

"We have just purchased your Destination Kimberley Guide 2011/12. What a great read! This is actually the second version we have looked at as friends of ours had an older one from their trip. We used that to make our rough plans with them, and now with this new version we will get into the finer details.
Your material makes planning everything so much easier and stress free.
We can’t say enough how grateful we are for your work!
Once again, thanks heaps for your work."
-- Brad and Amanda from Australia, received August 2013

"We  had a wonderful time driving Darwin to Kakadu to the Bungles to Cape Leveque to Broome (via Fitzroy Crossing, not the Gibb).  We used your guide and also your "Destination Top End" almost exclusively.  You gave us (two 60+ couples) the confidence about the 4WD portions, especially the road into the Bungles.  Thanks for all the advice and the honest assessment of various placesYour books were worth every penny and I'd encourage others to buy them!  Thank you!"
-- Harriet from Melbourne, received August 2013

"I bought your two guides in Sept 2012 and we've done Broome-Darwin in Appollo 4 WD campervan. We were with our two girls (12 and 14).
We did no plan anything : we read your guide every day for the next stop, avoiding "tourist mass" like you. Thanks for the lovely spot ideas.
Thanks again for your guide (funny and lively to read). of course we could not do everything but we enjoy."
-- Olivier from Reunion, received August 2013

"Just completed 12 nights on the GRR and Mitchell Falls road using your guide to find the gems, your descriptions were always on the ball and accurate. We loved the gorges and the swimming holes. Thanks for your books, they were invaluable and we have passed your details on to many fellow travellers. We will be in Broome for the next 10 days and the working our way round the paddock to be home on Gold Coast in October sometime. We would love to see the Kimberleys in the wet and when we win lotto will fly back."
-- Colin Morley from QLD, received June 2013

"I wish to thank you for this excellent guide. We came to the Kimberleys late October (2 families, so 2 rental 4WD, I was the only guy in our group of 7, big responsibility, ah ah ah). Anyhow, we had a great trip on the Gibb River Road. We didn't go till the Bungle that had burnt, so your guide gave us plenty of ideas for backup plans, like Fitzroy Crossing/Geikie Gorge.
The guide is great at making you feel safe and comfy; it's just frustrating that there are soooo many things to see, the choice is so cruel. Ah, we'll have to come back!
Thanks again, I highly recommend the guide to all my friends who think about this trip."
-- Matthieu from NSW, received December 2012

"Brilliant books!!  We are so looking forward to the Gibb River Road and I know your book is a good book to follow. Thank you for your valuable information. I love your honesty on how you see things, the good and not so good of some places. I want to follow your book once again to get the best out of our next trip. Your list of phone numbers and websites throughout your book has been so useful.
Many thanks and keep up your good work!"
-- Coral from Australia, received December 2012

"My girlfriend and I have just returned from a month's trip travelling through the Kimberleys, namely the Gibb River Road and numerous destinations that run off it.  It was our first big camping trip and a lot of careful planning preceded it.  The end result was well worth the effort.  The planning was made so much easier by your Travel Guide purchased from this site as it was our tool for research.  It was by far the most detailed and honest book we had available to us.  Other guides were used (for maps, facilities available, etc) but your Travel Guide was the "bible" we referred to most in finding what was the most fun and exciting things to do on our travels.  Your opinion was not biased in any way and gave a true depiction of what lay ahead.  You obviously love the Kimberley and your enthusiasm for the region really shines through in your writing.  If I was to be critical of one thing it would be your guide's lack of an index.  Not a huge deal but it was a little frustrating at times to find certain things we were looking for.  Then again, we spent a lot of time driving and relaxing at various sites so it wasn't like we didn't have the time to search through the books!  Again, thank you so much for providing such a thorough and detailed guide of the KimberleyThe book was fantastic and a huge help. It was our first trip to the region but I can promise you it won't be our last. Keep up the great writing."
-- Murray from WA, received July 2012

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"Last year my wife, my two daughters 9 & 10 and I spent almost 3 weeks in the Kimberley starting and finishing in Broome.  We used your Destination Kimberley guide extensively and found it to be far and away the best travel guide I have ever used (and I have travelled around the world using other more popular guides).   So thank you so much for your efforts in preparing this guide."
-- Andrew Sutton from Australia, received March 2012

"It's now been 6 month that we're back from our marvellous travel in Australia. We spent a whole month there, driving a 4WD from Perth to Darwin, passing the Gibb River Road and Kakadu. As it is pretty expensive to come from France in the northern summer,  and as we are not really young anymore, nor especially wealthy, there are few chances that we'll  ever be able to come back. So I wanted to thank you very much because your counselling thru your website and books allowed us to make this travel a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Without your advice, I would never have dared hiring a 4WD, and driving more than 1500 km on dirt tracks, passing water holes, sometimes inhabited by crocodiles! It was really fantastic, and moreover, we now know we can do it!
Thank you Birgit, please go on!!"
-- Marie & Frantz (François) from France, received January 2012

"On 23rd of August we left Holland for Australia. We landed in Darwin and on Oct. 3rd we ended our trip in Perth. During these six weeks we had a marvellous time and we enjoyed it VERY MUCH! We drove the Gibb River Road and we were VERY GLAD we had read your two books. While driving they were between me and my wife. THEY WERE VERY HELPFUL!!  Thanks a lot for your highly appreciated help!"
-- Cor and Truus de Mos from the Netherlands, received December 2011

"Ich wollte dir schon seit einer Weile schreiben, und mich bedanken, fuer das klasse Guidebook, was uns ueber 6 Wochen durch die Kimberleys gefuehrt hat (September/ Oktober dieses Jahr) We just didn’t want to head south of Broome to be without your guide!
If you ever think of expanding even further, there is definitely a market for you to write about the Pilbara. And you would get all of us enthusiasts coming down from the Kimberleys, buying the next guide…but I guess you have just done that heading east to the NT.
I am German, my husband is Australian, we are from Canberra but have taken 6 months off to travel mainly Western Australia with our kids (5 and 7 years old). We all speak German at home. But I can type much faster in English! Loved our trip so far, just loved it. Dicken Dank, ganz liebe Gruesse, und ich find das total klasse was du machst!"
-- Silke from Canberra, received December 2011

"Ich wollte mich nur kurz bei dir für deinen genialen Guide bedanken. Dank deines Reiseführers hatten wir einen unglaublich schönen und unvergesslichen 4-wöchigen Aufenthalt im NT und den Kimberleys. Dein Führer war extrem gut recherchiert und man konnte sich voll und ganz auf die dortigen Informationen verlassen. Ein ganz grosses Kompliment!"
-- Virginie and Markus from Lausanne, Switzerland, received November 2011

"I explored parts of the NT and Kimberley last year, and your guides were absolutely invaluable. Thanks to you, we got off the beaten track, scared ourselves silly a few times (in a good way!), and had a wildly good time. Many thanks for helping the uninitiated feel at home in a strange land."
-- Alison from Cambridge, USA, received November 2011

"We found it amusing to see so many people with your book under their arm as we travelled last year"
-- Noelene from NSW, received May 2011

"I owe you a big thank you. Last year myself and two girlfriends took on the Gibb with your amazing full guide and had the best holiday ever!!! None of us had done much 4x4ing and your positive attitude gave us the confidence we needed.
I am lucky enough to be going back to the Gibb this year with my boyfriend.
I just saw you are heading home to have some surgery. I will be thinking of you and I guess there is no point writing "are you Birgit?" in the dirt on the back of my truck like we did last time?"
-- Ruth from Darwin, received May 2011

"We downloaded your Destination Kimberley last year and did the trip towards the end of the dry season. We found it invaluable, information spot on, no exaggerations, no underestimates, it was our Bible. Thank you."
-- Brian from NZ, received February 2011

"The best Kimberley General Information website I have found to date is If you've ever thought about visiting the region, whether on one of our tours or on your own, this is well worth a browse.

The website is only part of the story. From the website, you can pay for and download a book which has even more information. I've got a copy (my edition is 194 pages) and am happily working my way through it. Although I've been going to the Kimberley for the past 30 years, I've still found new information. Highly recommended."
-- Russell Willis of Willis's Walkabouts in his email newsletter

"Thanks for providing such a valuable resource – we couldn't have done it without you."
"We had your guide, the “Birgit bible” as we called it, printed and bound but by the end it had fallen apart from over use."
-- Andy from the UK, in his 2010 trip report and in a follow up comment

"I would like to thank you for all of your assistance in organising this trip. Without your great book the job would have been much more difficult. I had a printout of your book in the car with me and when we had to change routes several times it made the planning for the change so much easier. All the info I required was there including where to camp etc.
I can and will recommend this book to anyone planning a trip to the Kimberleys anytime in the future."
-- Greg Carthew from NSW, in a comment describing his July 2010 trip

"Hi there, BB
Just a note to thank you for our marvellous trip and to say how sorry we were to miss seeing you to thank you in person. Four of us travelled from Port Lincoln to the Kimberley region for 7 weeks in the one vehicle last July/August. Our friends slept in their camper trailer, my husband and I in a tent. We printed off all your pages and armed with them we spent a full weekend in the one home planning our itinerary going through page by page - your guide as our Bible. We followed your advice to the letter and were so thrilled by the outcome!

We called in 3 times to thank you personally, but alas for us but hurrah for you - you were away travelling o'seas as the lady staying in the studio/cottage told us on our final attempt. So we took a photo of your dear dog instead, and the glorious sunset on the rocks nearby your corner.

Everywhere we go we tell everyone how your guide helped make our dream of a life time come true.
We hiked all the gorges, my husband estimated we walked 40-50 kms. We were thrilled by the Tanami, Wolfe Creek Crater, Bungle Bungles, Broome, Cape Leveque, Horizontal Falls, Mornington Wilderness Camp, Drysdale River Station, Mitchell Falls, Home Valley, El Questro, Kununurra and surrounds etc.
Drove 10,800 kms and are still friends. Not bad for 64 - 69 year olds, eh? 

People still marvel at the fact that we did all that in the one vehicle. Guess we are just amazing people!!!! Just joking... We were well prepared - all had our roles and your book helped us avoid many of the stresses of unfulfilled expectations that cause stress. Plus our friends are just that... brilliant at friendship!
Not a flat tyre or breakdown either!

Thank you and bless you. Our trip would have been nowhere near as brilliant and easy without your guide, your intimate knowledge and hard work. Thank you sooooo much!
We just FELL IN LOVE with our nation - its beauty and its people. We hiked, canoed, swam and went on all the cruises... and never tired of the changing scenery... BLISS!

Thank you dear lady, you are a national treasure!
Cheers, Marian"
-- Marian Sampson, Port Lincoln, South Australia, received via in February 2010

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"Last June I travelled from Broome to Kununurra, including a visits to Purnululu and the glorious Mornington Wilderness Camp, with my partner in a Subaru Forrester over about two and a half weeks and had a superb holiday. Your notes on the journey were absolutely brilliant - I printed up the "nitty-gritty" section for easy reference while we were driving and I still treasure the dog-eared red-dust stained sheets. As we are keen walkers, your detailed information re walks into the gorges was particularly appreciated. I even took note of whether the walks were sunny or shaded and took an umbrella for shade as required, a wonderful tip picked up from my Philipino friends while travelling with them in their beautiful but hot and sunny country.

Thanks again for your brilliant ebook which took all the stress out of planning a wonderful holiday. It would be crazy to go there without your incredibly valuable information."
-- Ann Williams, Rosslyn Park, SA, received December 2009

"I purchased your Kimberley guide earlier this year. I must say I did think twice about getting it as I have travelled the Kimberley in my Troopie four times previously. I was wrong, I found your guide fantastic and so much help to find the beautiful spots you mention. The guide (printed out a copy) sat between the two seats and was used continually.

The Mitchell Falls were simply breath taking. Thanks for all your hard work in putting the guide together, great job and I certainly showed it and spoke glowingly to all and sundry. I was tempted to chase you up when we were in your beautiful Kununurra. Then we thought you must get plagued by heaps like me and chose to let you have your well deserved peace. I hope you have a peaceful festive season and hope some day to meet you and have a cuppa or beer."
--Chris Rutter, Sydney, NSW, received December 2009

"Bully's camp terrific.
Pumphouse restaurant Kununurra terrific.
Canoe trip down Ord with bush camps terrific.
Mambi island boatramp camp terrific.
Nearly expired doing Piccaninny walk late August due to heat.
Mornington Sanctuary terrific.
Your book is TERRIFIC!"
-- John Lauritz, Brisbane, QLD, received November 2009

"We have just spent 6 weeks up in the Kimberleys and thanks to your great book stayed at some wonderful places. The best spot we thought was Bully's Camp. This was the sort of camping we were looking for. Jeff was a great host and we spent a lot of time with him. We ended up staying there for a week, it was magical.

I absolutely love the Kimberleys and would throw it all away down here to live up there. Something we are considering. Kununurra was another magical place. I can understand why you fell in love with it. Thank you very much for your insight on the Kimberleys. We found it all as you have written. We hope to get up there again next year, so will keep in touch."
-- Cathy Collins, Forest Range, SA, received in October 2009

"Birgit, just a quick note to say how much we appreciated having your guide with us over the last 4 weeks. My wife and I hired a 4wd camper from Broome and spent a fantastic time through the GRR, Mitchell Plateau, Bungles etc etc. Your guide gave us all the practical information we could ask for. If we were ever in doubt we referred back to your work, excellent and without peer. Keep up the good work.
(We also shared your view on the "new" Home Valley. We only stayed one night, good bathrooms though.)
Thanks once again for your valuable contribution to making our visit a memorable one. Best wishes John & Shelagh Wagers"
-- John Wagers, Sydney, NSW, received July 2009

"Hi Birgit,
Well, after travelling for nine weeks along the Gibb River Road, the Tanami, Cape Leveque and following your bible to the last letter of all towns and places of interest we had a fantastic adventure.
Of an evening we would discuss the next days plans and travel based on your information. Without this I think we would have only seen a small part of the Kimberly region on what time we had. It was like having guide on the trip.

We would laugh at your honesty about towns, for example "Halls Creek". Unfortunately we arrived late and decided to stay, knowing what you had written. And yes you were correct, what an interesting night in the caravan park...
Thank you for providing us with such an honest publication."
-- Neil and Joanne O'Sullivan, Tallangatta, VIC, received June 2009

"I have purchased a copy (and printed a copy) of your 'Destination Kimberley' and have to admit I can not keep away from it. It is a great source of information. Thanks for that!"

-- Sheena Sorrell, New Brighton, NSW, received June 2008

Sheena wrote to me again after her return:

"Hi B, my husband and I have just returned from our 4 week journey from Darwin to Broome in a hired 4WD Camper. Thanks to your wonderful guide we had a very enjoyable, informed and safe trip. What an amazing country we have! I think the highlight of our trip was the 7 days we spent at Cape Leveque and Middle Lagoon. We (as you suggested in your guide) booked the beach shelters in both and could not believe how lucky we were to have such magic camping spots!! Middle Lagoon we nearly had to ourselves, being the only ones camping on the beach. I could go on for ages with everything we saw and did but you have heard it all before. So just wanted to thank you again for your guide and I have passed your site address onto friends thinking of doing the same trip. Thanks again B and good luck with your future ventures and website."

-- Sheena Sorrell, New Brighton, NSW, received September 2008

"You were instrumental in making us choose a campervan for going Broome-Darwin via GRR. It was a fantastic trip, and your Kimberley guide which I'd bought previously was extremely useful. Clear, extremely detailed, and with a nice sense of humour.
I would have liked to bump into you in Kununurra (you're right, the best place in Kimberley - but we also liked Wyndham for the same reasons than you) but maybe next time...
Suggestion: why don't you extend your guides to NT and Pilbara?"
-- S & M Magistretti, Lombardia, Italy, received August 2008

Note: NT? Done! (Top End and Red Centre)
Pilbara I don't know well enough myself, but if you know someone who does and who can imagine writing a book about it, send them my way!

"Hi Birgit, Just wanted to give you a huge thanks for all your hard work in the guide. My husband and I have returned after a short fortnight travelling from Darwin to Broome. Your guide is absolutely essential and the only guide necessary (along with HEMA map!). We were virgin 4X4 drivers but we didn't come across anything too tricky apart from getting off the beach at Middle Lagoon after a particularly blowy night in one of their beach shelters. My best memories are the 6 am walk to the Mitchell Falls to escape the 'crowds' and the sun, the reef walk at Gumbanun, the obligatory helicopter over the Bungles, Staircase to the Moon in Broome. We crammed a lot into 14 days. We could never have done so much without your invaluable guidance. A top top guide book!"
-- Helen, Melbourne, VIC, received August 2008

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"Hi B! We are back from our trip, just want to thank you for the book again, it was what we ran by. Everything in the book was spot on to the km. It was also great reading as well. We all had a fantastic time can't wait to go back again to see what we didn't get to see this time due to the lack of time. We were well prepared & didn't rush like your book recommends. It also had more accurate imformation than any other book we took. THANKYOU VERY MUCH. Regards Sean, Gayna & kids."
-- The McCarthy family, Serpentine, Western Australia, received July 2008

"Birgit, I have your excellent 'Destination Kimberley' (I wish I'd known about it years ago ... I can now throw away all the printouts from tens of websites I have been using to research our trip!!!) I would not have known about the Duncan Road but for you. Your book is everything I could want ... brilliant! Thanks."
-- James, July 2008

"Hi Birgit,
Just wanted to let you know I am just this hour back from our Kimberley trip your Guide was fantastic!
We loved Tumblegoodiron and Pushups the most! All alone what beautiful, beautiful spots! THANK YOU! The first night at Pushups my husband said, 'Well, Birgit's book has already paid for itself'!!"
-- Sue Walter, Sydney, received June 2008

"Hi Birgit,
I just wanted to say a massive thanks for your amazingly accurate, realistic and general bible of a guidebook for the Kimberleys that I downloaded from your website. It really helped make our holiday. We had the most fantastic time and couldn't believe what a beautiful part of the world we were in.

Your directions, recommendations and descriptions of the less visited gorges and sights were really valuable and we often had the places to ourselves. It was all in all a magical trip and one that will stay with us for a long time!
-- David Hill, London, UK, received June 2008

"Having driven from Brisbane to Kununurra and approaching the border of WA we reached for our copy of Destination Kimberley to refresh our memories with regard to matters of quarantine and realised we had left it behind. We had to face the area with only what we remembered and the brief notes we had made. We felt like orphans. We comforted each other with the thought that our preparations, our schedule, our booking of accommodation had already drawn on the information we had found in the book. It was not enough.
We felt our loss deeply. I sent you an email and was greatly relieved when you made a link to the book again available to me on the net, so that within 24 hours we were in possession of a printed copy of your book again.
We found it very helpful and never once were we led astray. Thanks for your help. Our seventeen days' travel were delightful. What a place!!

I believe that the best preparation for travel in this region is to have already done it. Failing that, have a copy of Destination Kimberley by B. Bradtke on hand."
-- Terry Finn, Brisbane, Queensland, received May 2008

"Thank you!! Great resource. Originally I was just going to get a staionwagon and Jayco, but once I discovered your guide, and started reading, we decided to spend a bit more and equip ourselves so we could really get to some special places. My wife has taken a lot of reassurance from your basic message, which I read as "take your time, don't push it, be sensible and do some planning". Thanks again for putting together such a great resource."
-- Duncan McNab, Amsterdam, Netherlands, received March 2008

"Hi Birgit, we have just returned from our 8 week Kimberley trip yesterday. Our trip has been planned for 12 months and your book was magnificent in knowing where to go, what was there, how long to stay etc. We met quite a few people on the road and showed them your book, all were very impressed, one family borrowed it and read it all night. There wasn't a day in our whole trip that your book wasn't open. This is a MUST book for anyone considering doing the Kimberley.
Well done, Birgit. Thanks again."
-- Lance Stringer from Narre Warren, VIC, received in 2008

"As a family of 5 it was a trip of lifetime and we could go back up there tomorrow and do it all again. The Dampier Peninsula was one of many highlights of our trip and is a must to see and do. We could of not seen and done as much as we did without the comprehensive Kimberley Travel Guide by Birgit. Thanks again B."
-- the same Lance as above, in a comment on this page

"Thankyou for your great Kimberley Travel Guide, your passion for the area shines through. We used several of your suggestions, including the campsite at the Durack River Crossing and Sawpit Gorge off Duncan's road during our eight weeks travelling and camping throughout the Kimberley and Dampier Peninsula. I must say, we used three guides, that published by the Derby Visitors Centre on the Gibb River Road, the Ron and Viv Moon Kimberley Guide and yours - your guide was the one most consulted."
-- Harry, Briar Hill, VIC, in his 2008 trip report

As seen on the Lonely Planet forum:

"I have read this guide and I can hand on heart tell you it is THE ONLY GUIDE TO THE KIMBERLEY YOU'LL EVER NEED (as it states on the cover! But it's true.) It has everything right down to tyre pressure you'll need and the places to eat.
Anyone who knows me knows I have no vested interest in this post other than to advise my fellow traveller. This is the most enjoyable travel guide I've ever read."
-- posted by Pidey of the Lonely Planet community

Note from Birgit: The next poster in the Lonely Planet discussion questions whether the guide has info about several lesser known destinations. Of course it has! I would not even call these lesser known. They are pretty mainstream these days. You can expect info that is much more insider than that!

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And here are  many, many more!

"Your book and newsletter together magnify the pleasure one gets touring this magnificent region. Without your book, a week would be fine. With your book two months is not enough!"
-- Bronwyn Monk from Australia, received May 2020

"We travelled in the Kimberley several years ago now with your fabulous guide open on our laps every day. Since then we have loved keeping up with what’s happening up there through your comprehensive newsletter. Thanks Birgit!
-- Tina Baldwin, received May 2020

"This is still the best book I have ever bought!!!"
-- Therese Sproules, VIC, received February 2020

"It has been 10 years since we explored the Kimberley thanks to your guide book which for us was our Bible. We still recommend it to others who are thinking of travelling. When we think about our trip we laugh about ripping out pages from your book in exchange for help from a couple when we got a hole in our fuel tank.
Anyway, your update emails bring back such wonderful memories."
-- Helen Adcock, QLD, received February 2020

"Your email update has reminded me that I did not drop you a line of thanks.
We completed the Gibb River Rd over last winter and had the most fabulous time. It was hard work and the road was diabolical in places . I entertained turning around after the El Questro to Home Valley leg (!!!) but I didn't and was rewarded by an experience that I shall never forget.
The Kimberley is a truly unique and amazing part of our planet.

Thank you for your amazing support and guidance, I have recommended your book to many travellers."
-- Tony Cusack from Australia, received February 2020

"12 months ago we completed our Kimberley trip. Your booklet was our bible. The camping sites we found thanks to your directions, the warm water in Emma Gorge, were all just fabulous tips. We may have found some ourselves but your detail made it so easy.
Great job, take a bow and thank you!"
-- Terry Pleash, received October 2019

"We had a fabulous trip to the Kimberley last year and your guide was our bible! I have recommended it to friends who are planning their adventure. Thank you for everything, your guides and knowledge are amazing."
-- Julie Taylor, received July 2019

"Bought your Destination Kimberley guide in Jan 2017, have since done two trips - August/September 2018 and June 2019. Loved your guide!"
-- Ian McKinnon from Australia, received June 2019

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"It’s a really comprehensive guide – great effort."
-- Kaye Sutton from Australia, received May 2019

"We are fascinated with the amount of information and work gone into this compilation and we really appreciate the updates as well!"
-- Raelee and David Cannon, QLD, received May 2019

"I bought your books "Kimberleys" and "Top End" last year to plan my Trip from Darwin to Broome next month. Thank you for these amazing and detailed books. They helped me very much."
-- Michael Stader from Switzerland, received April 2019

"Your guide has been fantastic to help us plan, we’ve found places to go and see that we didn’t know existed. Looking forward to using it more as we travel."
-- Frances Rennie from Australia, received March 2019

"I have only just learned of your newsletter and guides from my optometrist.  He was so excited to tell me about a trip he and his wife did recently, as I had indicated that my wife and I are planning  a road trip from Broome to Darwin. 
I am just writing to say thank you.  From my initial review of the newsletters and your guide, you have an amazing knowledge of this amazing part of Australia.  Looking forward to enjoying sharing it too."
-- Paul Mottek from Australia, received March 2019

"First and foremost, thank you very much for the two very informative books, Destination Kimberley and Destination Top End. We have used them diligently in recent years. We have visited Australia for many years, usually 2-3 months per year. We are especially fond of the Kimberley and Gibb River Road. We simply cannot get enough of the many beautiful gorges, as well as the landscape at all. We can see, as you have also noticed in your newsletters, that the Gibb River Road is becoming increasingly commercial, but yet there is a lot of nature to explore. 
Last year we were in Cape York, another great destination.
Later the same year through the Gibb to Michell Falls, for the first, but definitely not the last time. We followed your description to Cape Leveque and camped at Middle Lagoon. 

This year we are planning to spend most of the time at Destination Top End and in particular Kakadu park, we look forward to following your descriptions."
-- Johan Ottosen from Switzerland, received March 2019

"I love "Destination Kimberley" and  the other two in the series and wish other areas in Oz had similar books.
Destination Kimberley answers so many questions I didn't know I didn't know."
-- Tony Jackson from Australia, received January 2019

"Thank you for the amazing Kimberley bible!!! It is such fantastic reading."
-- Kim Aliotti from Australia, received January 2019

"We have been to the wonderful Kimberleys three times and your guide has always been a big part of our journey each time. And will be again."
-- Suzanne Hindmarsh from Australia, received November 2018

"We had a great time on the Gibb in June-July, it was busy but not too busy, we had no car troubles, no problems anywhere!
Highlights were Mornington, El Questro & Lake Argyle. Your guide was infinitely useful, thank you!"
-- Gill Harrowfield from Australia, received September 2018

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"Just back from a magic 12 weeks in the Kimberley. Your guide on the Gibb was priceless and although reasonably crowded it was just as we hoped for.
Finished off the Gibb with a 14 day cruise on Discovery One out of Derby, the only way to see the Kimberley. Reasonably priced compared with the other cruises and 100% perfect.
Thank for creating the hunger to see this amazing part of our big, big country."
-- Bob and Sandy from Australia, received in September 2018

"We are Belgian, a couple and I, 70 years old next year, and I'm organizing a trip to the Kimberley. [...]
Lots of thanks for your guide! It's really the Kimberley bible!"
-- M.A.Vlaeminckx from Belgium, received in August 2018

"We visited the Kimberleys two years ago, and I count your guide as a large reason why we had such a successful and disaster-free trip.  We found the whole of WA to be fascinating, interesting and so different from the anodyne cities of the South East, and we were struck with the friendliness exhibited by almost everyone we met.
I would certainly recommend your guide to anyone planning to visit your beautiful part of the world."
-- Anthony Dienst from Australia, received July 2018

"Keep up the great work, we did the trip absolutely hassle free and this was largely to the information and advice that you have provided."
-- Dave and Cathy from Australia, received July 2018

"Did the Kimberley trip with young kids and had fantastic time.
We visited places we would never have had to courage to do on our own (Mitchell Falls being one).
We only had one problem, a puncture on the Gibb River Road. The rest was easy. (We are city slickers, so this is saying something.)
Thanks Again."
-- John Lynch from Australia, received July 2018

"The book is awesome as is the pocket guide. We commend you for your efforts. We head to the Gibb in two weeks and are very excited. What we will save in park costs will have paid for your book alone. Thank you for that advice."
-- Raeline Thomson from Australia, received July 2018

"Thanks Birgitta, I couldn’t do without the guide."
-- Dennis Martin from New Zealand, received June 2018

"We have found your guide to Kimberley so helpful. Bless you for providing it all."
-- Kevin Helbig from WA, received June 2018

"Vielen Dank und ich kann bisher die Begeisterung in den Rezensionen nur teilen - ich hatte bereits große Freude zu schmökern!
-- Uli Hessenauer from Munich, Germany, received May 2018

"Thanks for the updates, they are very informative, and your Destination Red Centre guide and Destination Kimberly are a must read for budding first time travellers like us."
-- Greg Nichol from WA, received Feb 2018

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"We used your guides on the road trip to Darwin for every step of the way. Thanks for the great experiences!! I have recommended your guide to many people I have met along the way!"
-- Stephanie Rahn from the NT, received October 2017

"You and your "Kimberley bible" (as my family call it!) are simply amazing!
We successfully planned a trip with my parents and my partner from about 12 months ago and executed it this year in early June.
Without your book, we would have had no idea!!!"
-- Luke Foster, received June 2017

"We have just completed a 9 week trip throughout the Kimberleys, we left Brisbane early and started out on the GRR early May - lots of water in all of the good places and a little too much on the western edge and as a result we had to change our plans but caught up on the way back along the Great Northern Hwy. (Silent Grove and Windjana were flooded.)

Just a quick one to say thanks for the guide that we purchased, we used it extensively and referred the guide to others so hopefully you have had a few more travellers purchase the guide.

Once again - thanks - the trip was so much more enjoyable."
-- Andrew and Luciana, received June 2017

"After travelling around the Kimberley five times now, my wife and I would like to thank you for the information and warnings you provided. We found every information you provided to be of great value and luckily we have never encountered any problems whatsoever. The Bungle Bungles and many other areas are getting very crowed now, ie. even prior to the peak season. The first time we visited the Bungle Bungles in May 2004 both camping grounds had plenty of vacant spots and there was no booking required. Bells Gorge had very nice camping sites near the Gorge, these days no longer available. Soon we will see traffic lights on the Gibb River road??? Anyway, we have travelled the world and find the Kimberley still one of the most natural and beautiful places in the world.
Thanks again for all your efforts."
-- Hans and Dagmar Esser from Melbourne, received February 2017

"We spent 12 days in the Kimberleys, I know, that's not much but that's the best we could afford right now! Still, we had an amazing time over there!
During this time, we used a lot all the piece of advice in your guide, it was so helpful to us, so thank you so much for having written such a wonderful guide!"
-- Alizée and Florent from France, received August 2016

" We travelled through the Kimberleys last September and had a MARVELLOUS time, having your info at our fingertips. 
Thanks a lot and continue your excellent work!"
-- Harald und Erika from Switzerland, received May 2016

"Your guides are fantastic. We have found them really helpful in setting our itinerary and can't wait to get on the road. "
-- Melanie  Bienemann from NSW, received April 2016

"I bought the book 9/2/16 finding it extremely helpful. We did the trip 2 yrs ago and feel much better prepared this time."
--Sue Davies from Australia, received April 2016

"We used Destination Kimberly every day on our travels in the Kimberly and found it to be very accurate. We have recommended it to a number of people. We are now preparing to travel to the Top End and have found the Destination Top End to be just as useful and practical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of each area. "
-- Susan Fink from QLD, received April 2016

"Your guides have been a bargain source of information. Your contacts and the information in your guides are almost essential for travellers through these areas. They were great for my Kimberley and Kakadu travels in 2014.
Providing updates is a fantastic extra service. I am about to make a return visit through the Kimberley for an extended time so I will certainly appreciate your Guide update."
-- Ken Dawbin from WA, received April 2016

"We have recently completed a two month trip of the top of the Northern Territory and the Kimberley.
Your guides were invaluable and came to be referred to as the book which we used religiously.
We found that for us they were accurate and informative.
We did come across a change and that was in Gregory west NP on the Broadarrow Track the Escarpment camp site has been moved further down the track and now does not have the view mentioned in the book.
Thank you for THE BOOKS"

-- Fritz Jury from NZ, received February 2016

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"Visited the Kimberley last year your guide was our "bible". Thank you so much for your great passion"
-- Maz and Wayne Fuller, received February 2016

"Used your guides on a trip last May/June up the Tanami to the Bungles and on to Broome. Gibb River Rd, Darwin, Lawn Hill down to Birdsville down the track to Mildura and home via Kerang and Gunbower where I grew up.  Your guides were fantastic. My Daughter and I planned the Top End stuff completely on your guides.  Thank you."
-- Merv and Rebecca from Melbourne, received January 2016

"We wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for your wonderful guide and that we sincerely wish you well with your health issues. Your guides were our invaluable companions on several Kimberley expeditions and you feel like a friend to us. We completely understand that you must take a break but wanted you to know how much your work has been valued and appreciated. "
-- Erica and Craig from Melbourne, received December 2015

"Your guide contributed to make our trip to the Kimberley absolutely fantastic! My brother and I traveled there in July 2014. Not only did it give us a great overall understanding of the region and its different dynamics but I also remember it was full of practical tips that made a real difference many times. Just wanted to say thanks :)"
-- Baptiste from France, received December 2015

"We spent most of 2014 travelling around OZ, including many weeks on the Gibb in July. Our Ford Ranger and 19 foot off road caravan had no troubles what so ever. (Apart from dust ingress.) We loved it and found your guide to be most informative and helpful. Thank You. we are currently trying to work out how we can find the time to spend a couple of months in the Kimberley just after the wet. Coming from Adelaide, the thought of seeing all that water is almost unbelievable. There was a lot of talk at Imintji about plans to bituminise the road within a couple of years. We hope it never happens. Anyway, thanks again."
-- Ray and Christine from Adelaide, received December 2015

"I just wanted to let you know how helpful your books were on our recent trip to the Kimberley's and Top End.  It was our bible, thank you for all your efforts to produce such an up to date and realistic guide to a challenging area to travel.  We towed our camper up to Mitchell Plateau at a cautious 40 km/ hour.  We woke at 5am to hike in to the falls and beat the crowds and helicopters. The only way to do it.  With cautious speeds and the right tyre pressures, we did not get one flat tyre the whole trip.  People we met who came to grief all admitted they were travelling too fast. We'd do it all again tomorrow if we could."
--Steph Rockliff from Adelaide, received December 2015

"We wanted to tell you just how valuable were both your guides for us. In August/September we drove from Darwin to Broome via Katherine, Kununurra, Purnululu, Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Kooljaman, etc. We followed your advice all the way, and had a fabulous trip as a result. Thank you so much!"
-- Vesey & Emma from the UK, received December 2015

"We are back from our trip and a big thank you.
Absolutely excellent book - we followed it to the letter - hung off your every word. It was great to have a guide book written by some one on the same “wave length”."
-- Judy Bligh from Australia, received August 2015

"I want to let you know that your guides and newsletters were pivotal in making my 8 week Gibb River Road trip, in the Kimberley, a wonderful and memorable journey with my family.  Thankyou"
-- Vicki Duff from NSW, received May 2015

"When we did the Gibb River Road we relied heavily on your literature and notes. Pity about Imintjie but I'm sure it will be a short lived closure.
We thoroughly enjoyed our journey which included the Bungle Bungles and your input certainly made it an easier and less daunting experience - not like the lady in the Visitor Centre in Broome who told us we needed to take 120 litres of water!! (which we ignored)"
-- John O'Reilly, received May 2015

"I love your Kimberley Guide and have read often over the years since I joined your site. If only all places of interest had someone like you to help with their intimidate knowledge of such areas. Again thank you."
-- Christine Sipma from Australia, received March 2014

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"Wir sind eben von 4 Wochen Kimberley/Top End zurück und Ihre beiden Reiseführer waren immer dabei und haben gute Dienste geleistet.
Viele Grüße ins wirklich schöne Kununurra!"
-- Simone Dahnke from Germany, received September 2013

"Just returned from 3 weeks camper-trailer convoy Broome/Broome clockwise. Your books were brilliantly useful!
Thanks  for your fantastic service - will highly recommend!"
-- Kerry from WA, received July 2013

"Two years ago, we spent 5 months travelling down the WA coast. At that time I used your free guide for reference on our trip into the Bungles. We just got back from Broome and the Gibb River Road (we wanted to do it before they paved the whole length). For this trip I purchased your full guide and it was very useful. Thanks for a great travel guide, as it made planning the trip very easy."
-- Chris Fitzharris from VIC, received August 2012

"Just wanted to tell you how good your Kimberley guide is. Excellent. We have just had 5 weeks in the tent, going up the Gibb River Road. We are still on the road, when we where in the Kimberleys, we used your book all the time, it was very informative and helpful. Thankyou for a very informative guide."
-- Pam & Geoff Gilliland from QLD, received July 2012

"What a fantastic resource your Guide is - thank you so much!"
-- Maria from Brisbane, received May 2012

"I wish to thank you for your guide which was AMAZINGLY helpful on our trip to the Kimberley in September. We had 2 weeks from Kununurra to Fitzroy Crossing self drive and it was the best adventure ever."
-- Maggie & Steve (62 & 63) from the UK, received November 2011

"We just finished 3 months in the Kimberley and want to thank you for your fantastic guide. We could not have done without it."
-- Graeme Murray from VIC, received November 2011

"My wife and I just wanted to thank you for your contribution to our tremendous honeymoon in Kimberley in late August 2010!
We hired a campervan in Darwin and hit the Gibb all the way through to Broome.
Your guide proved so useful, it really helped us make the most of this awesome trip (we only had one "bad" surprise: couldn't make it to El Questro, one of the creek crossings was too tough for our "basic" 4WD van).
All in all, we had a fantastic trip, and a lot to talk about to our friends and family back in France. Thanks a million!"
-- Sebastien and Sidonie, happy French Kimberley honeymooners, received February 2011

"The information in your guide was great and up to date when we did our trip through the Gibb River Road to Broome. The information helped us guide and select our destinations as to the weather and conditions of the roads and tracks. Many thanks to you. "
-- Errol Stevenson and family from Australia, received February 2011

"I think you are doing an AWESOME job. We've done our 1st trip to the Kimberley and absolutely loved it. Your Kimberley and Top End guides travelled with us and were very helpful. Thankyou."
-- Carolyn from Australia, received February 2011

"Destination Kimberley is great. My husband and I are amazed by all the information you have provided."
-- Lynne Johnson from Australia, received January 2011

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"We have just completed 7 month trip, your Kimberley Guide, we couldn't live without it. Did Gibb River Road following your advice NO hassles, so thank you."
-- Tom and Elaine from Sydney, received December 2010

"We used your guide to get us through the Gibb River Rd, Dampier Peninsula and the Tanami and it was fantastic.  So was the trip!  Only thing was we didn't have enough time but that's life... Keep up the good work!"
-- Brett from QLD, received October 2010

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for your guide.  We travelled through the Kimberley this summer, from Darwin to Broome (by way of Birdwood Downs and Cape Leveque) and found your guide invaluable.  My two boys are on first name terms with you - always asking 'What does Birgit say' about any particular place! Keep up the good work!"

-- Julia Rilett, London, UK, received September 2010

"Dear Birgit. I just want to let you know how useful your guide is! We've just returned from three wonderful weeks in the Kimberley, and we just loved it all! Your guide was our 'bible' - so useful for accommodation and what to see and do. We'll be returning to look at your website regularly in the future to re-live what we've done."
-- Gillian Langley, Sydney, NSW, received September 2010

"Just a quick note to thank you for your guide. We have just finished a three week trip through the Kimberley (Gibb River Rd, Mitchell Falls, Kalumburu and Purnululu) in a hired 4WD camper. Thanks to the information and advice in your guide we had a fantastic trip and great experiences with no mechanical or other issues. Thanks again for a most comprehensive, accurate and well written guide."
-- Geoff & Jan White, Donvale, VIC, received August 2010

"Thank you so much for this great guide. We are 67 and 64 years old and had a lot of doubt about driving the Gibb River Road. We have experiences with 4WD driving, as well at home as in Australia. But still
Your book gave us exactly the answers that we were looking for."
-- Kees and Henneke Sanderson, Netherlands, received August 2010

"We found your site and the Kimberley Guide very useful and informative. Your guide, and the HEMA Kimberley map, were our two most used items, both before and during our trip. We planned our trip around other people's itineraries published on your site and we constantly referred to your guide when making decisions about what to do during the trip. Every time I got to a creek crossing I got out your guide to check whether I could walk it without getting eaten!
Thanks for putting together your guide."
-- David Evans-Smith, Bywong, NSW, received July 2010

"Thank you and congratulations on a fantastic guide. We just returned from a 6 week, 12,500km trip across the Gibb to Mitchell Falls, Derby, Bully's and back across the Northern Highway. What a character Jeff is... we spent four days and our three little ones, 10, 8 and 5 yrs, loved every moment. They made spears and went mudbcrabbing, fishing and exploring the mangroves and beaches. What a magical place is the Dampier Peninsula. We stayed at Middle Lagoon and Bully's and visited Whalesong Cafe, One Arm and Cape Leveque. There would be so much more to the Kimberleys that we haven't seen but we'll back. Thank you!"
-- Alan Morris, Caloundra, QLD, received May 2010

"Destination Kimberley is a great resource for mug campers like us. We purchased the e-book last December. Barbara and I are spending 3 weeks from May 11th doing Broome, Cape Leveque, GRR, Kunanurra, Bungles and back to Broome in a Britz 4WD camper. Your advice has been invaluable. Thank you."
-- Malcolm Shaw, Sydney, NSW, received April 2010

"A household name for any Gibb driver, the Lonely Planet for instance only dedicates half a page to the Gibb! ... Thanks so much for your help"
-- Sarah & Gerard, Netherlands, in their 2010 trip report

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"I promised my family that I would thank you profusely, while still in holiday mode, for your amazing book "Destination Kimberley", which we found on the Internet. It's been our "Travel Bible" since we left Darwin...

We've proved you're never too old if you do your homework first i.e. read what Birgit has to say!"
-- Pat Duncan, SA, in her 2010 trip report

"Thanks Birgit for putting together Destination Kimberley, we constantly referred to it while on our trip and would have missed many awesome places if we hadn't had it with us."
-- Adam Royle, Brisbane, QLD, in his 2010 trip report

"Quick note to thank you for the Guide. We used it as our bible for the two months we were up your way and found it very useful. Thank you particularly for the RAAF Boab Quarry site - we had it all to ourselves (apart from two nice bulls and a not so nice king brown snake!) and camped at the head of the 'lake'. We are looking forward to getting back into God's country again soon."
-- Jan Kasteel, Sandford, Tasmania, received January 2010

"Dear B. Your Destination Kimberly is fantastic. Three friends and I have been wrestling with just the questions that your publication sets out and answers so clearly. We were delighted to discover your book. Well done! You have saved us a lot of time and angst."
-- Glenn Mack, Daylesford, VIC, received January 2010

"I really loved the guide and it was very helpful for our trip, we went to a lot of places you recommended and benefitted from the "inside information"."
-- Melanie Johnston, Coonawarra, NT, received January 2010

"Your guide was fantastic - both the map and the guide book. I am so glad I told my wife not to walk in front of the the car as we crossed the Pentecost River! She was scared (so was I) at going through the river without knowing the depth. We saw a 15' salty the next day in the river!
Best experience was the walk to the Manning Gorge - what an experience! Thanks so much."

-- Michael Groves, Mechanicsburg, PA, United States, received in November 2009

"Somehow during our trip along the Gibb River Road/Kununurra I sort of hoped to see you along the road to say thank you for the book - I almost felt that we knew you - because we read you book "to pieces" - :-)"
-- Kari Gyllander, Oslo, Norway, received November 2008

Hi Birgit, I want to thank you for your incredible book you have produced. We have just returned from our trip and we used your great book DAILY. We would continually refer to it for all the places we intended to go and for history information. Thank you for the incredible amount of work you have put into this. We appreciated it immensely. We will be recommending your book to any other travellers we know who will venture your way. Thanks again, Dianne"
-- Dianne Garred, Newcastle, NSW, received September 2008

"Hi B! Finally back home in the reality again after a fantastic holiday in the Kimberley! Even though, due to the rain and some unforeseen occurences, we didn't manage to get everywhere we wanted to (Mitchell Falls, Mornington WC...) this holiday was singular and unforgettable. It was topped-off by 4 days at the Broome Cable Beach Club, where I celebrated my 50th birthday.

Dear B: your "Destination Kimberley Guide" was during this 4 weeks (and during lead time) always our loyal companion and a big, big support. Thanks a lot!"
-- Thomas Lavall, Langenargen, Germany, received July 2008

"A Big Thank You! My wife and I have just returned from a 6 week trip which included 3 weeks in the Kimberley. One of the final deciding points on whether to make the trip to the Kimberley was the travel guide information provided by you. We had a great time travelling from Broome to Kununurra including Cape Leveque, a sea plane flight to the Horizontal Falls, the Gibb River Road, Windjana, Manning Gorge, Mitchell Falls, ElQuestro and much more.

Your travel guide was an excellent and up to date travel reference. Keep up the good work. We'll be back some time in the future."
-- Neville Britton, Ballarat, Victoria, received July 2008

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Below are some more testimonials referring specifically to the two NT guide books Destination Top End and Destination Red Centre.

Many of the over hundred testimonials above already mentioned both or even all three.

"Many years ago we purchase your Destination Kimberley and it became our guide bible, so much great information that helped make our trip so enjoyable.

In the years since we have travelled extensively and used your Top End and Red Centre guides, so thank you.

My wife and myself will retire next year and are setup to travel for who knows how long.  We are planning to take off next May.

Your guides will be the first items placed in the vehicle so keep up the great work.
-- Robert from Geraldton, WA, received October 21

"Thank you for your excellent and incredibly accurate guide and advice you gave Robyn and I for our travels to the Red Centre and Kimberley.
Because of what appears to us as your love for the NT and Aussie outback, we have been able to experience the centre, and north, that we rave about to our friends constantly."
--Ken, Swan Hill, VIC, received Oct 2021

"I found your Red Centre book very handy when we spent time walking and exploring the Red Centre.  I especially loved the walks at Finke Gorge NP and camping on the river there"
-- Pam, Australia, received August 2021

"Your books were just fabulous and all we used in the Kimberley and the Top End. They were accurate, culturally aware and so informative. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Thanks again, Matt and Meredith."
-- Matthew McKay, Australia, received June 2021

"Currently in Kakadu and loving the guide. [...] Can I say we love the tenor and honesty of your guides.  We're using the Top End Guide daily to take us around Kakadu. You are spot on.
(With the proviso that COVID has closed the Bowali Visitor Centre and the Border Store and the early build up has limited how many hours in the sun we can stand!)
Thanks, we're devotees."
-- David from Adelaide, Australia, received September 2020

"I have bought your Red Centre guide and found it excellent, so I am definitely a future customer!"
-- Dave Shannon from Australia, received August 2020

"Firstly, thank you so much for this excellent guide which was extremely useful as we travelled round the Red Centre in a Camper Van at the end of May. Needless to say we were confined to sealed roads but the distances between places especially from Alice Springs around the MacDonnell range were particularly helpful; not only in determining which sites we could visit but also in pointing out suitable walks and ranges we were seeing. [...]
Once again thank you for this very informative and insightful guide to so many aspects of the Red Centre. We really appreciated and made use of so much and had a fantastic trip"
-- Liz Hunter from the UK, received June 2019

"I'm going from Adelaide to Darwin in a hired motor home in 3 weeks, and I can see already that with just a little bit of reading of these publications [Destination Red Centre and Top End] so far that they will be invaluable to me and my friend on our journey.
Again many thanks."
-- Beverley from Mount Barker SA, Australia, received April 2019

"I bought your books "Kimberleys" and "Top End" last year to plan my Trip from Darwin to Broome next month. Thank you for these amazing and detailed books. They helped me very much."
-- Michael Stader from Switzerland, received April 2019

"My wife, I and our 3 kids (aged 6, 9 and 11) did a 10 week journey from Melbourne up through Uluru to Kakadu, and then across to Broome on the Gibb River Road last July to October, and your books were one of the highlights of our trip. We used your Red Centre and then Top End books, and then as we passed into WA we had a ceremonial move to your Kimberley book. Every day as we moved along our journey we would open up to the next page in your book and the whole family would listen as we read your words about our next destination, and then it felt like something was missing when we headed South from Broome through the Pilbara and West Coast and we didn't have you with us (perhaps another book in the making for you??).

Anyway, thanks so much, you really made our holiday and we quickly came to rely on your guides to help us source the best things we could do along the way.

Thanks again Birgit, hopefully we can do the whole trip again with your guides in the coming years, we loved it."
-- Graham Rowe from Melbourne, received March 2019, here is Graham's eldest son's blog about the trip

"I am currently planning our round Australia trip which of course includes Kakadu and the Kimberley.
I bought your triple deal of Destinations Kimberley/Top End and Red Centre, which  are terrific and soooo helpful in the planning of our trip.

I am finding your info invaluable in terms of what to see and how long it takes – it has been invaluable in terms of planning.
Many thanks for your excellent help thus far."
-- Glyn Condon, received February 2019

I love Destination Kimberley and  the other two in the series and wish other areas in Oz had similar books.
Destination Kimberley answers so many questions I didn't know I didn't know.
-- Tony Jackson from Australia, received January 2019

"Thank you for your introduction into the wonderful Kimberley and Red Centre areas.
We have visited some of these areas previously, but we look forward to taking our time and really seeing the landscape.
Your guides are fantastic, chock a block of tips and information."
-- Brian & Marilyn Tonkin, received December 2018

"We went from Darwin over Kununurra, the Gibb River Road, Broome to Perth in 21 days in September/October this year. No accident, no issues, everything was fine.
Your Kimberley and the Red Centre guide was worth to buy. We read a lot in your guides and prepared our road trip accordingly. "
-- Arne Franken from Germany, received December 2018

"We live in Cairns and love your guides. We are off soon in a 4wd coaster for a few years around Oz again. Can you please refresh the Kimberley Guide and the Top End Guide. We bought the Red Centre Guide just a few minutes ago. Good on ya!"
-- Rob and Gen Strauss from Cairns, Australia, received September 2018

"We are currently travelling in the Centre and finding your book, Destination Red Centre, to be exceptionally helpfulIt was useful as a planning tool, but has been really good as a travelling companion.  It's like having you with us in the van helping us find good places, or nominating the distances from place to place or advising when to air up or down, etc.  We have just done a modified version of Route 6.  We went down from Alice to see the Painted Desert and then over to Dalhousie, Mt Dare, Old Andado, Santa Theresa and back to Alice.  Good to know what we should look for in Santa Theresa, so we persevered until we found the art centre you mentioned and then really enjoyed their art.  We will pick up Chambers Pillar on a separate trip soon, and are planning camping and more walking in the East and West MacDonnells.  So you will be with us for a while now. Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a useful guide and to let you know that we are getting a lot out of it."
-- Pat and Dick from Australia, received June 2018

"Thanks for the updates, they are very informative, and your Destination Red Centre guide and Destination Kimberly are a must read for budding first time travellers like us."
-- Greg Nichol from Perth, received February 2018

"My wife and I went on a sabbatical of three months last year, and visited the Kimberley - something that has been my dream for a long time. We had an amazing time (this is where I would like to write amazing with 'dots' between the letters, but that may look too American; the point is, it was very, very amazing).
We still think of it so fondly and with so many great memories; the Kimberley (and also other parts of the NT and WA) have touched us deeply. Every time we see a picture or hear one of the songs we listened to during our trip, it brings tears to our eyes. 

It is fair to say that much of our pleasure and experience has been thanks to you. Your guides, both Destination Top End and Destination Kimberley, were terrific. We enjoyed reading them so much. Not just because of all the great and unique pieces of information and practical stuff (without which a trip to these areas, particularly the Kimberley, cannot be complete, or even close to complete) but also very much because of your terrific writing style. Your candid, fun, honest way of writing feels like each page is a text from a good friend sharing tips with us.
Also, we loved how honest you are and that not 'everything is great' (as most guides present, well, everything) but you provide a nice judgment of places and also explain why.

When we did the Tanami Road from Halls Creek to Alice Springs, and then from Alice Springs onwards did the Red Center (West and East MacDonnells, Mereenie Loop, Kings Canyon, Uluru and Olgas) we very much missed your guides; we had to resort to Lonely Planet and that was just such a disappointment after having been guided by your books through the Top End and the Kimberley. Unfortunately, we were there just a year before your guide to the Red Center became available. 

So, again, a huge thank you from me and my wife. I still read your newsletters and my heart skips a beat when I receive a new one, as it takes me back to our great experiences in what has become your country. "
-- Ferdinand from Amsterdam, NL, received April 2017

"We used Destination Kimberly every day on our travels in the Kimberly and found it to be very accurate. We have recommended it to a number of people. We are now preparing to travel to the Top End and have found the Destination Top End to be just as useful and practical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of each area. "
-- Susan Fink from QLD, received April 2016

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"Your guides have been a bargain source of information. Your contacts and the information in your guides are almost essential for travellers through these areas. They were great for my Kimberley and Kakadu travels in 2014.
Providing updates is a fantastic extra service."
-- Ken Dawbin from WA, received April 2016

"The information you provide is by far the best and most comprehensive out there. I'll never forget the day my family had at hidden rock hole in Kakadu all to ourselves while there was about 1 million people in the park. Thank You."
-- Daniel Dunstan from Melbourne, received December 2015

"I got a copy of your Top End e-book some years ago and read it in preparation for a possible Top End trip. My wife and I did that trip this April and had a great time - the things that helped me from your book were the recommendations to consider going another time than July and to take our time in Kakadu. We were in Kakadu 3 nights and on 4 different days and enjoyed the time spent. It was not crowded in April, we enjoyed having a good amount of water, we managed everything with a small 2 wheel drive hire car. We enjoyed a late afternoon cruise on Yellow Water, a morning cruise on the East Alligator River, exploring Ubirr, and playing in waterfalls and pools at Litchfield. The weather seemed to go from late wet season to dry season in the 10 days we were in the Top End."
-- Ken from SA, received May 2015

"My boyfriend and I are coming close to completing a return trip from Melbourne to Darwin in a troopy and wanted to let you know it was made spectacular thanks to your guide. The secret spots along the way that helped us escape the constant flow of tourists made our time all the more peaceful (and romantic!) than could've been. We loved getting to know you through the guide and lived off a philosophy of WWBD (what would B do).
Will be highly recommending - neigh demanding - that anyone else doing this trip takes your wisdom and insights to really see the heart of the Top End.
Thanks for all your hard work and looking forward to reading your insights on the Kimberley when the time comes!"
-- Claire from Australia, received July 2014

"Love the guides books. Moline Rockhole in Kakadu is a little gem I would've never discovered if it hadn't been for your books. Same as Umbrawarra.
Thank you."
-- Daniel from Melbourne, received March 2014

"We used your information when we toured Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru.  Most helpful advice we could have had."
-- Genienne from NSW, received March 2014

"I explored parts of the NT and Kimberley last year, and your guides were absolutely invaluable. Thanks to you, we got off the beaten track, scared ourselves silly a few times (in a good way!), and had a wildly good time. Many thanks for helping the uninitiated feel at home in a strange land."
-- Alison from Cambridge, USA, received November 2011

"Ich wollte mich nur kurz bei dir für deinen genialen Guide bedanken. Dank deines Reiseführers hatten wir einen unglaublich schönen und unvergesslichen 4-wöchigen Aufenthalt im NT und den Kimberleys. Dein Führer war extrem gut recherchiert und man konnte sich voll und ganz auf die dortigen Informationen verlassen. Ein ganz grosses Kompliment!"
-- Virginie and Markus from Lausanne, Switzerland, received November 2011

"I just want to say that, thanks to your guide, we spent 9 amazing days in the Top End over Easter. The weather was awesome but many roads/tracks were still closed due to the heavy rains of the last wet season. However, there was enough to see and do for our entire trip and we discovered a few 'hidden secrets" we would have never been to without your guide. I hope I will have the chance to go again one day later during the dry to go to the places that were not accessible this time. Last year, your website helped me organise our trip in the Red Centre and was also very useful. So thank you for all that."
-- Julien from Brisbane, received May 2011

"Having spent 2010 road testing your Top End guide as far as Katherine - I can't wait to test the Kimberley guide! I have really appreciated how you have managed to get me away from the coach trip infested parts of the Territory!"
-- Tom from Darwin, NT, received March 2011

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"My wife and me travelled in Australia for 4 weeks in July/August last year. We probably would never have done that (especially Tanami and GRR) without your web site and your guides.
We went Alice ->Uluru ->Kings Canyon ->Mereenie Loop ->Alice ->Rabbit Flat ->Wolf Crater ->Bungles ->Broome ->GRR ->Lake Argyle ->Katherine ->Gunlom ->Jim Jim/Twin Falls ->Yellow River ->Litchfield ->Darwin.
It was an incredible experience, we liked it very much. In fact, you were almost in our trip and usually we were asking : "What did Birgit say about that place?" "Hey Birgit, where can we walk for 1 or 2 hours from here?"
-- Vincent from France, received March 2011

"My mate and I just finished a  month long tour from Darwin to Broome via Kakadu, Katherine, and the Kimberly. Your guide was a godsend. Can't tell you how many times we consulted "Birgit" to see what "she had to say". We found it all very informative and amazingly accurate. Thank you for saving us on those many nights where we wold have wandered forever trying to find camp or a good place for a drink! It was exciting and engaging for us both. It just wouldn't have been the same with out you. Can't wait for the Red Centre!"
-- David from NSW, received August 2010 

"I just wanted to say your guide is fantastic - I used to live in Alice Springs and you do the place justice; it made me long for it. I also work in the tourism industry for the NT so just wanted to give you a thumbs on providing an accurate portrayal of what there is to see and do. Keep it up B!"
-- Rebecca from Australia, received August 2010

"Dear B, we just returned from out trip to the Top End and Kimberley. I will write more later on and send you a few pictures, but I wanted to say your guides were great. I organized the whole trip based on them and took them with us. They were reliable and full of interesting info. We loved our trip and were sad when returning home."

Here is the trip report Eva ended up writing.
A few days later she sent me this little note and photo:

"Dear Birgit, I am sending a picture that you can share if you like, but mainly for you. It is your guides at the end of our trip. They are dirty with reddish dust, with all the notes I had made to find things faster, bent, definitely VERY USED. Thank you once more for all the the details and reliability of the info given."
-- Eva Garbin, Italy, received July 2010

"Just have to let you know that we are just home after doing Kakadu and the Kimberley in just over two weeks and your two books went with us EVERYWHERE - from the Old Jim Jim Road to Broome, we carried the relevant parts under our arms even when we went walking! We have to tell you they were absolutely marvellous! Up to date and accurate, they added so much to our trip and enabled us to see very specific things we wanted to and not waste any time as we had so little of it. We have been singing your praises to others who want to do the trip!"
-- Sally & Lindsay Strathdee from Christchurch, NZ, received July 2010

"Love your site (so much I just bought the Destination Top End e-book). You completely changed my plans for this area (visiting in late July/early August) - we are now renting a 4WD, doing independent camping, and have extended the time in the area. We are looking forward to seeing some places we would otherwise have missed."
--Richard Ambrose, California, US, received May 2010

"I have been meaning to email you to congratulate you on your brilliant publications - we have the Destination Top End and the Kimberley Guide and have found it to be invaluable in our planning.
We are flying into Perth on 4 August this year, taking an internal flight up to Darwin and driving thru to Broome along the Gibb River Road.  We arrive in Broome on the 20 August for a relaxing 9 nights before flying back down to Perth and then home to England on the 31st.
We cannot wait!"
-- Maria from London, received April 2010

"Thank you very much Birgit. We're well prepared with your marvellous guides. Really appreciate your style and the easy and interesting read."
-- Melodie Tyrer, received March 2010

"I've purchased your two great guides (NT Top End and Kimberley) and will reference them constantly when we spend the month of May in the area. We pick up a 4WD in Darwin and hope to get to Cape Leveque and return by the end of the month. Thanks for your expertise and invitational manner."
-- Ed from Canada, received April 2010

"We purchased both of your e-books and are studying them carefully. My husband is busy making an itinerary... he likes that structure! THANKS for having so many great resources for your area. Our trip has shifted from something that would be just enjoyable to a great adventure."
-- Sally Boone, US, received March 2010

"I have already visited Australia 5 times and now I plan to come with my wife and six years old son, we are going to spend about three month in Kimberley and Top End. I've purchased your guide Destination Kimberley and also your new guide concerning Kakadu, Litchfield and Nitmiluk. I find them simply excellent and hardly beatable by any other guides. Thank you very much."
-- Radovan from the Czech Republic, received February 2010

"B, You have done it again. Your latest guide Destination Top End is fantastic! Maps, little known places, directions, points of interest and common sense advice all written in plain language. It is a must for anyone travelling from Darwin to Kakadu and beyond. Judy and I have already packed it for our trip in July 2010. Thanks!"
-- Geoff and Judy Farrugia, ACT, received February 2010

"We extensively used your guides during our two week Darwin to Broome tour and also during our visits to the Red Centre. Your advice never failed us. I constantly referred to Birgit's suggestions when advising my partner as to our next destination - he was the driver, I was the navigator. I can't say enough good things about your very reasonably priced guidebooks."
-- Dr. Sonja Mathes, Canada, received January 2010

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