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If you own one or more of my Destination Guide books and would like to download the most recent version of it, please fill in the form below.

The Destination Guides are:

Please make sure you actually bought one of my Destination Guide books before you ask for access to the latest version!!

No, having downloaded a free, introductory Pocket Guide at some stage does not entitle you to downlad the latest version of my popular Destination Guide books.

Yes, I am asking for a lot of detail in the form below. Unfortunately this proved necessary.

In the past, over 50% of the people contacting  me for a fresh download link did not include the right email address or even tell me their surname.  It then takes several emails back and forth to find the original purchase record.  Five to ten minutes extra work times a few dozen requests per week: a ridiculous amount of wasted time. 

So please: provide as much detail as possible

Note: Your purchase has nothing to do with your newsletter subscription!  Your newsletter email does not help here!
I need to find the original purchase record to re-activate your link.
A purchase record holds the data that was entered into PayPal AT THE TIME and can not be changed.
Unless you still have the download mail or PayPal receipt confirming the e-mail address you used for your purchase, add any alternative e-mail address you can think of. Often another address was associated with the PayPal account used, or it was the partner's address, or...  or... or... It seems to always be another address. Add all of them!

Thank you!

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