Barramundi Fishing Videos

The barramundi fishing videos you can watch on this page are not the same quality as the videos you can buy, but hey, they are free to watch.

If you know how to catch barramundi, why don't you make a video and let me know about it? Show off as much as you like :-).

(I can hope, can't I? I'd love to have some more good videos for this page, but I do realise how difficult it is to make the action look good on film...)

The first video isn't a barra fishing video.

This is just a very short clip showing a barramundi in a tank, eating a gold fish. So you know what happens under water when the barra goes for your bait...


This video shows actual barramundi fishing action. You see jumps and some big fish, and you also see how gentle the guys handle the fish that are released.

By the way, this one and the next barra fishing video were taken at dams in Queensland that have been stocked with barramundi.

That's not quite the same as barramundi fishing in the ocean and the tidal rivers of the north.

(And the fish don't taste anywhere near as good as the ones that come from the saltwater).

Here is more of the same. Well, not quite. This one is much better quality.

Keep in mind that what you see here in the second half, lifting the barra by the mouth, is something you should only do if you keep the fish for the table. Lifting them this way can kill barramundi.

And what you see in the first half can kill you if you do it up here. Jumping into the water to get a picture with a big fish is a great thing to do for the barramundi, and fine if you do it in some Queensland dam, but don't try it up here! You'd end up crocodile dinner...

Here's a very short one.

If I caught ten one metre barra in a day I'd have trouble, too, getting the smile off my face...

And this is another very happy barramundi fisherman, showing off and then releasing a big one. I really like this video.

I like his story of how he "walked" his barra until his wife got back so she could see it. And I love the line, "It's nice to see them come up, and it's nice to see them go down again." It is.

Can't wait to have a go yourself? Then come and see us up here in the Kimberley, we'll show you how to catch barramundi!

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