Beagle Bay to Bedunburra Road

by Daryl Eckermann

Does anyone have any information regarding this road?
We plan to use it to get from Middle Lagoon to the Gibb River Road.
Any tips on finding it from the Beagle Bay end would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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May 10, 2009
Beagle Bay to Bedunburra
by: Birgit

Hi Daryl,

The turn off is just south of the Beagle Bay turn off and there are no other turn offs on that side anywhere near. It's a well used track, too, so the turn off is wide and visible. I don't think there could be any problem with finding it.

The road is also shown on the Hema Kimberley map I recommend.

Feb 21, 2011
Is this a shortcut?
by: Jackie


We too are staying at Middle Lagoon and heading back towards Fitzroy Crossing. On the HEMA map this looks like a pretty big shortcut (as opposed to heading back along the main road near Broome).

Has anyone taken this track and do you think it saves any time?


Feb 21, 2011
Beagle Bay to Bedunburra Road
by: Daryl

Yes we took the track and found it not only to be a significant short cut but a very interesting route also.

I would recommend using it.

Feb 21, 2011
Thanks, we'll take it!
by: Jackie

Hi Daryl

Appreciate your prompt reply! We'll change our itinerary to do that rather than retracing our steps to Broome. Just hope we don't get lost, Birgit makes it sound pretty straightforward!


Feb 21, 2011
by: Birgit

It's something of a main road, often in better shape than the actual Cape Leveque road. (Though of course I can't promise that. The Cape Leveque road may have just been graded when you are there.)

In any way, it certainly is straight forward. I doubt you could get lost even if you tried. It's clearly shown on the HEMA map as well, so just keep an eye on the trip meter. And at that time of the year it is dry, too. (Whereas it can get somewhat adventurous and require some detours to get through early in the year.)

It will certainly save you a lot of time.

Feb 22, 2011
Will give us that extra night at Middle Laggoon
by: Jackie

Thanks B!

This will give us that extra night at Middle Lagoon that you recommended, we didn't want to head back to Broome particularly anyway.

Thanks again, you're a champion. I LOVE this website and the readers are just so helpful.

Cheers (until my next question!!)

Feb 22, 2011
by: Birgit

Agreed about my readers :-). They are the very best!

May 02, 2011
Experience with 4WD Rental on Bedunburra Road
by: Shandy

Does anybody know if Apollo Rental allows to use the Bedunburra Road with an Adventure Camper? I saw, that there was a question about it but I didn't find an answer.


May 02, 2011
Beagle Bay to Bedunburra Road
by: Anonymous

Its not a Gazetted Road. So probably Apollo won't allow by default. I would get permission in writing or your insurance will be no good while on that road.

Jul 01, 2013
Any recent travellers
by: Pete

Hi there,

We are scheduled to take the Beagle bay to Bedunburra road this week.
Has there been anyone who has been on this road/track recently who can provide condition report.


Aug 17, 2013
Bedunburra Road
by: Bob

Hi Pete,

We are taking the track in mid Sep. How was your trip - any problems?

Mar 26, 2017
Road Bedunburra to Beagle Bay
by: Anonymous

Hello, we plan to go to Cape Leveque coming from Derby. Is the road form Bedunburra to Beagle Bay possible with 4WD rather than going through Broome?

Jul 10, 2022
Beagle Bay to Derby NEW
by: Aquadoc

We are now at Gumbanan.
Has anyone done this road recentlly?
Is it still easy to follow?

Jul 10, 2022
Bedumburra Road
by: Chris

Has anyone done this road recently?
Is it still in reasonable condition and easy to follow?

Jun 26, 2024
It's a no go NEW
by: Anonymous

We've just attempted to take this shortcut from Beagle Bay to Derby but after pushing through for @1km it's clear nobody has been through for quite sometime.
I'm quite surprised as I thought there would be plenty of travellers coming from the west coast of WA up to Broome, then onto Cape Leveque before across to Derby.

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