Dimond Gorge

Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, Gibb River Road

Dimond Gorge (pronounced "Diamond Gorge") is located near the Mornington Wilderness Camp, which as a whole rates as one of my top picks along the Gibb River Road.

Dimond Gorge

This is one of the most impressive gorges in the Kimberley, and the drive to get there is an attraction in its own right. 

The real attraction though is a canoe trip up the gorge itself. You can take your own canoe or hire one. (Unlike at Sir John Gorge, where access is restricted to two people a day, there are plenty of canoes to go around at Dimond Gorge.)

A Trip to Dimond Gorge

When you hire a canoe you will be supplied with everything you need, including trail notes.
The 24 km self drive trail from the camp to Dimond Gorge takes about 1.5 hours return. Don't plan less for it because you will want to stop and take photos and admire the views on the way!

View on the track to Dimond Gorge

When you reach Dimond Gorge and get out of your car you initially have to clamber up and then down over rocks to get to the gorge...

Near the car park of Dimond Gorge

As you continue you'll wonder if you stopped in the right place, because you won't be seeing any canoes.

View over the gorge

Don't worry, they are there. You won't be seeing the canoes until you are standing right on top of them.

Pick any one, jump in and start paddling...

The gap where the Fitzroy Dam was to be built.

As you canoe through the narrow gap near the start of the gorge, picture what would have happened to this wonderful area if the plans to dam the Fitzroy River and to pipe all the water down to Perth would have gone ahead. This is the site where the proposed dam was to be built!

While you can not canoe as far as you can at Sir John Gorge, you can still paddle up a loooong way. Just keep paddling until you get to the end.

As you continue you will find little beaches for a picnic, rocks to jump off, if you like you can climb up into the bush and go exploring... There should be enough space here to get away from the other canoes.

Still too busy for you? Then you definitely need to check out Sir John Gorge!

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