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Destination Top End was written for Kimberley visitors who travel from/to Darwin. It is the second volume in the popular "Destination" adventure guides e-book series and complements the first volume, Destination Kimberley.

And as a buyer of Destination Kimberley
you save 30% on Destination Top End.

Destination Top End, the Insider Guide to Australia's Tropical North, tells you...

  •     how to get the most out of a visit to such iconic places as Kakadu, Litchfield or Katherine Gorge... (Even during peak season you can get away from the mass tourism aspects and experience real, remote wilderness instead!)
  •     where the best low cost or even free campsites are... (Camp in places full of birds and other wildlife, often near creeks or billabongs full of fish, places that you won't have to share with hundreds of other tourists!)
  •     where to find the most rugged and spectacular gorges, the most impressive bushwalks, the most popular fishing destinations (popular with the locals, that is!) and all those other local insider tips that my readers appreciate so much!

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To save 30%, add Destination Top End to your Destination Kimberley guide ...

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Destination Red Centre
, the Insider Guide to Australia's Red Outback Heart (by Monica Coleman) is the long awaited third volume in the popular series of Destination guides.

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you can save 30% or even 40% on Destination Red Centre.

  • See the real Australian Outback!
    If you thought the Red Centre consisted of only Alice Springs, Ayers Rock and flat desert, think again.
    Destination Red Centre takes you off-the-beaten-track to some special places not many people get to experience.
    Yes, even if you have limited time and limited 4WD experience!
  • Of course Destination Red Centre includes famous attractions like Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, the West MacDonnell Ranges etc. But it also includes those special gems that you would not easily find on your own, such as Roma Gorge, Birthday Waterhole, Eringa Waterhole, Redbank Gorge and many, many more!
  • Let Destination Red Centre take you to secluded waterholes where kangaroos, native birds and other wildlife come to drink. Let it show you where to light a fire and camp for free under a million stars.
    It also helps you choose which of the many walks to do in the national parks and shows you how to get the most out of visiting Aboriginal communities and where to buy the best (and original!) Aboriginal art.

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Destination Red Centre

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