Hike to Mitchell Falls with knee problems?

Hiking to the Mitchell Falls.

Hiking to the Mitchell Falls.

I have moderate osteoarthritis in both knees and have some pain when getting up out of chairs or with stairs (but all fine if I don't rush).
Walking distance is not a problem. I don't require any mobility aides.

Would the track to Mitchell Falls be okay for me?

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Apr 03, 2019
Walking to the Mitchell Falls
by: Birgit

That is a hard question for someone else to answer with a clear yes or no.

The thing is, the hiking trail to the Mitchell Falls is not a level walking path. It's a wilderness trail and a long one. It requires lots of stepping up and down over rocks, tree roots etc.
So it's not so much about the distance itself but about the rough surface and constant up and down.

It is impossible for me to predict how that will affect your knees, and unless you have done something like that recently, it may be impossible for you, too.

But here is the good news:

There are several very nice places along that walk. I suggest you start walking and see how you cope, all the time keeping in mind that you have to cover the same ground again if turning around and walking back.

You should be ok getting at least to Little Mertens Falls, even if it takes a while. It's a lovely place, not that far from the campsite, and definitely worth a visit. You can sit in the natural spa pools above and if you take your time I imagine you will also be able to get down to the rock art underneath the falls.

If you do make it all the way to the Mitchell Falls then you can take the helicopter back.

If the whole walk proves too much then you can take the helicopter both ways.
You may need a second day for that if your exploratory walk takes up too much of the first day.

I hope that helps some!

Jul 09, 2019
Take your time!
by: Rosalie Darby

Last year we spent two months in the Kimberley and one of the highlights was the walk to the Mitchell Falls. I have arthritis in both knees and thought that I might not be able to complete this walk but we took it slowly, especially across the many creek crossings which can be difficult. A hiking stick would help with this but my husband helped me! Completing the walk gave me a wonderful feeling of achievement and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at the restaurant as a reward for effort afterwards. Several groups of walkers passed us on the way but their aim was to see the falls but taking it slowly allowed us to take in all the wonderful views and to see the 'small things' along the way. Allow more time than suggested but it is not a race, just a great experience.

Mar 16, 2021
Hard on the knees ? NEW
by: Anonymous

I went there 8 years ago and am going again this year, 8 years older! Its not the worst track in the Kimberley but its moderately rough and quite long. (Jim Jim is far worse. Never again) Try it as far as the Merten Falls, and go back from there if too hard. Then take the helicopter there and back. Not just a fly-over. You can walk in the falls area fairly easily. Expensive if you helicopter both ways but do not miss.

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