Kimberley waterfalls in September

by Sonja

We're tossing up whether to go to the Kimberley and surrounding areas from Darwin in either July or September.

Can you please tell us what you think would be the difference, particularly in relation to the water levels and waterfalls?

We're not worried that it will be hotter, and welcome that it wouldn't be in the peak holiday period.

Thanks, Tschuess!

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Feb 08, 2009
Seasonal changes
by: Birgit

Hi Sonja,
There's not much I can add beyond what you already know and what's covered in the free guide (in the chapter "Best time...")

September is hotter.
July is peak season.
It usually stops raining around April/May and from then on the water levels in the gorges along the Gibb River Road drop. The later you travel the less water will be around.

How much exactly will be left in July or September depends on the previous wet season for some falls (mainly Mitchell Falls), others will dry up quickly anyway.

The best time for waterfalls is as soon as the roads open (May/June, depending which falls we are talking about).

After a big wet--and the current one is a big one so far--you can still find a lot of water in July.

You can still swim in many places in September, it's just that the waterholes get smaller and the falls disappear. But many falls won't be spectacular in July either... trickling, maybe flowing, certainly not thundering...

I personally prefer September over July. By September you can have many places to yourself again. That just doesn't happen in July.

Less people or more water... What's more important to you? :-)

May 27, 2018
Early May
by: Kath

There aren't that many people in early May, though some places may not be open yet. We went to the Kimberley in early May 2017, after the biggest wet in eleven years, and the waterfalls were magnificent, but we couldn't go to Tunnel Creek, Windjana, Lennard or Bell Gorge. Charnley
River was also still closed. We went again this year, at the same time. Bindoola Falls were no longer flowing, but I do believe they had a lower than average rainfall. We may have missed some things in 2017, but I think we also saw some things that we may not see again for a long time. Kath

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