Limited time from Broome, is the Gibb River Rd worth it?

by Patch Callahan

My partner and I have 8 days in Broome and really want to go inland for a few days. It appears that the Gibb River Road has some of the closest, best sites the area has to offer. (While it's a fair hike, I think we're going to have to go a long way in any direction to see much?)

We'd like a few days in Broome, too. Is it feasible for us to do say 4 days/3 nights from Broome? Do you think we'll get far enough to see some good stuff? Or perhaps we could high tail it to one particularly nice spot and spend a couple of days there?

Arriving Friday 25 July.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As has already been mentioned, awesome website. I have done a lot of travel and come across few websites with as helpful information as what you've provided.

In fact, your website is WHY I want to do this trip. Gagging to get out there.

Thanks again.


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Jul 18, 2008
Gibb River Road is absolutely worth it
by: Birgit

Hi Patch,
Thanks for your kind words!

The Gibb River Road is definitely worth it and three nights give you a chance to have a good look at the western side.

You could spend a night at Windjana Gorge so you can check out that and Tunnel Creek, and then go up to Bell Gorge. Lennard Gorge is on the way. Then you could even shoot down to Mornington Wilderness Camp for your third night.

Or start real early and push it a bit the first day, drive to Bell Gorge, and then spend two nights at Mornington.

It depends where your priorities are, how much driving you want to do and how much lazing. Everyone is a bit different there. (And I am of course used to having to drive several hundred km every time I want to go anywhere...)

Adcock and Galvans Gorge are also not that far from Bell Gorge. A night at Manning Gorge is an alternative if you don't go down to Mornington. (If Manning Gorge is too crowded for your liking you could bush camp at the Barnett Gorge sites instead, they are right next door, so to say.)

But that would be the furthest that I would go on the Gibb River Road with only three nights to spare: Mornington Wilderness Camp or Manning Gorge.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Broome that time of the year is, in my opinion, an absolute nightmare. Some people don't mind that it's totally packed, but most people agree that it's just ridiculous. The town is receiving a lot more visitors than it can cope with and everything suffers because of it.

You may find you would be quite happy to spend more of your time elsewhere :-).

Well, and then there's of course Cape Leveque... And that's not too far (though the road can be horrible).

I'd say Kooljaman is likely booked out, but you may be able to get accommodation or camp at Middle Lagoon if you do want to go up the peninsula, or maybe at Lombadina (that's a bit different, it's an Aboriginal community and not your average tourist place) or camp at Gambanan (that's a little bush campground). It all depends what you are looking for.

Anyway, you asked if it's worth it:

No matter which way you are heading, getting out of Broome is definitely worth it in mid July!

Dec 15, 2008
Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek
by: Anonymous

I think you'd be able to 'do' both Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek in a reasonable amount of time. Beautiful Windjana has camping facilities and a lovely 3-4km walking track the length of the gorge. Freshwater crocodiles are quite used to tourists taking their photos, but we still stayed a respectable distance away from them!
A short drive from Windjana is Tunnel Creek; an easy morning or afternoon outing. This was formed by the Lenard River cutting its way underground completely through the range; a distance of about 750m. You'll need to wear your boardies and carry a good torch, because you will have to wade through some water and because it is pitch black once you are inside. However, it's a magnificent experience you will always remember!


Dec 15, 2008
Broome and crowds
by: Anonymous

I have to agree. We were packed in like sardines at the PCYC Overflow, because all the caravan parks were totally booked out. It also didn't help that we arrived in Broome around the time of the phenomenon of the 'Staircase to the Moon', but since that's precisely why we wanted to include Broome in our itinery, we can't complain. Actually, it wasn't that bad at the PCYC. They have outdoor movies every night on the basketball court for a small gold coin donation, and since our site wasn't that far from the amenities block or the basketball court, we didn't have far to go to either. I think it could have been a lot worse had we moaned about it and let it spoil our holiday, but we didn't and we had a great time in Broome! I think it depends on your attitude a lot.

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