Monkey Mia and beyond in January

by Hils

Have just read some comments here about the Kimberleys in October, and am worried that our looked forward to trip will not be possible. We are coming to Australia for the first time, visiting family in Perth in November and staying until end of January 2009.

We wanted to drive North to see the glorious coast-Monkey Mia, and on to Broome. Will it really be impossible?

Looking at your web site, this seems to be a no go. Such a pity, will it really be that bad?

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Jul 11, 2008

by: Birgit

Hi Hils,

In short, that the Kimberley is too hot for hiking in October does not mean you can't go to Monkey Mia in December.

You mention the October submissions/questions, but you plan to be in Perth in November and stay in WA until January. January is not October.

Also, you want to see the west coast. Monkey Mia is not the Kimberley. It's over 1600 kilometres away.

November to January are the driest months in Monkey Mia (Nov/Dec are the driest months in Exmouth), but January is amongst the wettest months in the Kimberley.

Rain cools things down. Perth and Monkey Mia could be much hotter in January than Broome.

The Kimberley is all about four wheel driving and unsealed roads are closed during the wet. But you will drive the highway up the coast, so that doesn't affect your plans.

Nov-Jan is not the ideal time for such a trip (because of the heat and humidity), but it certainly isn't impossible. How good or bad it is depends entirely on your attitude and expectations and how you cope with hot weather.

I suggest you download my free guide here. It will tell you more about northern Australia, about the distances, and about the climate over the year.

(Note that the information applies to the north, the tropics, Broome and beyond, NOT the stretch between Broome and Monkey Mia, which my website has nothing to do with.)

Then do some reading about the climate at all the other places you want to visit. You are talking about a coastline of well over 2000 km with different climate zones.

As for the Kimberley, I don't say anywhere that it is impossible to visit the Kimberley in the wet season or that it is bad. (In fact, we locals think the wet season is the best time of the year.) It depends what you are looking for and how flexible you are.

Read up on the weather up here during the whole wet season, and how it changes from October over Christmas through to January. And then decide if a visit to Broome would suit you or not.

Be aware that up north cyclones can cut off the roads for days at a time. (The stretch between Broome and Exmouth is the most cyclone prone coast in the world.) Make sure you plan things with enough flexibility and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

As for the heat, Perth itself can be rather cruel, too, around that time of the year. Broome may be more pleasant!

Jul 12, 2008
Thanks for the reply
by: Hils

Thanks for replying..
I have done some research regarding distances, and am aware of the sheer size of Australia!! I didn't mean to imply that your website said it would be bad or impossible to visit the Kimberleys in January, that was my spin on it, as I know that the summer in Australia can be extreme (especially to us chilly Poms), so apologise if I got it wrong.

I am pleased that you think, with plenty of forward planning it should be OK, we are taking about 2-3 weeks to travel up the coast and back, so will not have a tight schedule. I understand though that accommodation can be a problem and that we should try to book in advance.

Will download your travel guide and read it with great interest.

Jul 12, 2008
Yes, the heat WILL be extreme
by: Birgit

I see. Always hard to guess how much or how little people know already from a couple of lines of text.

I just wanted to make sure you don't misunderstand what the information on my website means for you. (Basically, not much...)

And you are totally correct, that time of the year IS very hot. But the thing is, it will be hot in Perth as well.

Just keep in mind when you read my guide, that it describes what you would experience across the Kimberley and that's not the same as you would find along the west coast from Broome down to Perth.

I'd also suggest that IF you go to Broome you look at visiting Cape Leveque while you are there. At least you can swim up there!

Anyway, your trip sure isn't impossible, but I can't guarantee that you will enjoy it. That's what you will have to decide. You may decide you drive as far as Exmouth and leave it at that.

Since Perth will probably be stinking hot as well, you may also want to look at travelling south from there instead...

Oh, and before I forget, I don't know about the rest of WA, but up here accommodation will be no problem at all. That's the one thing you will not need to worry about :-).

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