Moving from New Zealand to Broome

Yes, we will be moving from New Zealand to Broome! We are a family of 6 and expecting our 5th baby (hopefully a boy) in April 2009. My husband is Australian and we lived in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast before moving to NZ for a 5 year stint.

We are keen to move again and my husband has found some work with the WA Corrective Services and we have decided to pick Broome as our first choice for location.


1 - Because I have always wanted to see the Kimberley.

2 - Because with the internet these days you cannot blame anyone else but yourself for not getting well informed.

3 - I think it will be great for our family unit.

4 - The beach lifestyle, we hope to join the Surf Lifesaving Club and get our girls surfing!!!

5 - We love seafood and what better place to get FRESH, CLEAN seafood than a area that has no HUGE cities near by.

The list goes on and on and with information sites like this it makes the decision even more easier. I am aware of the drastic climate change in the 30's compared to the low 20's and teens where we are currently living. My husband will have a two and a half year contract and I am looking forward to it...

...we can't wait!!!!!

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Nov 17, 2008
New Zealand to Broome
by: Birgit

Thanks so much for sharing your excitement, Tina!

Are you moving soon? If yes then you sure picked a wild time of the year... But it's a good time to get settled in before the next wave of tourists arrives :-).

I like your list and can totally relate. Hope all goes well and all in the family will be adjusting to the temperatures ok!

Mar 31, 2010
Plans of working in Broome
by: Russyl

Hi Birgit,


How are you? I browsed your page and i like it. I became interested in Bloome Australia coz im planning to apply in Broome Sanctuary Resort. I saw their ads thru one of our manning agency here in the Philippines. I want to know the the how is it working there in your Country particularly in Broome. I hope I can make it there, im about to submit my resume by Monday. If i make it, i will gladly inform you then.

here is my personal email address:

Hope to hear from you! More power!



May 15, 2012
Life in Broome
by: T

Sounds great! But in reality there really is no surf. It's flat as a tack!!

The ocean and around the town are full of crocs and box jelly fish(both killers)- so you really have to be careful..! Even when you're out having a cuppa in town - when the tide comes up, and it comes up quick!! In some places it comes right up to the back of the shops!(where the mangroves are ).. in saying that though, my son and I lived there for a couple of months - we absolutely LOVED it!

It is definitely a place of extremes!! Extreme heat, extreme poverty and extreme wealth - nothing much else there though... Although they do have a public pool (thank god) the heat is sooooooo extreme that you just don't go out during the day if u can help it! And an air conditioner is a 24hr MUST!

Shops are limited and as far as mail goes - its what I call 'camel mail'. It takes forever to get up there... lol. The hospital is very basic - spent hours there after my little one got extremely sick with swimmers ear - pretty normal when you mix water with that level of heat apparently (and extremely painful!) the upside: experiencing the staircase to the moon was AMAZING! Cable beach of an afternoon is a must! (but park up the beach NOT near the waterline - the tide comes in SO fast that if you're not aware of it - you'll lose your car in minutes..!

Coconuts can be picked up everywhere and anywhere - fresh off the trees! Needless to say we lived on them. And a berry frozen yoghurt was heaven at the end of the day (from Wendy's in the plaza)... You either love it or you dont...! For us, (kooris from the east coast) living there where the desert meets the ocean changed us forever - we miss it everyday(as trhe saying goes - never ever the same again!).

Sep 08, 2015
by: Marcio Wilges

Congratulations on finding a location that you and your husband both love and agree on! I think it's a wonderful location to bring up a family. Moving will be hectic with the little one on the way, so best fix up a removals company and get packing on the double! All the best to you guys!

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