Moving To Broome

by Bonnie
(Sydney, Australia)

We are thinking of moving to Broome. Can you advise about work and residential availability? Me, that is my girlfriend and I and two dogs, are thinking about moving to Broome to get away from the rat race in Sydney.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Moving To Broome Response

Hi Bonnie!

The whole Kimberley is booming. Building land is scarce as most of the land here is Aboriginal owned and can't be built on. Both renting or buying is expensive, very expensive, especially in Broome.

Actually, finding something at all can be a challenge during the busy time of the year.

On the other hand there is always plenty of work available. Many people move to Broome for the dry season or come to the Kimberley for seasonal work.

A hundred times as many tourists descend upon Broome every dry season, so everybody is scrambling for workers. Finding a job should not be a problem during the dry season.

Of course, it may be different for people who live a corporate lifestyle in the city and expect to do exactly the same kind of work up here. The Kimberley or Broome lifestyle is different and the high profile corporate jobs are not so plentiful. I depends what you are looking for.

The tourism and hospitality industry is obviously a big one in Broome and has plenty of openings during the dry season. But all shops and many other businesses look for extra staff for the dry. Such a job could tie you over until you find something more suitable, permanent.

The mining industry is huge and growing and is scrambling for workers, too. The money in the mining industry is of course excellent.

So in the end it all evens out.

The best time to find somewhere to live is at the start of the wet season when everybody is leaving.

The best time to find a job is the start of the dry season when everything is exploding again.

Toss a coin!

Hope that helps you in some way.

All the best! (Leaving the rat race is a smart thing to do!).


PS.: It's an awesome life for dogs up here. Just ask mine :-).

For more Broome info see the main Broome page.

Comments for Moving To Broome

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Oct 03, 2007
moving too
by: clinton..

I also am thinking of moving up to Broome just before Christmas and I am hoping to find work straight away, but I am looking forward to it, does anyone have any info on the mining industry because I would like to join with them.

Oct 05, 2007
The mining industry in Broome
by: Birgit

Unfortunately I don't have specific details on who to contact in Broome, but that should be easy to find out. Just grab a West Australian newspaper and scan the job listings.

Do you have any skills or experience? Industrial background? A trade? If yes you'll have no problem at all.

In Kununurra I could help. Ring Kimberley Industries (08 9168 2176). That's the way to get a foot in the door at Argyle Diamond Mine. And they need qualified local people badly. (They even did fly a crane driver/scaffolder in and out of Broome, but they do prefer Kununurra based people.)

They also have an office in Perth now (08 9592 6787), but I'm not sure if they work with any of the mines in the west Kimberly yet. Can't hurt to ring them.

Other mines in the Kimberley area are:
Ellendale (Kimberley Diamonds): 130 km east-south-east of Derby
Sally Malay (nickel): 120 km north of Halls Creek
Cockatoo Island mine (iron ore)
Koolan Island mine: that just reopened, now owned by Mt. Gibson Iron

And then you have of course oil and gas, in the Canning Basin, Blina and a few other sites. And plenty of exploration and construction going on so there'll be even more in the future.

So, check out the newspapers. Also try to find out who the labour hire providers in Broome are. And once you get there, just talk to the people in the pub, they'll point you in the right direction. Even if you have no industrial background whatsoever, it's not hard to get a foot in the door up here.

If you're not afraid to work and want to earn good money you can't go wrong by moving up here.

Oct 18, 2007
any advice for cheap living?
by: clinton

Hi again, I wrote to you about getting work in Broome a few months back and you gave me some good advice, so I'm back again to ask for your help again.

Everywhere I look on the internet for a place to stay it's too expensive, maybe I've been looking in the wrong area, I don't know, so I'm asking for advice on some cheap places to stay, for a week... if I can find work within the week and a permanent place to stay it should all work out good.
Thanks again,

Oct 19, 2007
The million dollar question
by: Birgit

You're asking the million dollar question... No, you haven't been looking in the wrong area. Broome IS ridiculously expensive.

The cheapest place to stay would be Roebuck Bay Backpackers. They're near the centre on Napier Terrace. A bed in a dorm sets you back $95 for a week I believe (more in smaller dorms). If you want your own room you are looking at $50 a night. And that is the cheapest place I know of. I don't think they have a website or that you can book online at all. Their phone number is 08 9192 1183.

The place is a bit rough around the edges, but has everything you need, including a bottle shop and good pub right there. The good thing is that you'll meet lots of long termers there who are all working, so they should be able to point you in the right direction.

The only other option would be Broome's Last Resort which is only slightly more expensive (at least between Nov and March, prices are higher now). It also has a lot of long term residents but I think they are more focussed on your typical backpacker crowd. They have a website at

May 18, 2008
Don't burn your bridges!
by: Anonymous

To all you mob thinking of moving to Broome, especially with pets!!!
If you have around $850.00 per week for rent, that's what you will need, or $500.00 for a basic unit, no yard, $4.50 for a coffee, $25.00 for breakfast, great place for rich and famous!!!

Oct 01, 2008
by: Jenni G

Bring it on... There's ways of saving money too. Not always for the rich and famous pffft please. Get a FIFO job that caters for the upper 26th parallel living. Currently a 5x2 home is $700 per week. Damn nothing wrong with that! Pets, who needs em, got kids, lol. They are funni little animals at times...
Only expensive part of Broome is finding someone to get your personal belongings up there, that cost more than living in Broome...
Anyways, I'll be up there 26th Jan 2009. Look forward to meeting others interested in moving there too. BROOME IS BLOODY FANTASTIC!

Oct 14, 2008
Phone numbers please
by: Anonymous

Thank you Brigette for the phone number for Argyle Diamond mine.
Do you have any phone numbers for Koolan Island or Sally Malay?

Oct 16, 2008

by: Birgit

That number was not for ADM but for Kimberley Industries, one of their contractors. KI also send people out to Sally Malay. Contact details for HR departments of any mines are usually on their websites.

The mine on Koolan Island Mine is owned by Mt. Gibson Iron:

Jan 14, 2009
Thinking of making the move as well!!
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend been posted within the army to work up in Broome. I'm not sure how long I can last here without him (here in Sydney), and have been toying with the idea of moving up there. At least if I do so, we'd be able to afford staying there because he has organised housing through DHA. My main concern here is how do I organise the move... Does anyone have a fair idea how much it will cost? And which removalists to use? It's not going to be easy!

Jan 14, 2009
Sorry, nope...
by: Birgit

Sorry, but I really can't help you there. I can tell you about the Kimberley, but not about removalists or trucking companies or how to move house...

All I can tell you is that it's a very long trip and would cost a fortune.

(I'd just get rid of most stuff and start new. What do you really need anyway...)

Maybe someone else who has done this can give you some tips. Sorry that I can't be of more help!

Feb 08, 2009
house share
by: chloe

Looking for couple or two people to share a 3 bedroom house in Broome with us. Only problem is we haven't found a house yet. We're looking at finding a place for a 12 month lease.
We are arriving around March 20th from Melbourne and will be viewing properties from then.

The ideal price per week would be no more than $550 for the house with us (a couple) and 2 others, be it a couple or singles.

So, if you are in a similar situation or are planning on being in one, send an email and we can go from there.
Thanks, Chloe and Marcus

Feb 23, 2009
Carpenter 27 ys old
by: Anonymous

H, I'm a chippy from Melbourne and an currently in Kalgoorlie. I have my car and tools with me, I'm heading to Newman but am keen to go to Broome for work, I also have a dogmens license and basic Riggers licence.
Anyone know who I can get work with?
Cheers, Simon

Mar 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

With bringing all your stuff over from the east - look up logistics companies, some will transport your car with stuff inside it for the one price but some will charge extra or the car will have to be empty. You're probably looking at a couple of grand. Also ring around and ask about back loads where trucks go to the east from Broome full but come back empty - can sometimes get a good deal since it's all profit for them.

That being said, I left all my stuff at my parents or gave it away to friends before I came over :)

Itz great! U'll love it!

May 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am employed full time in Broome and I love it! However, I am looking for a room to rent or private house to lease. I am also looking for people to possibly share with.
Give us a shout if you know of anything.

Mar 08, 2010
Employment in Broome
by: Rhys

I am a single bloke thinking of moving to broome from Geraldton in W.A I would be thankful for any advice that anyone can give me on finding work when I get there. My previous employment has been mainly marine based having worked in both the fishing and tourism industry in the way of charter boats.

Is there a lot of work going this time of year in the way of charter/tour boats? Also, I hear that the oil and gas industry is booming up in the Kimberley region as much as the mining industry. Is it possible to gain employment in the offshore oil and gas industry?

Mar 31, 2010
Landing a job in Broom
by: RF

I'm applying for a housekeeper to one of the resort there named Broome Sanctuary Resort this peak season. I'm not from Australia, I just wanted to know the life in Broome and its people.

Apr 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I have been looking for an IT position in Broome for the past 3 months, I have not actually seen anything advertised in this field whatsoever, can you please point me in the right direction if there is one?
(I do have accommodation)


Apr 05, 2010
cheap rents in Broome
by: Anonymous

The rents in Broome are reasonable, compared to the Pilbara (Port Hedland & Karratha). You can still find units in Broome for up to $300 per week, in Karratha rents are $2,000 per week.

Aug 09, 2010
Help :)
by: Samantha

Hello, im looking to move to broome asap. I'm 17, 18 in less than two months and already have accomodation so that's one thing I don't need to worry about. Im moving away from my parents and moving in with my girlfriends. I'm afraid I'm not going to find a job that can pay for all my expenses/food/rent. I'm clueless what to do, I've completed my certificate in Hospitality Accomodation but apparently the hotels interview, so I'm guessing that's out of the picture. I think I just need reassurance that there definitely are jobs available and are willing to hire 17/18 year olds. I know in Perth (my location) it's so hard to find a job and so many companies aren't willing to hire because of age and lack of experience. Is there any chance for me in Broome?

Nov 23, 2010
Do I match Broome?
by: Renee

I'm itching for an adventure in 2012, the tourist season in Broome. A working holiday. Do you think Broome will suit me?

+ Currently getting my advanced diploma in jewellery and object design (basically makes me a contemporary jeweller + sculptures on the small scale).
+ I live in Perth, but originally a country girl. I already support myself through selling my jewellery.
+ Love eating organically and being in-tune with nature.
+ I'm not the bar or party time, but love to have fun (often described as a hyperactive 5yo).
+ Supporter of fair trade (i.e. against human cruelty) and animal cruelty, although it's hard to get rid of it completely (I'm not extreme. I eat meat. haha)

I guess I'm a calculated/mathematical hippy who lives for the art scene, drawing from nature for inspiration in my creative works. hahaha

I've been offered affordable accommodation with friends, so that's sorted. I'm confident I'll be able to get enough money via my creations to survive for the necessities.


1. I'm concerned about the price of food and public transport. Any tips on eating on a budget and any feedback on Broome's public transport?

2. What is the scene/theme of Broome? How big is the art scene? What is the fashion like and at what percent are people in tune with the environment/organic living?

Nov 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm thinking of moving to Broome and work for myself. Is there much demand for physiotherapy in Broome or are you already overloaded?

Jan 27, 2011
by: Anonymous


We're a family of 10 from Perth. At the moment we run our own plastering business. We have 1/2 million dollars to get started in Broome.

Do you think it is worth moving up there and making a living? The 3 younger men love fishing.

Thanks for any feed back.

May 19, 2011
Where to live, Where not to live
by: Anonymous


I'm thinking of moving to Broome (like everyone else). Just like to get an idea of area's that should be avoided for renting an accommodation. Which are the good area's to live in?


May 19, 2011
In regards to: Thinking of making the move as well!!
by: Anonymous

Hello all,

I left a comment with the same comment title (positioned about half way up the page) before making the decision to move to Broome.

In the end from Sydney to Broome the move cost over $8000. Luckily my boyfriend (at the time) and I went halves in it. It took me 5 months to save up the funds, clear my debts and have a fair bit left over.

Back in Sydney I was a Graphic Designer/Senior finished artist and I had no regrets leaving my job or leaving the big smoke behind. I think I was way over it.

At over 15 years in the Graphic Design industry I struggled to gain employment in Broome so decided to start up my own Design business. I worked closely with a leading printer in Broome (while also working part time at a supermarket in the deli) and eventually got work from an old work mate back in Sydney. I had to quit my deli job. Things were going great.

Moving to Broome was the best decision I have ever made!

We've since married (organized it all over the net - married in the Hunter Valley NSW in August last year) and have now left Broome for Townsville where hubby is leaving the army. Next stop NSW, full circle! We're now 20 weeks pregnant.

I miss Broome, and think about it all the time. I love the laid back feel of the place, there is no right or wrong there. Broome is great for the soul! Crackers, cheese and rose while watching the sunset over Cable Beach. I'd love to go back to that!

Anyone thinking about moving, just do it, all other concerns will sort themselves out once you're there! Good luck one and all!

Jun 06, 2011
by: Birgit

Congratulations! Glad you enjoyed your time in Broome so much, and thanks a bunch for coming back here to share your experiences.

Aug 21, 2011
Heading north
by: Fiftyeight

Hello. The above comments have been really helpful. My partner is in his final year of aviation and has been told to head north for his first job. We holidayed in Broome a couple of years ago and loved the lifestyle and said we would love to live there.

Could anyone out there provide any advice on work up there in the aviation industry? Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Sep 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Wow, it seems from reading a lot of the comments that our decision for a move to Broome will be an easy one! I have 2 primary school kids. Does anyone have any idea on what the primary schools are like in Broome? Is there also a good time to buy in Broome?

Nov 07, 2011
Offer of Employment in Broome
by: Anonymous

I have a great opportunity to move to Broome in subsidised housing. On reading this board it seems an awesome opportunity. However, I too would like to hear comments on people who have children in school up there. Education is very important to me as a mother...any feedback would be great!

Dec 20, 2011
Primary Schooling in Broome
by: Nia


I'm really interested to find out what the schooling is like. I have two primary school aged daughters. Can someone shed some light on what the schools are like? It'll be most appreciated.


Feb 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

Broome...well its a nasty little place were people try to protect what little they have in order to survive there.

Were you need to rewrite a dull broome resume in order so you dont put in any ones nose out of joint. Survival is the key word in Broome, highest prices lowest pay rates, corruption is rife, a town that tries to hide its true past, a town of smoke and mirrors, try to rent or buy a house, not for the average, people that have the dream to escape and live there, keep dreaming unless your a million air, to the gas protesters get a life its going to happen broome needs it cause there are no jobs in broome that pay enough for inyone to buy a house or have a family life.

Mar 01, 2012
Young People in Broome
by: Anonymous

So I have an opportunity to move to Broome and I am wondering what's it like for young people? I'm not used to living in a small town and I'm unsure if I'll be able to adapt. I'll be okay if I have a good group of friends though...preferably young ones.

Jul 01, 2012
Fly in or Bus in
by: Deb

Hi, Can you tell me how much it costs from Perth or Brisbane to get to Broome?

Jan 06, 2013
Love Broome
by: Anonymous

My wife is from Broome. I feel love with the place. We ended up leaving and moving to mount Gambier. It’s a nice place but now 2 years on, all I ever think about is that we should go back when we were in Broome. I worked in a sober up shelter and since I’ve gone back to mill work in the mount and construction, I was happier with minimum wage at sober up shelter. I was saying to wife we should go back today and she looked at me and smiled. So here we come back to the sun and surf.

Mar 07, 2013
Teaching in Broome
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am from the UK, and thinking of moving to Broome for about 5 months. I am a qualified teacher and will have my TRWB number so will be able to teach in WA. I wondered if there are many primary schools in the area, and how much relief work I could expect to get.

Mar 14, 2013
We're Moving Back
by: Klint and Donna

You either love or hate Broome. My wife and I went there 2 years ago for a week’s holiday and while sitting on cable beach in the middle of winter drinking coronas and it was 32 degrees all winter and the day before we left I said to my girl I could live here, so we flew back to the Bowen basin where we were both working in the coal mines and had a house supplied gave our months notice and moved to Broome. We only left because our fly in and out job to port Hedland finished and we moved to Perth. That was our big mistake. We're now back in the Bowen basin in the coal mines and were moving back to Broome in 2 months. There is nothing like Broome anywhere else in Australia. The sights are amazing. The locals are great. Some of the best nights of my life have been at divers, matzo’s or the night before a red alert for a cyclone dancing in the rain listening to a DJ at the rowey. If you don't move there at least go there for a visit, you'll remember it all your life.

Mar 28, 2013
Be Careful!
by: Anonymous

It's an interesting place; very beautiful in Broome and throughout the Kimberley.

I was there for a while, with my partner and soon learnt that Broome has a very high infidelity rate compared to the rest of Australia. It's isolated, lots of men work away - it’s an interesting place.

If you think it won't happen to you, I thought the same. My wife and I are still together but marriage/relationships mean nothing to man and woman up there.

Enjoy the scenery but believe me others will be enjoying your scenery as well.

Mar 31, 2013
Moving to Kununurra
by: Anonymous

Hay, we are two people from the UK hoping to move to Kununurra. I am a teacher and my boyfriend is a farmer. We are struggling to find anywhere to rent for about six months. We are not fussy, and would like to spend about $300 a week. Is this completely unrealistic? Does anyone know of anywhere we could stay? May be a mobile home or something?

Jun 03, 2013
by: Ralf

Well, the gas hub is no longer going to happen, so land prices and real estate will probably drop. That's the good news. Bad news is that lots of businesses are closing down. There are 5 empty shops in the main shopping centre-the boulevard, and the other one-paspaleys is like a ghost town. The town has the whiff of greed about it and a very real underling racism just simmering below the surface. Simply put, it’s a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there. Like me. Unfortunately I had enough and looking forward to leaving. 12 years in paradise' huh!!

Aug 24, 2013
Living in Broome
by: Anonymous

Broome is really quite beautiful, but to actually live (survive) in this town you need A LOT of money. The cost of living has gone up and the pay rates have gone down. Then there is the electricity and water bills...over $1000.00 every 2 months. Another sad side of Broome is the crime rate has escalated. Seriously some may say Broome life style. We say be prepared to work your ass off just to doing that you don't really get the lifestyle...

Sep 18, 2013
Schools and areas to rent
by: Anonymous

Hi all was wondering if anyone could help myself my husband and our 4 children have a possible relocation position late this year to Broome and would really like to know if there are any good/ bad areas to rent and also which primary school would you send your children to. Any help info would be really appreciated. Also what is the rough estimate you pay for amenities power gas water cheers?

Oct 08, 2013
Truck Perth to Broome
by: Matty

Hay, anyone know of any trucks heading up from Perth to Broome which I may be able to put a large toolbox on?

Apr 20, 2014
i dont have any freinds there
by: nikita

hi, i have never been to broome and i dont have any friends there. I am nervous that no one will like me at my new school.

Apr 21, 2014
Don't do it.
by: Jing

Broome Is a nice place to visit, Nice beach interesting scenery quaint pubs and pearls.But that's all. The way some of the locals live is disgusting. They have no self respect and will openly abuse you if you try and ignore their requests for cigarettes etc. There are some parts of town(known as the Bronx) which you just don't go into at night. In the tourist season it's ridiculous. Too many grey nomads. Come for a visit, do the tourist thing then go home . Don't move here It's not worth it.

Apr 26, 2014
Moving to broome
by: Anonymous

Hi, my husband, dog and myself are thinking of moving to broome at the start of the wet season. My husband is a pilot looking for work and I am a beauty therapist looking for work. We need to rent a house with a backyard hopefully to share with someone or another couple?? If anyone is interested email us

Jul 17, 2014
Do not waste your time
by: Anonymous

Broome is possibly the most overrated place in Australia. I best describe it as being Kalgoorlie by the sea. Its dirty, tacky and full of drunken idiots. The rental prices are ridiculous, the 'famous beach' is just a long stretch of beach much the same as any other. Indeed, if anyone has been to Esperance, than yeh, sure, that's a real beach, or should I say collection of beaches. Broome is typically Australia tourism, in that their more than happy to take your money off you at extortionate rates, but when its gone, you can fxxx back home where you come from. Seriously, Cairns is a much better town if you like the tropical coastal areas. Its much more multicultural too and certainly more culturally accepting. Broome is a long way from anywhere and a real disappointment when you get to it.

Mar 15, 2015
It's had it
by: Deano

Broome is dying in the arse. There are so many people looking for jobs now, it's not funny. A lot of shops and businesses have closed down or for sale. Some have just walked out. Now that the Government is planning to close down all the outlying communities the town will become a big ghetto full of homeless and drunks. Time to get out.

Dec 14, 2015
Broome - worth a try
by: Anonymous

Broome is probably all of the comments I have read here but it changes in the wet season compared to the dry. There are plenty of primary schools to choose from but I can only go on hearsay that the best primary school is Broome North, which is a new school and an independent school. The real Kimberley is further out in towns like Derby, Kununurra etc. Broome is different to all them but if you still want to get hold of a lot of things you would find in a big city Broome will suffice but expect some issues and compromises. Expensive, probably yes due to the tourist dollar, off season is cheaper for some things but Broome could make a good base to explore from if you like comforts to return home to. Living there is probably different from visiting (like anywhere I guess) but worth the experience but you may not stay long term unless you have a good job with good conditions.

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