Need Tips Regarding Ranches In The Kimberley

by Colleen C

My question is about ranches in the Kimberley. I will be setting out for Australia in the coming month to live and experience the amazing diversity Australia has to offer! After visiting this site (many times I should say) I've decided that the Kimberley is and will be a top priority for me to visit.

I do have some questions, however. Are there many ranches (livestock) out that way? I'm interested in living/working/visiting a ranch at some point. Would someone by chance have a good contact? ... Thought I'd try!

Also, any other secret pointers that anyone wants to share with me?? Something most tourists don't and won't experience?

Appreciate all this site has to offer. Thank you for any help tossed my way!!

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Response To: Need Tips Regarding Ranches In The Kimberley

Hi Colleen

Yes, there are many cattle station across the Kimberley. (We don't call them ranches.) That's why and how this part of Australia was settled in the first place.

Many cattle stations along the Gibb River Road are open to visitors. Some offer horse riding tours and insights into their day to day work. However, this is mostly packaged as a "tour" and comes at a price.

There are several places you can contact for real cattle station work (provided you have a work visa and some background that makes people believe you can do the job):

Outback International recruit people for cattle stations mostly across Queensland and the Northern Territory. (Link removed. They don't exist any more.)

Anna Brown Recruitment says to do the same, but she used to be out here at Carlton Hill Station, and I'm sure they recruit for Kimberley cattle stations as well. Can't hurt to email them and ask.

The Job Shop is WA based and works specifically with backpackers, travellers and students.

Then there is VisitOz, but I think they require you to do one of their courses before they refer you to an employer.

Another place to check for ideas, places and contacts is Outback Magazine. Get yourself a recent issue and see what you find.

If you are looking for something very casual, less like real employment, and something that no tourists see, then become a WWOOFer. There are some cattle stations here taking WWOOFers, but also some great Aboriginal communities on the Dampier Peninsula. You can even visit the exclusive El Questro Station and work there for bed and board.

And last but not least, still the single best way to find any work in the Kimberley: ask around once you get here. There is no better way to find out what's happening than to talk to the locals wherever you go. Just ask in the shops, in the backpackers, everywhere. You are bound to come across something.

If you work on your way around Australia you will meet so many people and see and experience so much more than any tourist ever will, you won't need any extra tips! (By the way, a lot of what you read on this site is already stuff that only few tourists see...)

Hope that helps!

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