New Automatic Transmission and Radiator

by Kathy

Stopped over in Kununurra on our trip, went out to Wyndam for a drive and decided to check the prison tree on a dirt track. It was the worst road I personally have ever been on.

We saw the tree, came out and had no gears. I could not believe it, the transmission cooling pipe had vibrated undone and we had lost our trans fluid. We tightened it up, put more in (had some in the car) but not enough. It took us over three hours to slowly come back to Kununarra after our afternoon out. Getting someone to fix the car was another nightmare. We finally found a nice man from East Kimberly Motors who cared enough to look for a trans for us and fit it.

We were in Kununurra for two weeks, never saw any crocs, stayed at Lakes Resort Caravan Pk. We are in Broome now waiting for a new radiator.

I have decided this will be my last trip out of South Australia where we come from. WA is beautiful but when you have car troubles it can cost a fortune.

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Even the worst parts become just part of the story.
by: Cuppa

"I have decided this will be my last trip out of South Australia where we come from. WA is beautiful but when you have car troubles it can cost a fortune".

I hope you change your mind in time. I know only too well how traumatic a major breakdown in those parts can be both to the psyche & to the bank balance. In 2009 we nursed our bus up the NW coast & through the Kimberley over a 3 month period hoping to make it to Darwin but eventually needing a complete engine replacement after getting carried into Katherine on the back of a tow truck for the last 60kms.

Personally, despite the worry suffered throughout, we never once considered the possibility of not returning, the country is just so stunning that even during the worst times it provided a distraction from our woes, enough to remind us why we were there. From boabs to Gouldian finches to gubinge to pindan to waterfalls to paperbark forests to the bungles to the Lurijarri Trail & much much more ......there was just so much. Natural untouched beauty unlike anywhere else. It was THE highlight of our 18 month/45,000km adventure around Australia.

6 years on although the ‘pain’ has not been forgotten, it is now just part of the story. We had hoped to return sooner but circumstances have prevented this, but I still read Birgit’s posts knowing our return to the Kimberley is getting ever closer. 2016 is looking good. :)

Don't give up
by: Ann NSW

Hi there - I agree with 'Cuppa' you could have been anywhere when your car gave in.
We were in the middle of USA when our VW Combi gave in. We were stuck there for several days while a new engine was put in & then merrily drove off. BUT only for it to happen AGAIN - we continued (a little more worried) but now we include our mishaps to a wonderful trip.
You can look at it as lucky or unlucky. The experiences of what comes with it are diverse - but should not make you think, never to go back (or do a similar trip elsewhere).
Hire a 4 wheel drive - is another option, for rough areas but do not stop outback travel. W.A. is just so special!
Fellow traveller -Ann

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