Offroad Campertrailer to Mitchell River National Park

by Fleet Pohlner

Can we take an offroad campertrailer to the Mitchell Falls?

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Jan 18, 2009
Usually not a problem
by: Birgit

Hi Victoria,
You want to make sure it's a solid trailer that's really designed for the demands of the roads up here (some trailers are offroad only by name) and you do need to take sufficient care.

Taking care means mainly to drop your tyre pressure and to drive slowly.

If you plan to travel very early in the season then you may run into a problem when crossing the King Edward River.

If the road is in bad condition you might be better off leaving the trailer at the King Edward River.

Nov 01, 2009
Mitchell Falls Rd
by: Roger Woodward

Recommend you do not tow your 4X4 camper to Mitchell Falls(MF) - The camping area (July 09) at MF was very dusty and not very "inviting". Suggest you consider a camp at King Edward River camping area No:2. Good swimming, fishing?, aboriginal sites (burial area and Bradshaw paintings)which is about 75km before MF. Leave early and you can do the round trip in a day. The road from King Edward river to MF was very rough/ corrugated/ loose rocks with quite a few bends. By not taking your camper trailer you should be able to gain and regain (after any necessary "slowdowns") sufficient speed to travel on top of the corrugations etc. In a Pajero 75-80kph was best for us - we were easily passed by a LR Discovery however!! Also highly recommend the helicopter flight as it is the only way to see all the falls in one view. Enjoy!

Jan 21, 2010
Mitchell Falls
by: Anthea


We also went in July 09. We did not tow anything and were glad we didn't! Our friends lost 3 of their 4 shock absorbers in their 100 series Landcruiser on that road, they also were not towing anything.Luckily we were able to proceed to MF and then (very) slowly back to Drysdale River Station where they were able to get them replaced.
Easily would win the prize for the worst rd in the Kimberley-at least when we were there!

The King Edward River campsite is much nicer than at the Falls, we camped at the Falls camp ground but only for 2 nights. We took longer than some to do the walk as we had young kids with us- my youngest was 5 so we thought that we had better allow the whole day for the walk.

Well worth the effort!

Jan 27, 2011
Mitchell Falls
by: Kaye

Dear Victoria,

My husband and I have been to the Mitchell falls 3 times (3 years in a row) in 3 different vehicles.

Birgit is quite correct, drive slowly 30kms/hr or so and let your tyres down a little. I suggest you do not heed Mr Woodward's advice and travel at 80kms/hr. You do not want to ruin a good holiday.

We have witnessed people driving too fast as they leave the falls, driving in the dark not safe either.You can very safely camp at the camping ground.

To get the best out of the Falls walk in at 7am before the heat of the day and view the falls in full sunlight at 9-10am. See all the paintings and enjoy the area without being rushed.

Camp again the second night and have a leisurely drive out again to the King Edward River and maybe stay the night there too.

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