Standard caravans on the GRR

by Val Palmer
(Yanchep WA)

Have read all the advice given about caravans and the Gibb River Road. But didn't find the one I wanted. We intend doing the GRR this year in mid to late June. We only have a normal caravan but my husband is determined to do the trip.

Would we be able to just do the main road, and leave our caravan if we wanted to go off the main drag? We will be carrying a tent and things to camp out 1 or 2 nights at a time. We would have about 2 weeks to do the trip.

Thanks for any advice you can give. Your site is the best one I have found. Keep up the good work.
Cheers, Val

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Feb 22, 2009
Standard vans on the Gibb
by: Birgit

Thanks Val!
Well, standard caravans aren't discussed much here because they are unsuitable.

Actually, they are mentioned several times, in comments like, "obviously you wouldn't take a caravan on the Gibb..." The free guide also says you shouldn't take them (top of page 22). It's not forbidden like in the Bungles, it just doesn't make sense.

Yes, standard caravans have been seen on the Gibb River Road on occasion. If they were still in one piece when they arrived at the other end is a different question.

If you reach the road just after the grader you might be fine, but that is not very likely in mid to late June. It'll be horribly corrugated and it will shake your van to bits. The suspension of a standard van isn't designed for this, the interior isn't, nothing is. Anything you want to tow on that road better be tough.

Sure, if you really spend a full two weeks nursing the van across... Nothing is impossible. I bet you can get a standard van from one end to the other. But what for? Why risk it?

If your husband doesn't mind possibly destroying the van just to prove a point, go for it. But if you'd like to enjoy the trip and still enjoy your van next year, leave it at Kununurra or Derby and take the tent.

If you really do end up risking it with the van, talk to people in Kununurra or Derby (don't know which side you'll be starting from) who have just done the trip to find out about current conditions and where exactly you can and can't go.

Feb 15, 2020
by: Michael

Totally agree with the response. The GRR is no place for caravans, especially standard construction ones.
Also, you may ruin someone else's holiday when your poor decision results in someone stopping to help you.
I saw plenty of broken spring hangers and axles on so called "off road" campers to know that the GRR corrugations are no good for a van.
Of course it can be done but please reconsider.

Jun 11, 2024
Getting caravan towed around grr NEW
by: Laurie turner

Is there anyone who would tow or truck my caravan around grr

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