Toilets in the Kimberley

by Anonymous

Our Kimberley trip in May next year is taking shape.
First a week near Darwin and Litchfield NP, then we're coming to Kununurra and the Gibb River Rd.
Mostly thanks to your website :)

A question for which I haven't found an answer yet on your website... but maybe it is in the full guide (which we'll purchase later this week)?

Are there many toilets available near the Gibb River Rd?

Are they only near the campsites and stations ?
Where do you go in between ?

Thank you.
Greetings from Belgium.

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Nov 27, 2008
Toilet habits of Kimberley travellers...
by: Birgit

That should be a great trip :). May is an excellent time.

Your question made me smile. No, this isn't discussed in detail in the guide book, because it is not something that any Aussie would think needs explaining...

But I guess you don't have that many expansive wilderness areas in Belgium, or places where you can go bush camping and get away from people :) I never thought of that European point of view...

You'll find toilets, often bush toilets (long drop or composting toilets) at campsites, road houses, stations, and also near the picnic areas at entrances to National Parks etc. Basically where there are people and other facilities. (Don't expect paper.)

You don't find toilets dotted through the wilderness.

And if you need to go, you go behind a bush :).

The sad thing about this is that many, many tavellers have absolutely disgusting toilet habits. It won't be so obvious in May, but it sure is in August/September when you find toilet paper blowing around everywhere along the more frequented areas.

It's a big part of the reason that more and more bush campsites and gorges are getting closed.

To everyone reading this: if you have no choice but to go behind a bush, make sure that bush grows AT LEAST 50 m from the next body of water, better 100 m.

Dig a hole, for goodness sake! Make it a foot deep, do your business and then cover the mess. Properly!

And yes, that means you should always have some toilet paper and a small spade, shovel or at least a little trowel in your car.

Jun 18, 2009
Long Drops are the way to go!
by: Carlos

I recently had concerns, or more to the point my wife had the concerns, men tend to make do, excuse the pun ! about how we were going to cater for our needs in the bush.
After a fair bit of research I bumped into this bloke holidaying on Moreton Island off Sth East Qld who put me onto a this long drop toilet. After looking into the pros and cons I bought one, only for the misses of course, us men dont need fancy stuff like that, we can go anywhere.
Not only is the misses happy with it I thinks it is great as well, especially when it comes to clean up, very minimal. Solid as a rock, we're very happy with our new addition.
Go and have a look at the speel,

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