Two Dutchies in a BIG 4WDrive (!!!) on the Gibb River Road

by Martha and Bernadette van der Bijl

View from the mail plane

View from the mail plane

In July/August 2010 my sister and me (58 and 65) rented a 4WD campervan in Broome to do the Gibb River Road.

I must confess that I was veeeeeeeery anxious the first week to drive the big thing. But I kept on thinking, "if Birgit say I can do it, I can do it."

And from the moment I overwon my fear I started to enjoy myself in the same big thing. Mastering a big vehicle like that gave me a real feeling of power.

Well anyway, we had the most beautiful time ever and enough time (31days) to enjoy everything thoroughly.

After my sister went back home, I took the mailplane from Derby (absolutely the most beautiful views on the Kimberley!!!!) to Charnley River Station where I went to work as a wwoofer for 6 weeks.

I had a fantastic time as they took me for rides in the bullcatcher, took me to the bullorama with them in Derby and visiting their other station.

Mustering with the Bullcatcher

The Muster Camp

At the Yards

It was so great to be a part of it all instead of being just a tourist. We became good friends and I will visit them again when I go back next year August(to see the whales at the Head of Bight).

We consulted your book every step of the way, ate a hamburger at Drysdale (very nice indeed) and saw the stunning rock art in the King Edward River Region.

And once again, with every obstacle we encountered I thought, "if Birgit say you can, then indeed we can!"

So thanks to your book we had a great time and got the most out of our trip.

With best regards, Martha and Bernadette van der Bijl

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Dec 16, 2010
Ok - Envy running wild here
by: Kerry

Hey guys. I did the Gibb a couple of years ago. Like you, I loved it. But I am interested in how you got to work on the muster etc. It is a dream of my sole. What things did you do? Did you sit in the dust of the cattle on the spell of the horse? NOW MY HEART IS RACING HAHAHAHHA. How much were you allowed to do? I am thinking of heading up that way next year and would love to hear the pros and cons and who I should contact when I get there. How did you get on with the people there? I mean this is a dream of my sole.

PS, if you get a chance to drop me an email on that would be fantastic.

Dec 16, 2010
by: Birgit

Kerry, Martha may be in touch herself, and she may also write a more detailed article about her experiences. (I knew people would want to hear more and twisted her arm a bit.)

I just wanted to point out that in the article above she did mention how she got the work. She was wwoofing.

Dec 17, 2010
by: Han Verbarendse

In Dutch;
Geweldig leuk verhaal. Wij hebben in 2008 de kimberly bezoek en ik zou zo weer terug willen.


Dec 18, 2010
Kimberly oktober 2009
by: Jan en Greta

In Dutch
Na jullie verhaal nu alweer heimwee. Bedankt! Met behulp van de gids van Brigit trokken we door een nagenoeg verlaten Kimberly en een lege Gibb!
Deze reis was onderdeel van een langer trip door West Australie.
zie voor ons verslag onze Blog

Dec 19, 2010
Maybe we passed eachother along the GRR
by: Joke

We've been along the GRR as well in July/August, we've been to the Kimberleys six times now and want to go back again!

In Dutch:
Ook wij zijn in juli/augustus in The Kimberleys geweest en hebben met een 4wd rondgetrokken, ook de Gibb River Road en meer. We zouden nu zo weer terug willen, voor de zoveelste keer :-)
Het blijft geweldig! Zie voor onze foto's en reisverslagen.

Aug 03, 2011
4 WD Campervan
by: Pierre

Going to Kimberley next September 2011. We are 2 people aged 70 and 62. Could you tell us what type of 4WD camper van you've rent and the company you dealt with and the price?

Was this 4WD comfortable? Did it have two berths? And what else would be required? Does fridge, cooker etc and other equipments included in the renting price?

Thanks for help.

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