19 days Broome to Darwin - July 1st 2009

by Sue

Hi Bridget

Here is our proposed trip from Broome to Darwin. It is not set in stone but we only have 19 days and there are 4 adults. We propose to pick up a 4wd from Britz with a kitchen set up and 2 tents. This is the only option we have been able to find that suits 4 adults unless you can suggest something else. This is a one way drop off.

I suppose we could do the trip the other way around but could not see any better option. The other thing is we could go Broome to Kununurra and back to Broome through the Bungles but not sure if that would save us any time.

I am not sure if we are staying too long or too little in any of the places so please give me your thoughts.

1st July arrive in Broome and pick up vehicle
2nd July Broome
3rd July Broome - Derby - Birdswood Down Station
4th July Windjana Gorge
5th July Windjana Gorge
6th July Mt Hart
7th Bell Gorge/Silent Grove
8th Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary
8th Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary
9th Charnley River Station
10th Mt. Elizabeth Station
11th Mitchell Plateau
12th Mitchell Plateau
13th Home Valley Station
14th Home Valley Station
15th Kununurra (fly to Bungle Bungles for day trip)
16th Katherine
17th Litchfield National Park
18th Darwin
19the Darwin- fly home

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19 days Broome to Darwin
by: Birgit

Hi Sue,

My apologies for taking so long to respond. I have been away for 6 weeks myself.

Taking the Britz and the tents seems a good decision to me.

Beyond that it's a bit difficult to give advice or make suggestions since there are so many options. What to see and what to skip depends on personal preference more than anything else.

Regarding your proposed itinerary above:

You don't need two days for Windjana Gorge. Unless you have a particular reason to spend more time there one night should be plenty.

To drive from HVS to Kununurra and fly to the Bungles on the same day seems a bit tight, especially when you consider that the best flights are those early in the morning.

You could take the day that you save at Windjana Gorge and spend it here, maybe calling into El Questro for a hike and a swim.

Whether you stick with this route or instead go back through the Bungles to Broome doesn't make much difference. It depends if you'd rather see the Bungles on the ground or Katherine and Litchfield.

And that's the only thing that you have to decide reasonably early. Having the campervan and the tents means you can adjust everything else on the fly.

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