4WD in the Bungle Bungles?

Me and three friends are planning a trip from Perth to Darwin and we are wanting to do Kimberly as well. We were going get a campervan for the trip - but we then found out for the Bungle Bungles we need a 4WD and now we are a bit stuck on what to do.

Can we get the four wheel drive near there to have for the 6-7 nights that we are going to be in there? Do you have any advice if that makes sense, as we don't wanna miss it but not sure us girls can last our full month of the trip in the 4WD camping?? Thank you for your help, hope to hear from you?

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Feb 17, 2009
4WD hire for the Bungles
by: Birgit

You have two options.

You can hire a 4WD camper from Broome to Darwin. (No campervan depots in Kununurra.)

You hang on to your 2WD camper and hire a 4WD in Kununurra, visit the Bungles from there and return it to Kununurra. (Involves a fair bit of backtracking even if you use the Duncan Road for one leg.)

You could also join a small group camping tour just for that part.

Are you sure you want to spend 6-7 nights in the Bungles? Without doing any overnight walks you'd run out of things to do after about 3 nights there.

Jan 11, 2010
Bungle Bungle camping
by: Glenys

We left our caravan at Kununurra and took the Landcruiser with roof-top tent. We needed one day to travel from Kununurra and a few hours for the track in. Camped one night. Camping is very basic and you will need your own fresh drinking water. No showers, pit toilets and a tap with non-drinking water.
We spent one day looking at Picanninny Gorge and that area.
We then camped the night in the other camping area and explored the Cathedral area the next day.
Did this walk early before it was too hot and then left at lunch time for the long drive out.
The road in was very rough - some drivers took it carefully and there was no problem but others drove like bats out of hell. There were damaged vehicles and a camper trailer which had removed itself from its chassis.
I would not like to do this road if the creeks are high after rain. I don't believe you would need more that 2 days to explore, but leave plenty of time to drive out (and in) before dark.
It is well worth the effort and is one of our two most fantastic places to visit! Other incredible place is Arkaroola.
Have fun...

Oct 08, 2014
Other options
by: Anonymous

There are a few 4WD campervan options that are as comfortable as a campervan. www.britz.com.au have a vehicle called the challenger, however not really a heap of space for more than 2 people. www.apollocamper.com have a vehicle called the outback that sleeps 4, although I think its only meant for 2 adults and 2 kids. www.drivebeyond.com.au have a vehicle that sleeps up to 5 people though with plenty of storage space in the rear unit.
Have a look at the different vehicles and see how you go.

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