Road access to the Bungle Bungles

by Jim Mitchell

You state the access to the Bungle Bungles is only suitable for 4WD's.
Does this include light duty all wheel drives similar to RAV's, X Trails and CRV's etc.?

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Feb 20, 2009
Road access to the Bungle Bungles
by: Birgit

Hi Jim,
Did you download and read the free Kimberley guide yet? It has a section that addresses that question in general. It's also discussed several times in other question threads on the site. (Bungles or other 4WD tracks, the issues are the same.)

The answer is, it depends. Unsealed roads aren't static and creek crossings even less so. You don't need the actual 4WD to get into the Bungles (though you should engage it, it improves handling of your vehicle and with that your safety, and it protects the road). You do need sufficient clearance.

The beginning of the season is a different story. Then you may indeed need the low range gears and the 4WD to cross the creeks, and you need a high enough air intake or snorkel.

Once the water drops clearance is the main problem and it gets easier because you can see the road and any obstacles or holes. How much clearance you have depends on the make and model, the suspension, tyres... so it will vary.

Experience also plays a role.

If you drive carefully you should be ok in any of those vehicles once the water has dropped enough. It's impossible to predict when exactly that will be. Some time in May/June, always depending on the previous wet.

You may have to watch where you put your wheels in some of those crossings. It depends what they will look like after this wet.

Be aware that the less clearance you have the bigger the risk to do some damage to the underbody of the car, and drive accordingly.

Jul 31, 2010
Campervan - Bungle Bungles - how wise?
by: Anonymous

Hi,(thanks for your great site!)

We have been reading all your comments regarding access to the Bungle Bungles with much interest.

We will be visiting the Bungle Bugles on 28 September 2010 (2 adults / 3 children) and have hired a standard campervan (in Broome).

However, we are still unclear whether it is safe or wise to take a slow drive into the national park or hire a 4WD somewhere before. Saying that, we want to spend one night in the NP.

Please recommend what is potentially best for us to do.

Kind regards
Melbourne, VIC

Aug 01, 2010
2WD vehicles are not allowed off-road
by: Birgit

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. A standard campervan (non 4WD) is not allowed off-road anyway, hence the question whether it's safe or wise is moot. (And it wouldn't be safe or wise.)

You need a 4WD to go to the Bungles.

Also see the page about access to the Bungles NP for details.

I quote:
"This last stretch of road is strictly four wheel drive and single axle off-road trailers/caravans only."

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