Bungles in a Day

by Jane Fraser
(Melbourne, Australia)

Echidna Chasm

Echidna Chasm

I personally don't think you could do the Bungle Bungles in a day. It takes quite a few hours just to get into the park from the entrance. You could do either Echidna Chasm & the Mini Palms walk or Cathedral Gorge and the Domes walk. If you did all of them in one day, you would be not only exhausted, but driving out in the dark.

Editors Note: Jane's comment was written in response to Jackie's question about a one day Bungles trip from Warmun here. But to do her stunning photo justice I am leaving it here by itself.

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Oct 12, 2010
Warnum to Bungle Bungles & return.
by: Alan & Dawn

It was September 2010. Depart Warmun at 0700! (Temp 36°C) Drive 53km on good bitumen road to turn off, time now 0800. Open/close gate, reduce tyre pressure!! Drive to Ranger Station, 52kms from gate, gravel/dirt road, rough in places REDUCE SPEED!
Pay fees, collect map of area. Listen to helpful staff suggestions. TIME NOW 10.00am.
Head off to "C" the sights! (Approx another 20 km.)

Park in shade, slap on sunscreen/hat etc., grab water bottles, camera, and map. Start walk to "Dome" & then to "The Cathedral". As we are slow walkers we took approx 3 hours to step out the distance. (Temp at midday was over 50°C!) Owing to the extra hot weather we decided to return to Warmun which took approx 2&1/2 hours total. (Allow time to pump up tyres at gate on the way out! REMEMBER THE PUMP!)

We arrived back at Warnum at 4.00pm. Tired but happy.! (Temp 46°C)
We left our caravan at Warnum for the day without any worries as there is always someone keeping an eye on things. (The couple of tents next to us didn't have any problems either). The staff at the camp were very helpful and the roadhouse also has a rather good menu.
Make sure that you take PLENTY of water with you on the walks! A family with 2 youngsters had 2 litres for each person and they used it all before getting back to their car! The Domes appear to retain the heat and it can become very oppressive in hot weather. There was still a little water at the Cathedral but it was very stagnate.

ENJOY your trip! If time & energy permit it would be better to stay in the park overnight in order to see more. As Purnululu is a national park and we have a pet we were unable to do this.

Jan 01, 2011
Take the helicopter
by: Craig

I was lucky enough to visit as part of the Extraordinary Taxi Ride sponsored by Tourism WA, which basically meant they paid for everything! So, while I don't know how much it cost, all I can say is that the helicopter ride over the Bungle Bungles is an experience I will never forget. When the pilot tilted the chopper sideways over one of the gorges it wasn't the fear of falling out that took my breath away. If you are lucky enough to do it, you will be very glad you did!

Great website, B!

Jan 01, 2011
Lucky indeed
by: Birgit

Thanks, Craig. And thanks for commenting.
You were lucky indeed.

I think now you should come back and see the other side of the Kimberley, the special hidden places that only my book readers know about, and see it all on your own schedule and with more time on your hands.
I promise the Tourism WA experience will pale next to that :-).

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