Bungle Bungles from Warmun Turkey Creek - 1 day with 3 kids

by Jackie
(Beachmere, Queensland, Australia)

I have read in detail all the information and conversations about the Bungle Bungles and the time it takes to get there. I understand the time issues!

Has anyone done the trip in one day from the Turkey Creek Roadhouse? It seems this may be viable (more so than from Kununurra or Halls Creek anyway). We are used to travelling and getting up early.

I thought it would be easier to leave our tent pitched at the roadhouse, leave at say 6am, and spend a day doing 2 walks - one in the morning, one afternoon, then drive back late afternoon before sundown. It would take us an hour to pull our tent down/pack up and another hour to repitch it, so we save 2 hours not relocating anyway!

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else done a day trip from Warmun Roadhouse? Is it safe to leave our tent there while we venture out for the day?

We have 3 children (7,8,9) and yes they are fine for long distance driving. Regarding walks though... we prefer walks up to 1 hour, perhaps a bit longer. Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm maybe? Can anyone who has children suggest the best walks for kids? Also, are there any good spots to have a quick dip/swim in late June?

I would appreciate any advice at all!!

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Oct 09, 2010
Bungles from Warmun in a day
by: Birgit

Jackie, that sounds like a sensible plan to me. It might be or get dark as you drive out again, but at least you already know the track by then. You'll just have to take it very easy.

Your choice of walks is good. The kids should enjoy them, especially Echidna Chasm.

There isn't any swimming in the Bungles.
(Black Rock Pool, which would still have water at that time, is at least a day walk, and that's without kids.)

I might include your question in the next newsletter (should be out tomorrow or the day after), we'll see what other readers have to say.

Oct 10, 2010
Too fast.
by: Cuppa

In my opinion the proposed time frame is simply a recipe for getting tired, making it difficult to appreciate the wonderful surroundings. (Just another gorge/or another rock/or another view!) If you really have only one day to experience the Bungles, maybe take a flight over them instead & explore them on the ground another time? At the very least I think you need two nights camped out there & even that would be rushed, especially in the heat.


Oct 10, 2010
Follow up
by: Birgit

Jackie, I actually wholeheartedly agree with Cuppa that one day is nowhere near enough to appreciate the Bungles. But from your question I got the impression that you already know that.

To avoid misunderstandings let me clarify: I don't think this is a good way to see the Bungles. I do think that if someone wants to drive in for one day only no matter what, then this is a sensible way to do it.

Oct 10, 2010
by: Sally

You MUST stay longer in the Bungles. The night sky is beautiful... a must see! We stayed 2 nights/2 days and that was not nearly enough to enjoy the area and all the hikes.

Oct 11, 2010
Big day out
by: Anonymous

Yes, my dad and I did it June this year. Too long a day and we seen just one gorge!

Admittedly we did drive in from Kununurra via Wyndham. Checked in about lunch time and practically left soon after. Got in to the ranger station about 3pm and left again not long before 5pm to get a reasonable distance out before the dark set in. We got to see Cathedral Gorge and that was pretty much it.

It is possible but go early in the in morning to avoid the heat or late afternoon and stay in the park the night. I think it was 2 hours from the road house to the turn off. Well worth it though. To say we "did" the Bungle Bungles is not true, we merely got a taste of what else is on offer in the park.

Oct 12, 2010
Purnululu National Park
by: Genelle


We stayed at the Halls Creek caravan park and hired a Ford Ranger dual cab ute and drove to the Bungle Bungles...

We left Halls Creek at 7am. We comfortably did the walk through the Bungles and walked along Picaninny Creek bed. (Take your drink bottles.)

We drove out to Cathedral Gorge and we also went into Echidna Chasm...

We took our food and plenty to drink and we left the National Park at 5pm. Bearing in mind the drive back to Halls Creek and the wildlife on the roadside.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and didn't find it tiring at all.

Our kids were 15 and 12.

Oct 12, 2010
Bungles in a day
by: Birgit

Jackie, this submission called Bungles in a Day was also made in response to your question. It stands on its own because Jane sent in such a beautiful photo with it :-).

Also, you might find the answers to this question helpful. It's also about a one day drive:
Emma Gorge to Bungle Bungle NP

Oct 12, 2010
Bungles in 1 day
by: Robyn

We stayed at Turkey Creek (Warmun) roadhouse for 2 nights in early July 2010. We left our caravan set-up and headed off at 7am for the Bungle Bungles with food and drinks and 4 children (8,6,4 and 2). It took about 2 hours to arrive at the visitors centre. We headed right at the t-junction and headed to Piccaninny Creek car park. We did the Domes walk, Cathedral Gorge and the riverbed at Piccaninny Creek to the lookout. It was amazing although the boys did not agree. It was hard for them through the sand. We reached the car again and decided to head for home as it was after 2pm and we didn't want to drive the road out after dark. We were back at our untouched caravan by 4.30pm and by then it was starting to get dark and the children were exhausted.
I think flying over would be fantastic but VERY expensive for a large family like ours.
Enjoy your travels.

Oct 12, 2010
Bungle Bungles in a day
by: Nemara

We are grey nomads and elected to leave our caravan at Turkey Creek caravan park.
Leaving Turkey Creek at 6.00am we arrived at the ranger station at 8.30am. We then drove to the Bungle Bungles park area and walked into Cathedral Gorge. We returned to our vehicle, boiled the billy and then drove across to Echidna Chasm. Both places were well worth the visit. We were a little tired to include the minitature palm trees but extremely pleased with our day. We arrived back in Turkey Creek around 7.00pm. We will return another time providing our health allow us to travel.
Whether one day or two, take the opportunity that is available to you.

Oct 15, 2010
Thanks for everyone's comments!
by: Jackie

Thank you so much for offering your advice regarding my plans and letting me know of your success or not of your 1 day trips!

It seems some of you were able to do it, although everyone obviously recommends spending more time...

I was interested to hear of the high temperatures in September, I honestly hadn't thought it could be so hot. We'll be there in June but obviously it will still be extremely warm in the middle of the day. Maybe not the best time to head off hiking!

We're still in the planning stages so I can change my plans, but we'd need to cut something else out to fit an extra couple of days at the Bungle Bungles! We'll be very stinky though if there's no showers and no waterholes to wash off in. That's a big concern to me!

Oct 15, 2010
That's ok
by: Birgit

That's ok, everybody's kinda stinky :-).

Seriously, not having showers provided doesn't mean you can't get fresh at night. There are water taps.
You can either buy and take with you a camping shower, or just take a reasonable sized tub/bucket and have a bucket bath.
(I thought I had a photo in some reader submission where some kids in the Bungles are doing just that, but I can't for the life of me find it. If someone knows where it is let me know.)

Yes, September in the Bungles can already be pretty cruel. I warn about that in my guides. I also mention on a page here that temperatures in October can easily soar above 50. (See "Best time for the Bungles".) Well, it might not happen as easily in September, but especially later in the month it certainly can happen.

June on average is about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than September. The sun rises later and is not as high in the sky, so there is a lot more shade among the domes and the rock does not heat up as much.
Not saying it's gonna be cool in the middle of the day, but it won't be anything like September.

Nov 13, 2010
Bucket Bath in the Bungles
by: Birgit

I found it!
Scroll down a bit for the photo.
Bucket Bath in the Bungles

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