Darwin to Broome via Gibb River Road - which bits are visible for someone with a disability?

by Mark

Having read a lot on this site and others I'm really keen to do the Darwin to Broome via Gibb River Road trip over two weeks in June. The slight challenge is my wife has a disability which basically puts anything that can not be reached by 4WD and a short walk or wheelchair out of reach.

We're fairly used to 4WDing and rough conditions having travelled to quite a few places in Africa, however, I'm guessing roads / tracks are slightly better controlled in Australia so probably not quite as many tracks which lead right to awesome sights!

Any info you can give on what we'd see from a vehicle in the following places or others you'd recommend would be hugely appreciated.

Mark, I have written my answers into your submission. Please see my comments in italics below.

1) Kakadu NP
Please see Wheelchair Accessible Kakadu Tours and add Gunlom to the list. It's not far from the car park down to the water and except for the last sandy bit you should get a wheelchair down there.

2) Litchfield NP
Most things along the main ring road. Litchfield is very accessible. Please see the detailed descriptions here: Litchfield National Park Attractions

3) Katherine Gorge (canoes?)
Scenic flights, boat cruise but only along the first gorge, canoe only along the first gorge. I don't think your wife would be able to walk to the second. (Though you did not specify what a "short" walk is. Anyway, it's rough, rocky terrain.)

4) Bungle Bungles
Sunset viewing areas, views from Piccaninny car park, helicopter flight. Not sure how far exactly you'd be able to get a wheelchair in amongst the domes from Piccaninny car park. It wouldn't be far at all.

5) Emma Gorge

6) Zebedee Springs

7) Mitchell Falls
Only by helicopter. I am not sure how much your wife would get out of a landing. Again it depends what exactly "short" is. And you're likely better off ringing them up there to find out. The pilots would have more experience with that sort of request than I do.

8) Bell Gorge

9) A couple of days to recover in Broome
Broome is mostly tarmac with some beaches thrown in, you can get around by car :-).

I'm guessing people will read this and think... no way! But any thoughts on what is / isn't accessible would be really appreciated.

Thank you,

Most of the Kimberley is unfortunately "no way" when it comes to wheelchair access. Wildernesses and wheelchairs are mutually exclusive I am afraid.

By the way, two weeks is not enough for what you have listed there.

Hope the comments above help some.

Regards, B.

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