Gibb River Road with camper trailer?

by Ian
(Frankston, VIC)

Towing a Jayco Outback trailer

Towing a Jayco Outback trailer

We are thinking to do the Gibb River Road in June next year, towing a camper trailer. We are travelling from Victoria around Oz with a Jayco Outback trailer and are not sure if we should go along the Gibb River Road.

Would we be able to leave it anywhere along the way to go into the gorges and plateau areas? Or could it be towed everywhere? We are towing with a 4wd Bravo ute.
Thanks, Ian & Jen

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Response to:
Gibb River Road with camper trailer?

Hi Ian and Jen,

Of course you should go along the Gibb River Road :-). I do mention it on several pages on the site: the Gibb River Road is not the hardcore 4WD adventure it used to be. And how demanding it is for the car and trailer depends where exactly you go, and also on the driver.

Generally, a 4WD vehicle and a tough camper trailer that's designed for offroad use are the perfect rig. Jaycos are not the toughest trailers out there, but if you stick to the usual tourist highlights and drive to the conditions (slow, and drop your tyres as recommended) you should be fine. (Though I can't guarantee that there won't be anything rattling loose!.)

You do need the extra strength and clearance of an offroad trailer to withstand the corrugations and to avoid damage to the bottom when negotiating the creek crossings. That's why you can't take caravans on the Gibb River Road. But apart from that the road and the side tracks to all the well known attractions do not present any challenges.

For you the corrugations, holes and bumps in the road will be the biggest problem. Trailers do rattle apart...

I can't imagine you having to leave the trailer anywhere. By June most everything will be graded, the creeks dry, and the rivers very low.

There is one exception:
The King Edward River on the Mitchell Plateau is the only river that may still be a bit deeper and more interesting to cross, but not deep enough to cause problems. And the later in June you get here the lower it will be.

However, depending on the state of the track up to the falls you may want to set up camp at the King Edward River, instead of taking the trailer all the way up. That's what most people do. It's the nicer campsite, too :-).

All the gorges and waterfalls that the Gibb River Road is famous for are accessible with your set up.

As always, you can contact one of the visitor centres up here before you actually head off towards the Gibb River Road, or ring the stations and the rangers of the parks you want to visit. (DDestination Kimberley has all the contact details for everyone in the appendix.)
They'll let you know if there is anything else. (You just never know how the upcoming wet season or a cyclone may change things...)

Have a great trip!

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Aug 18, 2009
How did the trip go with the Jayco?
by: Tim

Hi Ian & Jen

Just looking for some feedback on your trip if you have completed it ie how did the Jayco hold up?

Feb 08, 2010
by: Jennie

Would love to hear how you go. we are taking an offroad trailer there next year towing with a Hilux. Will you tow up to Kalumburu?

May 30, 2010
Jayco Outback OK
by: Anonymous

In 2009 we took an outback Jayco Swan on the Gibb. We were towing it with a Ford Territory which was more of a limitation than the Jayco, We did Winjana George, Tunnel Creek, Silent Grove, Mt Barnett & El Questro. We took it very slowly just to take care of the Territories tyres.
We had one screw fall out of the cupboard when we reached Kunanarra - that's the only problem (apart from one flat on the car) along the whole distance. We did have some extra underbody protection added to the water pipes and we had a stone shield in a V shape running from tear the front of the A-frame to the van sides (no need to cover the rear window it worked so well).

May 22, 2011
Will the GRR be open by mid June 2011?
by: Anonymous

Hi Folks.

We are planning our trip to GRR starting on 20 June. I'm a little concerned that the road won't be open. Would hate to miss out on the side tracks etc. Is anyone else considering a plan B?


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