Kimberley in July

by Fabienne

With the help from your guidebook some friends and me are planning a holiday in outback Australia. Unfortunately some of them can only take their holidays in July. Is it still worth going in that month and are there ways to avoid the crowds?
We would like to do (part of) our trip on 4WD and are probably going from Perth to Darwin.

Kind regards

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Dec 29, 2008
Kimberley in July
by: Birgit

Hi Fabienne,

July is peak season in the Kimberley, in fact, everywhere across the north and the centre. Would it be peak season if it wasn't worth it?

July has perfect temperatures, all the annoying insects have died off in the crisp nights, the ocean on the west coast/Broome is safe for swimming, the roads are dry and the rivers are down, everything is accessible...

Tens of thousands of people every year think it is very much worth it!

But of course you are right that it will be more crowded. Do get a 4WD. It's expensive compared to 2WD hire, but that time of the year it's well worth it. If you can't get away from sealed roads you can't get away from people...

Stay at bush camp sites with minimum facilities. Most people prefer some amenities.

One sure fire way to get away from people is to do longer hikes. Most people want to drive up right to the photo and picnic point, maybe go for a short, pleasant stroll, but no more.

The west coast overall is nowhere near as busy as it will be say around Broome or Darwin. You have Destination Kimberley so you have everything you need to get away from the main tourist stream, at least in the Kimberley.

My outback website also has hints and tips and covers some less known destinations. I am not promising anything, but if you are lucky there may be a second book available for the NT (at least the Kimberley to Darwin area) by the time you travel, with LOTS more information.

Update: the guide to the top half of the NT is now available here.

And last but not least, coming from Europe I think you may have a different perception of what constitutes "crowded". It's never as crowded here as Europe is... You'll love it!

Dec 30, 2008
4WD for 6?
by: Fabienne

Thank you very much for the quick and long reply! I'm convinced :-)

Do you know if there's something as a 4WD that fits six people in one car? And is it affordable? I'm staying for three months in Australia (my friends just one) and want to buy a car to drive to the East Coast after our outback adventure. From there I'm heading for New Zealand so I also should be able to sell it again.

Maybe it's better to rent the 4WD and in August buy me a 2WD? I have no idea what prices I should expect. Do you know where I could find more info on this subject?

Again lots of thanks for the help and the enthusiasm. Makes the work of planning a trip much more fun!



Dec 30, 2008
Buying a car
by: Birgit

Hi again Fabienne,

You can rent a 4WD for 6, but you'll have a hard time finding one that size to buy.

4WDs are very expensive to buy and maintain anyway, and it may be harder to sell on the east coast than it would be here.

I think renting the 4WD and sharing the cost, and then buying a 2WD for yourself, that's the best way to go. Between 6 you may be able to afford the 4WD. 2WDs can be bought cheaply.

Also, the exchange rate is currently great. The Aussie dollar is way down. That'll help.

Instead of buying a 2WD you could also just rely on getting rides with other people who bought cars. They are always looking for people to share the driving and fuel costs. Saves you the hassle of buying and selling...

Here's some more info on both options:

Budget travel around Australia

Mar 25, 2009
Belgians in July to the Kimberley
by: Ingrid Wallyn

Hi Fabienne,

I am from Bruges and travelling with my son of 15 years to the Kimberley. (28 of June - 13 of August.) I am starting in Darwin. I have booked a tour with Kimberley Wild driving to Broome, and camping with max. 20 People. I have a B&B for 7 nights in Broome, to have fun with the young locals for my son.

After I will be travelling the Dampier Peninsula, but I did not arrange that part.
Last year I did other parts of Australia, on my own (I am 50). I enjoyed the tours, because you meet a lot of people, locals and others, fun, fun... Adventure Tours was my favorite, they bring you everywhere, small groups, big adventure.

Driving alone in a car is lonely I think.
Reiswijzer in Bruges is a small travelling office where you can meet a couple from Knokke who went in July-August to the Kimberley. You must read their reisverslag.
Have fun, when are you starting and from where with your friends?

Have fun, Ingrid and Hendrik

Mar 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi Fabienne,
Fly to the east coast, Cairns and do the Bloomfieldtrack, drive to Cooktown, snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef and stay in The Greenhostel in Cairns. You can book your flights by Qantas online from Belgium and the Australian Dollar has a good course now. You win a lot of time and see beautiful Queensland. I am in love with it, maybe soon with the Kimberley as well.
Groetjes, Ingrid uit Brugge

Mar 26, 2009
re: Ingrid
by: Fabienne

Hey Ingrid,
My trip starts in Asia and then I'm flying to Perth. I'm definitely going to do Queensland as well. Luckily I have enough time. Thanks for the tips!

Jun 22, 2014
Darwin to Kunnunurra
by: Chris

Hey there, my girlfriend and I are looking to get to Kunnunnura from Darwin and we're looking into ride shares. If anyone would like some company for the road I'm sure that we would make travel companions as well as pay for gas and things.

We are flying into Darwin on the evening of the 25th of June and need to be in Kununurra by July 1st.

Anyone heading in that direction care to help a couple of travellers out?!!

contact me via email:
or via text @ 0449104159

Mar 29, 2016
General Advice
by: Frank and Lorraine

Hi, we are just after some general advice. We are heading to Broome from Rockhampton in June towing our caravan with a new 200 series. We have been looking at the Gibb River road and whilst I have no issues 4 WDing I just don't fancy dragging the van along the dirt road after what we have read. I did read somewhere you can leave your caravan at one of the parks for a nominal fee. We would like to do this and see a few of the nicer places close by. Firstly, is it worth leaving the van and camping or sleeping in the 200 series (we are not big people) and secondly, where is close by to visit without too much extra driving given we will have to return for our van. Also could we do something similar on the way back if we choose to return the same way. Hope this makes sence and someone can help, we are quite new to this.
Thanks in advance.

Jul 17, 2016
Kimberley is never crowded in the European sense
by: Rebecca

Hi all, I just wanted to add that we just came back from Kimberley/Top End in mid July. It's only crowded for a WA destination, it's nothing like a summer holiday in Europe. The only thing is, if you want to do particular tours, like scenic flights or whatever, you need to call a couple of days ahead, not just rock up. We had plenty of the most famous Kimberley destinations all to ourselves, at least for an hour or two.

May 15, 2017
by: Mon

Hi, I was wondering the distance between the King Edward River Campsites and the Mitchell Falls Campsite? We have an off road camper trailer and wondering which would be better to stop at.

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