Kimberley Karavans to Purnululu NP

by Sharm

I have been told by a supplier of the above that this "Karavan" is the only caravan permitted in the Bungle Bungle. Is this correct? Can you refer me to where I might find that answer? The company also promotes this on their website.

We were also looking at the cheaper Jayco Outback camper trailers. Do you see many of these out there? Is this what you mean when you talk about off road camper trailers, or do you mean the super tough canvas flip out tent type set ups?

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Apr 13, 2009
Kimberley Karavans to Bungles
by: Birgit

Hi Sharm,

From your question I gather that you have already been to the Kimberley Karavan website. The site actually has the information and confirmation you are asking for, including the ministerial letter of approval.

See their "What's New" page and scroll down to February 2008. (Sorry, link removed, the page does not exist any more.)

The Kimberley Karavan is not classed as a caravan, it's a camper trailer that you can set up to look and feel and function like a caravan.

It's built on a camper trailer chassis, it looks like a camper trailer, it handles like a camper trailer, it meets the specs of a camper trailer, by all measurable standards during travel it is a camper trailer.

Only when you park and set it up does it turn into a caravan.

Caravans are forbidden on the Bungles track for safety reasons, and not because they don't look good in the park. It's about travel on the access road.

After recent improvements to the track, the DEC reviewed their policy regarding caravans. The new rules are as follows:

Single axle off-road/heavy duty caravans and camper trailers are allowed.

Dual axle and standard (non off-road) caravans and campers are not allowed.

Here is a thread about Jaycos. The tougher trailers will withstand the conditions better but with due care you can also get through fine with a Jayco camper trailer.

Jan 21, 2010
Not Just Kimberley Karavans
by: Steve

I think the following link will help here. I have seen this information on other web pages and a friend checked out the sign at the entry which confirms the information on this site.



Jan 21, 2010
Thanks for the link
by: Birgit

Hi Steve,

The above question is over a year old. I really need to go through and archive and update some of the older questions...

Thanks for heads up! I have added your info in my answer above.

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