Taking an offroad caravan to the Bungle Bungles

On some of the websites showing road conditions into the Bungle Bungles there is a picture with the line thru a picture of a caravan. Is it strictly forbidden to take a caravan into the Bungle Bungles or is it a recommendation only?

On previous visits I am sure I have seen caravans parked in the camping areas all be it only a few?

Would the jump ups (when crossing the King Edward River) be to steep or difficult for an 18ft offroad Caravan? The towing vehicle is a 100 series Toyota.

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Dec 24, 2008
Caravans in the Bungle
by: Birgit

Caravans are strictly forbidden on the Bungle Bungles access track. You can leave your van at the secure storage facility at Warmun Roadhouse.

After recent improvements to the track, the DEC reviewed their policy regarding caravans. The new rules are as follows:

Single axle off-road/heavy duty caravans and camper trailers are allowed.

Dual axle and standard (non off-road) caravans and campers are not allowed.

I also would not recommend taking a caravan up onto the Mitchell Plateau (King Edward River Crossing), whether your car can tow it or not.

It's not forbidden and it's not impossible. People do take off-road vans, and if you go slow enough you may get through ok, but you usually you aren't doing your van any good and you certainly aren't doing the road any good.

Even many off-road vans are not built tough enough to withstand the constant knocks and twists and vibrations coming from those roads.

There may also be holes and washouts in the road that a caravan can't negotiate. It depends on the time of the year and the state of the road, which can vary greatly.

You can leave your van at Drysdale River Station on the Kalumburu Road. They offer a free caravan storage service for people wanting to travel up to the Mitchell Falls.

Another option would be to take it as far as the King Edward River campsites and to leave it there. (You will have to cross the river to get to the campsites.)

Apr 13, 2022
Extra heavy duty off road caravan
by: Rob wynn

I have a 16ft 6" by 7ft 6"van towed by a extensively modified 200 LC .I have encountered many drivers with off campers stuck in places that have posed no difficulties for us at all, as many single axle vans are 17 to 18ft,because my van is tandem axle I am told that I am not. This to me seems an unfair way to regulate the access, I believe it would be more sensible to restrict the length of vans not the wheels it has

May 21, 2022
dual axle camper trailers and vans NEW
by: Anonymous

Can we at least get the evidence behind this decision to ban dual axle camper trailers and dual axle off road caravans. We have been plenty of places throughout Australia and have never encountered this criteria.

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