Marella Gorge

by Liz and Peter
(Sunshine Coast)

View over Marella Gorge

View over Marella Gorge

We visited Marella Gorge on our way home in August after our brilliant trip to the Kimberley. It was difficult to find the entrance to it in the fading light at sunset, but we managed it and travelled over the flat rocks and had our camp set up as darkness fell!

We want to let you know that it is under new management now B, and visitors have to contact Flora Valley Station for permission to stay at Marella Gorge, not Nicholson Station any more.

Important news also is that the new management are rumoured to be closing Marella Gorge early next year (2010) so you might want to look into that and update your wonderful guide book, B.

Note from Birgit:
Both the wonderful guide book ;) and the page about the Duncan Road (which covers Marella Gorge) are up to date!

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Sep 07, 2009
See old newsletter update
by: Birgit

Thanks for writing!
And glad you managed to find the place. No, it sure isn't easy :-).

And I hope that rumour is no more than a rumour. One can hope, right? Thanks for the heads up!

A general note for future readers:
The change of ownership of Marella Gorge had been covered in a newsletter issue six months ago (issue 15 from March 23, 09) and the guide was changed accordingly at the time, too.

All important updates to my Destination Kimberley travel guide are also published in the newsletter, so if anyone gets their guide long before they intend to travel, it's a good idea to also get on that email list!

You can sign up for the email updates here.

(PS.: thank you very much for calling my guide wonderful :-).)

Aug 03, 2011
Marella magic
by: Robyn

Glorious spot, very few people, and so close to the highway!

Nov 29, 2011
Early Days at Marella
by: david lloyd

Re Marella Springs and adjoining gorge on the Nichoson River. I was a jackeroo on Nicholson Station from December 1944 to end of 1946. The whole Kimbeley and northern Australia was under Military control, and was a closed area. The Nicholson Stock camp often camped at Mareella Springs, and it was a favourite camp for all of us. White Headstockman, myself and 17 Aboriginals including aboriginal woman cook and her husband, who was in charge of the pack Camels(no motor vehilles in those days! We mustered all over this area on horseback, including the Nicholson Gorge, as this was well after the wet season. There were many intersting laces in the area, including Crocodile waterhole, Lightning, Spear chief and Linacre. Yes, some very spetacular sights, especially when seen from Horseback. Still remember my early Kimberley days of 40's through to mid 50's!So much has changed since then(67 years ago). Unfortunately, not all for the better.

Nov 29, 2011
by: Birgit

Hi David, thanks for commenting! I love hearing about the early days. And I agree about the changes. And in the last couple of years, precious little in the Kimberley has been changing for the better, I'm afraid...

Jun 03, 2013
Duncan Road
by: Anonymous

Travelled the Duncan Road only a month ago (April 2013), brilliant, loved it!! Marbella Gorge worth stopping at but yes is hard to find. Camped on the ridge with one of the most beautiful sunsets and spectacular moon rises I have ever seen! Recommended it to my parents who are travelling back East via the Duncan!

Jul 06, 2013
Marella Gorge - an anticipated stopover
by: karen

We are planning our second trip to the Kimberley’s and really love to get off the beaten track and get close to the beauty of the area. I’m absolutely delighted to discover this area via the net and particularly your site. We’ll definitely be including it in a must-do so hopefully it will be open when we get there in August this year. And thanks for the tips on finding the camping spots. Love to read everybody's feedback!


Feb 22, 2016
Marella Gorge
by: Anonymous

Spoke to the station. They no longer allow visitors.

Apr 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

I would just like people to know that Marella Gorge is on private property. It isn't that people aren't allowed to visit or camp here, but rubbish is left, fires left not put out properly have taken off and most frustratingly the gates are always left open - it is a cattle station. Fenced paddocks are there for a reason! Having worked on this property is gets extremely annoying after a while having to check on tourists activities all the time, and more often than not the gate into the gorge is kept padlocked for this reason. A quick phone call to the station manager of Flora Valley station wouldn't hurt - for your safety too, at least if something happens someone on the station knows there are people there.
Please enjoy the stay there it's a lovely spot!

Apr 30, 2016
by: Birgit

Great post, thank you.

Jul 23, 2018
by: Anonymous

Depths plunge visibly from waters edge - and there is a history of unexplained happenings at this place. You can sense something there. Beautiful, though :-) and worth a visit even if not fascinated by the supernatural. :-)

Oct 30, 2018
Marella Closed
by: Anonymous

Marella Gorge is closed INDEFINITELY too the public, sign on gate at the entrance.
Trespassers found will be told to leave immediately, no exceptions, and prosecuted, no exceptions.
This is due to gate left open, cattle getting into the wrong paddock often, locks cut off,
rubbish left behind, a lot of toilet paper, fires left burning and no one asking permission to start off with. Station staff need to know who is on the property at all times. Now run by Nicholson.

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