Perth to Darwin in 21 days?

by Sandy

Is 21 days enough time to get to Darwin from Perth in 4WD campervan? Planning to go in October 08. Can you suggest a route where we will see the most, safely for a Pom?! I've been on organised adventure tours in past, but never under own steam.

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May 13, 2008
You will wish you had more time
by: Birgit

Hi Sandy,
21 days is enough to drive from Perth to Darwin (or Darwin to Perth, your headline says one thing, your text another).

You will wish you had a lot more time and you will not be able to see everything. You will have to pick and choose.

You don't have too many options regarding the route. Just follow the road...

In the Kimberley you need to decide if you'd like to go via the Gibb River Road or not. I would do so, and then do a loop from Kununurra to take in the Bungles.

As for your request for a safe route for a Pom... I sure hope you are aware just how stinking hot it will be up here in October!!

Did you grab the free guide? If not, I suggest you do so. It tells you how much time you need for the different legs of your trip, what there is to see and do along the way, what's involved as far as driving is concerned, the temperatures... Everything.

And if you go to the my Outback website you can read about the places between Kununurra and Darwin: Keep River NP, Gregory NP, Katherine Gorge, Litchfield NP and Kakadu NP.

Apr 23, 2009
It's a good trip
by: tubby t

You are planning a great trip. 21 days will be a bit pushed, so much to see if you take new coast road to Kalbarrie then up Coral Coast, Monkey Mia, have a good look around, then head straight to Broome, then if you want to do (Derby) Gibb River Rd you will need a 4wd, brings you out near the top of the Kimblerly at Wyndham or take the Fitzroy Rd, Geikie Gorge has river cruises that are very nice and night shining a torch over the river to see all the red eyes of the fresh water crocs, it's amazing, then have a look at the Bungles, just out of Halls Creek, both ways are very interesting, just remember once past Broome no more swimming as you might end up being somenes dinner, ha ha, get to Kununurra, there's a bit to do there, then head to Darwin, lots to look at on the way, it's only a ten hour trip, if you take 2 or 3 days to have a good look, if it has a sign have a look.

Mar 29, 2013
Is it possible to travel from Perth to Darwin in 12 days? And all so get to stop off at tourist attractions?
by: Shane 31

Hey, leaving on this trip next week. I’m just looking for some info. Can this trip be done in such a short period and in a big camper van how much we taking on fuel. Would be great full for any info or tips please thanks folks.

Jul 21, 2014
Perth to Darwin
by: Dan

I did it in 5 days in a Holden Kingswood back in 1990. Slept in the car and drove 16 hours a day though!!

I had no money so couldn't spend the time but as you have the time I would say to take it slowly and go see everything you can.

My biggest regret is not spending a couple of days at Katherine Gorge.

I don't know if its got any better but my advice would be to definitely carry a couple of jerry cans of fuel. I carried one only and I needed it!

Also watch out for the road trains - you have to just get out of the way or they'll just flatten you!

Sep 22, 2016
Thanks for the advice!
by: Lenny

Thank you for your advice people. We are planning this trip for Christmas time... I KNOW, so hot, I lived in the Pilbara until late teens so I remember it well! My guys are Tazzie boys so it'll be an adventure! We can't wait! Cheers

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