Travelling the Kimberley with a 10 month old kid

by Delisa

We have been wanting and waiting to do the Kimberley for a couple of years now. Life (pregnancy and first child) just got in the way!
We would love to do it in 2019 but just wondered what your thoughts are doing it with a 10 month old.
I’ve read your material in great detail and felt very confident going and then suddenly, after talking to people who had done the GRR, I wasn’t so confident!

We are both reasonably fit, young and capable 4WD’ers. We have a fully self sufficient set up, myself and my husband are more than reasonably fit and we always do our research before setting off on walks, particularly when we would have precious cargo!
Do you think hikes to falls would be hard with a tiny tot in a carrier?

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Dec 12, 2018

by: Birgit

Hi Delisa,
Some thoughts for you... :)

Why not do it with a 10 month old? People live up here and have babies and they still leave the house and go places.

The hikes to the falls are all different so there is no general answer. They are described in detail in Destination Kimberley. From those descriptions I think you should be able to tell which hikes you would happily tackle and which sound a bit too daunting under the circumstances.
So, I'd say there will be many you can easily do but there MAY be some you won't want to do.
It also depends on the time of the year and the temperatures.

You and your husband sound like two perfectly reasonable and capable people. Just trust yourself. :)

I will add your question to the next newsletter and hopefully we will hear from some readers who have already done it. They may have helpful tips for you.

Dec 14, 2018
Kimberley with a 8 month baby
by: Gemma

Hi Delisa,

My partner and I did the GRR during the second half of August this year with our son Bruce who was 8 months old and crawling at the time. We had a terrific trip, camping in a regular tent and driving a regular Pajero! We decided not to go up to Mitchell Falls as we are not very experienced 4wdrivers, but we went down many of the other side tracks. We hiked almost every day with our son in a front carrier. He was fine and particularly happy if there was a swim at the end of the hike. Most of the walks into gorges are not difficult and definitely manageable with a baby carrier. We also found that taking an umbrella for shading him worked really well.
We stopped at El Questro, Ellenbrae, Mt Elizabeth, Mornington, Bell Gorge, and Windjana Gorge. Only the walk into Amalia Gorge was a bit tricky with rock climbing required.
So I think you would be fine with your baby! From your mail you already sound far more capable and experienced than we were. Go for it!

Dec 14, 2018
Young ones
by: J

My 3yo walked or was carried on every track we could find so difficulty should not be a problem. Take a swim vest (we had a wahoo vest) or suitably sized flotation device on all swim worthy walks so you can all have a bit of safe independence. A wet swim hat helps keep them cool on the way back. Enjoy.

Dec 16, 2018
will be fine
by: Blathnaid

Hi, My husband and I did the GRR with our 2 years olds in baby carriers, it was fine. Some people thought it would be too much but it was perfect. Just make sure you go early, have them lathered with sunscreen, and have some extra light layers (baby swaddles) to wrap around them to protect arms and legs from the sun, and a hat on them of course. We did Mitchell Falls and all long ones with the boys in our baby carriers, was actually a lot easier we found than having older kids as we passed many that had stopped repeatedly for their kids to take a break.
You'll be fine, don't let it stop you. If we could do it with 2 year old twins (weighing over 12kg each) you can do it. Was great also because you meet many Grey Nomads who are missing their grandkids so they are really helpful too and great to get chatting with because of the kids so was a good conversation starting point.
Make sure just to keep an eye on bubs near fire pits. Ours chased a bird one morning and ran through a pit that had been burning the night before. Thankfully he had his shoes on so just one or two small blisters.
A good first aid kit and loads of water, and all the rest as you normally would, you'll be fine, it's no different really to a hike in the hills at home really if you think about it. Enjoy, it's amazing, just do it or you'll keep putting it off, and it's easier now in a baby carrier than slower when they are 3-5 year olds. :)

Jan 03, 2019
Thank you for your comments
by: Delisa

Hi All - thank you for your comments & tips all of which have been immensely helpful! We have decided to give it a red hot crack this year!!
Thanks again
Delisa :)

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