25 days Darwin to Broome (and then continue to Perth)

We're flying to Darwin in 2 1/2 weeks time and starting a six weeks trip to Perth... SOOO Looking forward to it! We're renting a 4WD campervan (Cheapa Camper), and got a good deal, I think. Itinerary planning has been taking up a LOT of our time, and I must admit it is quite good fun, but also VERY frustrating at times. Here's our plan (so far)... We would appreciate any inputs or comments you might have:

Day 1 - Flying to Darwin, pick up campervan.
Day 2 - Litchfield.
Day 3 - Litchfield - Drive to Kakadu.
Day 4 - Kakadu.
Day 5 - Kakadu.
Day 6 Kakadu - Drive to Katherine.
Day 7 - Katherine.
Day 8 - Katherine.
Day 9 - Drive to Lake Argyle.
Day 10 - Cruise Lake Argyle - Drive to Turkey Creek.
Day 11 - Drive to Bungles.
Day 12 - Bungles.
Day 13 - Bungles.
Day 14 - Drive to El Questro.
Day 15 - El Questro.
Day 16 - El Questro / Home Valley Station.
Day 17 - Home Valley.
Day 18 - Drive to King Edward River Camp.
Day 19 - Mitchell Plateau.
Day 20 - Drive to Manning Gorge.
Day 21 - Manning & Galvans Gorge / Drive to Mornington.
Day 22 - Mornington.
Day 23 - Mornington / Drive to Bell Gorge.
Day 24 - Bell Gorge / Drive to Windjana Gorge.
Day 25 - Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek / Drive to Broome.

Then four days in Broome, and plenty of days to push around if we need to (diving at Ningaloo for 5 days, as well).
A couple of specifics: Day 18, 21 and 25... Are we pushing it ?... Too much crammed into one day?

All your expert advice is appreciated;-).

Birgit: Thanks for a GREAT book and a great website... It has been a fantastic help!


Anni & Michael

Comments for 25 days Darwin to Broome (and then continue to Perth)

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Looking good
by: Birgit

Hi Anni and Michael,

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated.

I don't have too many comments. Can't really say much, not knowing what kind of excursions and activities you have planned everywhere. (At some places I can guess but not at all. But maybe you will work that out on the fly, just like I do...)

Overall it looks good with plenty of time, especially in the first two weeks. The only days where I thought, hm, that's a bit busy, are exactly the ones you mentioned. So you are already aware of that.

Driving from HVS to the King Edward River is doable, it's just a boring day with mostly driving. Get an early start and you can make it in time for lunch burgers at Drysdale :-).

Yes, day 21 is bit crammed. It just always sucks when you enjoy yourself somewhere (like at Manning Gorge in the morning) but you have to look at the watch and then hike back, pack, and you may not be able to relax much at Galvans if you run out of time. It'll be more of a matter of ticking that one of as well. But sometimes that's the best you can do. It is doable, you are not setting yourself up for trouble. It'll be ok.

When you drive from Mornington to Bell Gorge you should have time to explore Bell Gorge all afternoon. So you can leave early the next day and again see Windjana in the afternoon. And Tunnel Creek on the way to Broome. That should be ok.

Hope you'll have a great trip!

Thanks !!
by: Michael

Hi Birgit,

Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I see your point with our (lack of) sharing our activities:-). We've had most planned out, but really just making it up as we go along. A couple of things are set in stone: A full day cruise in Katherine, a canoeing day in Mornington (btw, can you pre-book Sir John Gorge or do you just pitch up and hope ?). At Home Valley Station, we really want to try the cattle mustering.

Oh, one more thing: Is there a particular recommendable place / company, that does "an aboriginal experience" in lack of a better expression ?... In my experience most places are really touristy and it would be great with something more authentic.

We want to do a flight (probably heli) as well. Either Mitchell Plateau, Bungles or Horizontal waterfall, but haven't decided which yet.
Most of the other places, it's just about seeing the gorges and the nature. It's just so difficult to predict how long we want to spend at each place... It also depends on our energy and mood on the day, I guess.

Again, thanks for all your advice... We've put in an extra day for Manning / Galvan... Your right, no need to break up because of time, when your having fun;-).



by: Birgit

Hi Michael,

You'd have to ring the Mornington reservations office for a definitive answer on that. They don't like doing it, they prefer to have it available for people who are already there.

As for the "Aboriginal experience", no. The moment a tour operator "does" an "experience" it is always to some extent a laid on, choreographed tourist thing that demonstrates some things and explains some background. It's not necessarily bad, but it isn't real.

The only way to experience the real thing is to visit a community and spend some time there, and partake in the activities and "experiences" they offer.

The communities on the Dampier Peninsula are great for that.


Thanks again,
by: Michael

Hi Birgit,

Thanks again for your expertise. Yeah, that's what we thought. Touristy isn't really our style, so we'll see if we can swap a couple of nights in Broome for a trip up Cape Leveque.

We'll give you feedback on the whole thing when we come back.


Michael & Anni

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