Broome Beaches
Riddell Beach, Northern Beaches, Middle Lagoon

When hearing of Broome beaches most people will immediately think about Broome's Cable Beach.

This world famous beach gets so much attention that I wonder how many tourists are aware of the other Broome beaches. There are quite a few, and they are all beautiful...

Cable Beach is covered on its own page, so let's look at the other beaches of Broome and beaches near Broome.

Broome Beaches

Riddell Beach

Riddell Beach is located between Riddell Point and Gantheaume Point, only about 8 km out of town. It's a scenic area of red pindan cliffs contrasted against the Indian Ocean. The cliffs are ancient and at very low tide you can see dinosaur footprints exposed below Gantheaume point.

Riddell Beach on a cloudy day

Riddell Beach isn't an endless stretch of white sand like Cable Beach. This Broome beach is smaller, rockier, and a lot more interesting I find. (All you can do at Cable Beach is sit or lie there...) It's popular with photographers, with walkers, and with locals who want to avoid the masses at Cable Beach.

Sunset on Riddell Beach

If you like walking ask about Minyirr Park. That's what the dune area above the Broome beaches is called.

It contains 22 km of walking tracks (called Nagula, Lurujarri and Minyirr).

Those self guided walks take you along some of Cable Beach, around Gantheaume Point and then along Riddell Beach.

The Broome Beaches at the Bird Observatory

Well, these Broome beaches at beautiful Roebuck Bay aren't really looked at as beaches. When you read about the bird observatory you will usually read about mudflats. And when the tide is out that's what you find.

But at high tide this area is amazing even if you are not a bird enthusiast. The beaches here are red, not white or grey, and the water is a greener tinge of turquoise than along other Broome beaches. Or maybe it's just the red sand that makes it look as if...

Beach at Broome Bird Observatory

Anyway, a great place for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. The bird observatory, which is located 24 km out of Broome, also offers tourist accommodation. (Just so you know what to expect: the facilities are basic, and the last 15 km of the road are shocking...)

Northern Broome Beaches

Northern Broome Beach

To get to the northern beaches you need a four wheel drive.

This series of Broome beaches is located along the Manari Road, a turn-off that you will find about 14 km along the road from Broome to Cape Leveque.

In the past it was mostly the locals who visited these Broome beaches to get away from it all for a bit.

You can camp here for free for up to three days, and the fishing is excellent.

Lately more and more tourists looking for a quiet spot have been discovering the northern beaches, too. Some even drag fairly big caravans in here. Don't ask me how, but I've seen it done...

Quandong Beach

The names of the beaches are Willie Creek (where Broome's pearl farm is located), Barred Creek, Quandong (the most beautiful beach and shown in the pictures), Prices Point and Manari Beach.

At all of them you will find cliffs and sand dunes to explore, sandy stretches for beach lovers and lots of rocks to keep the fishermen and -women happy.

(Check first with the locals before you go swimming anywhere here. I know Willie Creek is definitely a crocodile area, I'm not sure about the others...)

Middle Lagoon

One of my favourite places amongst all Broome beaches: this is a view over Middle Lagoon, a quiet holiday retreat 170km north of Broome. (It looks a lot more impressive at high tide, but I was too busy having a good time to take photos...)

Beaches at Middle Lagoon

To the left of the picture you can see a few caravans perched on top of the dunes. You can camp here, there are some cabins for rent, or you go for my favourite accommodation: beach shelters.

Beach Shelter

The shelters are right on the beach, tucked behind the rocks that you see to the left in the picture above.

No crocodiles here, you can swim and snorkel and the fishing is great, too.

One of the reasons why Middle Lagoon is popular with the locals. And not too many tourists know about this Broome beach hideaway yet.

We thought Middle Lagoon was fabulous. Nowhere near as photogenic as Cable Beach. But do you go to the beach to take photos or to swim, snorkel, fish, discover and generally have a fantastic day?

And you can't beat camping at the beach and being allowed to have a fire at night... We thought it can't get any better...

But that was before we went to Cape Leveque...

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