Broome to Kununurra (2 days)

I have a question regarding the Broome to Kununurra leg of our trip. Our time is limited so we are looking for the best value for time and money. We are planning to fly into Kununurra, hire a 4WD and spend some time exploring the surroundings including El Questro and a fly drive into the Bungles. Then to take the Gibb River Road bus to Derby.

From Derby we hope to take a tour to Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek and then a flight over the Buccaneer Archipelago and land at Cape Leveque. Then on to Broome. We would like to see as much as possible on the return trip to Kununurra. What do you suggest? We will have just two days top to do that leg.

With Thanks, Helen
PS.:I have purchased your e-book. Great value.

Broome to Kununura (2 days)

Thanks, Helen :-).
Unfortunately I have some bad news for you. I'm afraid you will have to totally rethink your plans.

As you saw, the Gibb River Road Bus is not mentioned anywhere in the guide book. There is a reason for that: that service does not exist any more and there are no comparable alternatives.

So you have two options: self drive the lot or join a small group 4WD tour.

Let me give you my thoughts on your question about the Broome to Kununurra leg anyway:

If following the outline above, by the time you get to Broome you have already seen just about everything there is to see in such a short time, except for Geikie Gorge.

Broome to Kununurra is an over 1000 km drive so it will take up at at least one full day, or rather two half days. More once you include fuel stops, lunch breaks etc.

With Greyhound it would be an overnight trip. Not much fun, but at least you aren't wasting any of your precious travel days.

I don't know what your flight arrangements are but I would also look at flying back home out of Broome. That would give you two extra days to really see and do something.

Anyway, that's all just theory at this point. First you will have to figure out how you want to get from Kununurra to Broome.

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Kununurra to Broome - how?
by: Jerry

Just spotted the query about Broome to Kununurra in two days as I was searching for ways/means to get from one to the other.

We had thought of driving from Kununurra to Broome via the Gt. Northern Highway but of course we would like to visit Geikie Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge. I think one needs a 4WD for the latter two as hired sedans are not allowed on unsealed roads.

Checked out the bus but it goes overnight so one would miss out on the scenery. (I know it is a long journey but it would be nice to see the countryside one is passing through.)

We have a week in Kununurra and of course a sedan car would be suitable for there other than to El Questro where one could not go as need 4WD.

4WD costs double a sedan and then if less than 13 days there is relocation fee of anywhere up to $600. So difficult to decide which is the best thing to do. We plan to go on a helicopter ride over the Bungle Bungles and of course do the Ord River Tour and also a trip on Lake Argyle. If anybody has any good suggestions they would be gratefully received!

No perfect solution.
by: Birgit

Unfortunately you are correct. 2WDs are not allowed to be taken offroad. I don't know if there is any point in asking the hire company for special permission to go just from the Great Northern Highway to those two parks. Probably not.

The bus going in this direction leaves after dark and you would indeed miss the most scenic part of the drive (Kununurra to Halls Creek). It would be ok if you were going the other way round... (Broome to Kununurra)

One thing you could do is hire a sedan, stop in Fitzroy Crossing and do a tour to the parks from there. The Fitzroy Lodge would be the place to stay and they can also organise the tours for you.

But that's all I can think of.

There is no way around it. The Kimberley is not really a 2WD destination.

PS.: I don't think a 2WD is suitable for the Kununurra area at all. I certainly wouldn't want to be limited to one, but of course that depends on your interests.

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