Day trip to Windjana Gorge from Broome

by Cathie

Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge

For our Kimberley trip we are basing ourselves in Broome for 8 nights, Kununurra for 6 nights, El Questro 2 nights and Cape Leveque for 3 nights. Can you advise as to the viability of a day trip to Windjana and Tunnel Gorge from Broome? What would the driving time be for a round trip via Derby and back along the Northern Highway?

I know this is very rushed but we are doing a few overnights out of Kununurra and the kids just want to spend a week on the beach in Broome so we need to compromise...

I also want to thank you for the most outstanding website I have found on the Kimberleys. Your wealth of information and advice has been invaluable to us in the planning of our 3 week visit to the Kimberley region in September.

Many Thanks,

Response to:
Day trip to Windjana Gorge from Broome

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

A day trip as you describe it can be done, but it will be a long and strenuous day.

Driving times are roughly as follows:

  • Broome to Derby: 2 hours
  • Derby to Windjana Gorge: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Windjana Gorge to Tunnel Creek: half hour
  • Tunnel Creek to Broome: about 4 hours

Those are just rough estimates. It's hard to predict the driving time for the unsealed part (from Derby to Windjana to Tunnel Creek to the Great Northern Highway). By September those roads may be very corrugated and force you to slow down.

You should allow at least an hour at Windjana Gorge, longer if you want to walk the length of the gorge. By September there will be very little water left. The few pools that remain will be crammed full of freshwater crocodiles. That should be very exciting for the kids. (Probably great for you, too.)

You should also allow at least an hour at Tunnel Creek, which I imagine will also be a lot of fun for the kids. Unless they are afraid of the dark, of course.

Then add time for the Derby wharf, the prison Boab, lunch break etc...

It will be a looong day but it is not impossible. The good thing is that the kids will be able to sleep on the long drive back to Broome. The not so nice thing is that one of you has to stay awake and drive!

Be safe and enjoy your trip!

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Day Trip
by: pete

This is what i was looking for. Sounds great! We have three kids and can't wait to show them these places.


Road Quality
by: Sean

Hi there,

Thanks for the valuable advice regarding this trip!

I was wondering if you would be able to complete the journey from Broome to Windjana Gorge in a regular sedan? Or would a 4x4 be required?


Windjana Gorge
by: Luke

Planning on going to Windjana Gorge between 21-25 April. Will be hiring a car to do so, is it possible to do this in a 2wd?

by: Birgit

Luke, with the record amounts of rain the region experienced over Jan/Feb this year, in April you might not even be able to get there in a 4WD.

Check the last newsletter issues for more info, and also look at those from April/May last year.

In 2017 Windjana opened on June 1.

Having said that, we don't know yet what the next weeks and months will bring, so keep an eye on the weather. The rains might finish early and things could dry out faster than expected.

Still, I would not hold my breath for April for places on the western end of the Gibb River Road.

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