Kimberley Driving Distances

In the Kimberley driving distances are huge, no matter where you go.

Actually, it is a loooong drive to get to the Kimberley in the first place, no matter where in Australia you start from...

The driving distances in the Kimberley are vast.Driving on a typical Kimberley road

Many people choose to fly instead.

For all the Kimberley driving distances in miles and kilometres see the lists and the tables below.

(Use the numbers for guidance only, sometimes different route options exist, leading to slightly different driving distances.)

Driving Distances To The Kimberley

Driving distances coming from the west:

  • from Perth to Broome: 2415 km (1500 miles)
  • from Port Hedland to Broome: 615 km (382 miles)

Driving distances if you are arriving from the east:

  • from Darwin to Kununurra: 820 km (510 miles)
  • from Jabiru (Kakadu National Park) to Kununurra: 814 km (506 miles)
  • from Katherine to Kununurra: 510 km (317 miles)
  • from Alice Springs to Kununurra: 1692 km (1051 miles)
  • from Alice Springs to Kununurra via Tanami Rd.: 1408 km (875 miles)
  • from Three Ways Roadhouse to Kununurra: 1159 km (720 miles)
  • from Alice Springs to Halls Creek via Tanami Rd.: 1051 km (653 miles)
  • from Alice Springs to Broome via Tanami Rd.: 1702 km (1058 miles)

And to drive all the way across the Kimberley from Perth to Darwin, the two nearest international airports, you will be on the road for 4145 km or 2576 miles. (It is a magnificent drive all the way, if you have a few months to really enjoy it.)

By the way, except for the Tanami Rd, which I specifically mention, every kilometre of the above drives is sealed.

There are some other shortcuts, but then you will be driving on unsealed roads as shown in the pictures, or worse.

Driving Distances Across The Kimberley

Driving towards Halls Creek in the KimberleyDriving on the Tanami Road towards Halls Creek in the Kimberley

The driving distances in the tables are shown in kilometres. Use the calculator at the bottom of the page to convert them into miles.

The first table shows Kimberley Australia driving distances via the Great Northern Highway:

  Broome Derby Fitzroy Crossing Halls Creek Kununurra Wyndham
Broome    220  396  686  1044  1055
Derby  220    258  548  903  914
Fitzroy Crossing  396  258    290  648  659
Halls Creek  686  548  290    358  369
Kununurra  1044  906  648  358    101
Wyndham  1055  909  659  369  101  

The second table shows Kimberly driving distances via the famous Gibb River Road.

Keep in mind that the Gibb River Road is unsealed. Certain distances are shorter, but it will take you a lot longer to get there! The idea behind driving the Gibb River Road is not to get somewhere fast, but to enjoy a spectacular drive through one of the world's most beautiful and remote regions.

(Because of the limited space I only listed some of the the major stops. There are many more destinations worth visiting along the Gibb River Road. You can find details and driving distances for the Gibb River Road here.)

  Kununurra El Questro Mitchell Falls Mount Barnett Windjana Gorge Derby
Kununurra    103  539  407  603  712
El Qestro  103    469  331  533  634
Mitchell Falls  539  469    353  556  656
Mount Barnett  407  331  353    201  305
Windjana Gorge  603  533  556  201    144
Derby  712  634  656  305  144  

And here are the distances you need to cover if you want to drive to/from Kalumburu, the Aboriginal community at the northern coast:

  Mitchell Falls El Questro Kununurra Mount Barnett Windjana Gorge Derby
Kalumburu  190  487  557  371  574  675

I realise there are still details missing.  Too many different driving options exist to present you with all possible variations in a neat table.

(You can for example access the Gibb River Road from Fitzroy Crossing via the Fairfield Leopold Road. From there the distance to Windjana Gorge is 147 km and to Derby 257 km. For all other destinations on the Gibb River Road add 70 km to the distances from Derby. )

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You can find more details on the many other pages of this website, and of course inside Destination Kimberley!

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