Suggestions for Kimberley-Top End Itinerary

by Jeff
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

I didn't see a lot of information posted by other users to help me for my itinerary needs. I don't know if its kosher to post such questions as I have here, but if it is I hope whatever comes of this post will be very helpful for future travelers as well!

I still have much research to do but I know it's critical to start booking accommodations (campsites etc) now so I am a bit stressed! Me and my gf are from the states and will be arriving in Perth on June 20 and departing from Darwin on July 20. We have pretty much set down an itinerary until Broome, but then things seem to get complicated as there is so much to see and do and the drive times on the Gibb are long if Google Maps is accurate. (FYI we are booking an automatic 4wd Toyota from Britz.)

First off my gf NEEDS to spend at least a couple nights once or twice at some stops to keep some sanity and therefore my own sanity ;)

We will arrive in Broome on July 4th (celebrate our Independence Day on Cable Beach sounds kinda cool to me). We can get there early too as we will have camped at the 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park that says is 3 hours away so this should give us plenty of time to get our bearings in Broome and shop to resupply for the Gibb.

I was thinking of a day trip up the Dampier Peninsula on the 5th but I am having a very difficult time if just a trip is worth it. Will one day do it justice?

The next day the 6th, we would go to Derby for one more night but if you all think a day trip to Cape Leveque is not worth it for us then we can go to Derby on the 5th instead.

Orrrrr is it better to just stop or even bypass Derby and spend the day getting to Windjana for a night?

From Windjana go to Bell Gorge for another night???

Then I think we have to pick either Mornington or Charnley but not both. By this time my gf will be itching to stay a couple nights. This will give time to explore either location with more time of course!

Next would be either stay at Manning Gorge or Gibb River Station but it doesn't look like a whole lot of neat sights at Gibb Station.

The next stretch looks long... do we stop for a night at Ellenbrae Station? Or plow on to Home Valley OR ElQ? Again I think we would need two nights at either HV or ElQ before going to Kunnunurra for a night.

See Lake Argyle? Then go on to Katherine for a night.

From here is it better to go to Litchfield or Kakadu first? We are coming closer to July 20th at this point. My tentative itinerary has us at Katherine for one night on the 15th before going to Litchfield.

Reading information about how big Kakadu is do we even have enough time to do this park justice???

Is there someplace we MUST see that I left out that can fit in this time frame?

I know this is so many questions but I admit I am getting overwhelmed with all the things to do and the limited time. I don't want to be in such a rush so that we can really enjoy this once in a lifetime trip.

Thanks to everyone for your pointers!

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Mar 02, 2019
Plenty of time needed
by: Susan

Your trip sounds great but you do need plenty of time. We did the Gibb in September 2016 and really enjoyed it. There was very little water then - even the Pentecost River crossing was dry.

Cape Leveque was interesting but the road there was tough at that time, mostly sandy and concave. We only stayed 1 night at Cape Leveque. I think 2 would have been better. The visit to the pearl farm on the way back was good. Also, don't miss the Purnululu (Bungle Bungles) and the helicopter trip there. If it's a choice between Purnululu and Cape Leveque, I would go to Purnululu.

Birgit's web site is very helpful.

Our trip is documented on two pages linked from my travels page at

We didn't stay long in Kakadu because we had been there before some years ago.

Have a great trip.

Mar 02, 2019
re: Susan
by: Jeff

Thank you for your input Susan and Birgit!

I'll say that we are going to just relax in Broome for 2 nights as I think after spending the previous several days swimming at Ningaloo and hiking Karijini AND the long drive from Karijini means a bit of R&R before tackling the Gibb.

So the Broome plan is to restock, relax and MAYBE catch a humpback tour with Karma IV (anyone have experience with them?) and maybe the hovercraft to see dino prints.

Then it is off to the bumpy road to Kunnunura!

This leaves me with a question- Can I make it to Mornington and hangout at Bell Gorge starting at Windjana in 1 day, before the sun sets! Say spending 2-3 hours at Bell Gorge.

After Mornington, I know Birgit cannot agree with this but, we decided to skip Manning Gorge mostly due to the time commitment plus how crowded the campground is and their lack of adequate toilet facilities. But we can visit 2 or 3 or 4 gorges instead of one on our way to Mt Elizabeth instead.

After tackling the Gibb I really want to see the Bungles but it simply is not doable on our time schedule. Instead we would like to see the Mini Bungles and maybe the Baby Bungles at Mirima and Keep River. But I don't even know if we have time to see the Keep River Bungles and find a campsite at Timber Creek or near Victoria Roadhouse before sunset.

The rest of the trip is fairly set I think. Spend a day and night in or near Katherine seeing the Cutta Cutta Caves, Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls. Then drive to Litchfield and camp 2 nights. Then drive to see the jumping crocs, Corroborree Cruise and crash out at the Corroborree Tavern before spending our last day and night in Darwin.

Also one bit of advice I do not know if many consider- MAKE sure your medical insurance covers you internationally and if not purchase travelers insurance! Ours will reimburse medical expenses upon return to the US. We purchased what seems like a good travel insurance deal with Nomad. Don't know if anyone has had experience with them before. I don't plan on doing anything stupid but you never know whats going to happen when you're out in the boonies with no civilization for hours.

Lastly a big thank you to Birgit to posting this and I hope others planning on visiting the area find this helpful!

Mar 05, 2019

by: Birgit

In case people are wondering: I had already sent Jeff a very short email with some of my opinions in response to his questions.

Jeff, I see nothing wrong with skipping Manning Gorge. You have to skip something, that's just how it is when you are on limited time.
But be careful with cramming in as many gorges as possible rather than exploring and enjoying one good one.

Windjana-Mornington via Bell Gorge is doable if you can get going early enough. I wouldn't want to be in such a rush when visiting Bell Gorge, but it's doable.
Make sure you are booked into Mornington, even for camping.

Nomad is good.

Beyond that, let's see what others are saying once the newsletter goes out.

Mar 09, 2019
Cape Leveque option +
by: Jeff Pope

Hi Jeff (not a note to self!!),
I did a wonderful round Oz trip, and two things I would recommend above all else.
1. If going to Bungle Bungles (Purnululu National Park), check with the Information Centre at Kununurra and find out what time the sun will be appearing overhead whenyou are in Echidna Chasm . Then ensure you are there 30 mins before that time and see the chasm slowly turn from dull grey to brilliant orange. I took photos you would not believe there, in the short (? 30 mins) window of opportunity.
2. YES, go to Cape Leveque. 100km bitumen, 100kms dirt, but, and similar to my Echidna Cahasm experience, take some photos of the Westerm beach looking back towards the rock face cliffs (they are not very high). Then watch what happens when the sun sets over the ocean and have your camera ready. The rock face turns amazing oranges/browns/yellows. Second best photos I took. You can hire a "humpy" on the beach facing North and pitch your tent in it, or hire mildly glamping tents or they have just a couple of basic rooms for rent.
You can also visit either or both of the pearl industry sites along the way, one on West side lower down and one on the East right near the top.
Lastly, at the right time, the tide rips past the top of the cape like you wouldn't believe.

Mar 09, 2019
Gibb Rv Rd
by: Jeff S

Hi Jeff,
Did Gibb 2018 took 2mths, others have said most of what I was thinking, would stay for sure at Ellenbrae, they have a secret water hole and great scones & cream, also HVS is a nice spot to relax around the pool. I am sure Bridget has mentioned watch your speed on the Gibb & adjust your tyre pressures. Hope you have a good one. Jeff S

Mar 09, 2019
Gibb River Road & Google Maps
by: Gaz

G'day Mate,
If you only have a short time in Australia I would give the Gibb River Road a miss as the Track is horrendous and that's for us Aussies so for anyone from overseas that would be a mistake. Some would probably object, but I would concentrate on other areas in the time you have. As for Google Maps travel times, forget Google Maps as they have absolutely no idea and that's from the mouth of a Publican on Oodnadatta. I recently travelled the Birdsville, Oodnadatta & Strzelecki Tracks in my 4WD drive and I also checked Google Maps which advised one section on the Strzelecki Track would take 19 hours, it took me five hours. Also Google Maps Time sections on the other tracks was way off. So my advice is to forget Google Maps. Contact a Publican or the Police in an area where you wish to travel and they will give you a down to earth answer. Enjoy your travels in Australia.

Mar 09, 2019
Book now to avoid disappointment
by: Ron

Your choice of vehicle is a good one. Stay 2 nights at Broome. Spend one whole day on a booked tour to Cape Leveque and the Horizontal Falls, this will be a major highlight of your trip but you will need to act now. My wife & I did this as part of our 4 month Kimberley/Red Centre trip last year and it was a stand out. Forget going to Derby, get your supplies in Broome before heading off to do the Gibb. It may be worth heading straight to Fitzroy Crossing from Broome and access Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge from that end of the highway. On the Gibb section you will need to allow for some long drives given your short time set aside so make sure you stay a night at Silent Grove to have some quality time at Bell Gorge before setting off again. Ellenbrae Station was a good camp stop over, great scones. Do Litchfield first and Kakadu only if you have time.

Mar 10, 2019
You will love the Kimberley
by: Valerie

Hi Jeff, we did the Gibb River Rd in May/June 2017. Loved it all. Suggest you visit Koolijaman Resort at Cape Leveque on the way up, but stay one night at Cygnet Bay instead. Before you do the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm tour next morning (worth doing) drive out to Ardyaloon Aboriginal Community and see the hatchery. Not up market, but very interesting, as is watching the super fast current nearby. I wrote in some detail about our itinerary for Birgit's website after that trip and included lots of photos. You could ask Birgit for the link if she still has it.

Of course Birgit still has the link. :) I linked your trip report in your text. Thanks, Val! B.

I don't want to put my email address here, but I'm happy if you ask Birgit for it and write to me direct and I'll answer any questions I can. We were 2 Sydney city slickers, yet managed the deep water crossings in our high clearance 4WD eg 21 water crossings to get into Mt Hart Homestead, 2 where the water came over the hood!!

We didn't have time to do Mornington but should have done it for the birdlife etc.
Horizontal Waterfalls an absolute highlight, flying out of Derby and returning same day. Must book early and is dependent on tides - operators know the dates.
We didn't have time for Manning Gorge either, but Galvans Gorge is short walking distance from road and you can swim safely.
Adcock Gorge unnecessarily difficult walk and time waster.
Bell River Rd closed when we were there following big wet season.

Plenty of gorges around ElQ and in Bungles. ElQ I think is a must with boat ride in Chamberlain Gorge, swim at Zebedee Springs etc. You don't need to see every gorge. Emma Gorge (near ElQ) outstanding. 2 nights in Bungles is maximum required and helicopter ride worth doing.
For a real adventure go to Tunnel Creek but read up on it beforehand. A real highlight and unique experience. Windjana Gorge OK. Whatever you do you will enjoy it.

I can see why you want to get across to Darwin and Katherine but instead you could spend the 4 weeks just in the Kimberley, going from Broome on the Gibb, then returning to Broome on the highway. I hadn't thought of doing that either, but research showed that you get to take in more that way... and leave Darwin, Katherine, Litchfield etc. for your next trip to Australia.

Travel safe. Valerie

Mar 10, 2019
Gibb River Road
by: Sally

Jeff, please be aware of the Britz bond rules when hiring your 4wd from them. We hired a 4WD Toyota Troupie and it was perfect for Gibb River Road.
Windjana/Tunnel Creek worth a look, then Mornington Sanctuary for at least 2 nights (book early) so beautiful. We stayed a night at Manning Gorge but it was pretty crowded.
At least 2 nights at El Questro, book non powered site beside Pentecost river (no crocs). Day trip to Emma Gorge.
Lake Argyle camping ground nice, do a lunch boat tour on Lake Argyle.
At Katherine stay at Manbulloo Farmstay much better than the crowded caravan parks in Katherine. Oasis Caravan Park is ok in Darwin. Do Litchfield Park, Kakadu you need at least 7 days. Enjoy

Mar 10, 2019
Kimberley-Top End Itinerary suggestions from a West Aussie
by: Duncan

Hi Jeff, like you all my trips are time poor. I did the Kimberley in 2016 & 2017.

Coming from Perth and via Karijini I'd head from Newman via Nulagine to Carawine Gorge (must see and fantastic overnighter) via the Skull Springs Rd (stunning scenery) then Marble Bar from there via the Boreline Rd to the Gt Northern Hw just south of 80 Mile Beach. Fantastic road and cuts out all the hills and not to mention slow moving quad ore carrying trucks.

An alternative to 80 Mile is Barn Hill. 80 Mile is a very flat beach (but does have cabins if your GF wants a soft bed for a change. Barn Hill has great sunsets from the Pindan cliffs. Broome is Broome.

The Cape Leveque Rd is notoriously horrid with 88km of disgusting corrugations, sand, narrowness and steep banks - but you can strike it lucky and it's just been graded. Willie Creek Pearl Farm is worth a visit and if you are only going up the peninsula to get sunsets over pindan cliffs then consider free camping along the Manari Rd that takes you to Quondong Point and James Price Point as you will still get stunning sunsets and also the possibility of whales.

I've stayed at Cape Leveque in the past and found it very nice but a tad touristy and pricy. Past 2 trips I've stayed at Middle Lagoon, cheep and very cheerful. Some amazing scenery either way. Don't miss Beagle Bay church.

There is a short cut from the CL Rd back to the Grt Nth Hwy that starts just south of the Beagle Bay turn off and comes out at Bedunburra. Some maps show this track.

As said previously the Horizontal Waterfall flight out of Derby is a must if time and budget permit. We did the day trip and in our case that was 5 hrs. Fantastic to say the least.

Last trip we left Derby at dawn and went to Tunnel Creek first up (allow 2 hours at least to get there) walk in and out is easy but allow an hour at least. Take a good torch if you want to capture the formations in your photos. You may also see the small fresh water croc - we did.

Windjana Gorge is best seen close to sunset but your itinerary will see you getting there most probably early PM. Again allow at least an hour to do some of the walk in and along the river bed. Absolutely stunning gorge walls and you should get to see at least 12 or more crocs. You can get quite close to them as they are very tourist friendly. Just don't try and clean their teeth! Most people like to spend the night here.

We didn't camp at Windjana but went on to Silent Grove and Bells Gorge. We arrived about 4pm. Silent Grove is a National Park camp so fees apply. BTW before leaving home apply for and obtain the WA National Parks Pass it will give you free entry to the parks. Yes there are park fees. Silent Grove has good hot showers and clean toilets and importantly very clean drinking water. We did the falls walk just after dawn (I love photography). Apart from it being the coolest time of the day, there will be no crowds and the colours of the gorge and falls are spectacular.

I've stayed at both Charnley River and also Mornington. Mornington in my mind offers a lot more - we stayed 2 nights. Excellent swimming opportunities nice gorges, good camping, a bar and restaurant. They also do evening talks on conservation which was very interesting.

Adcock Gorge is an easy drive in (you can drive all the way in) and the falls are less than 100m away, you need to climb over the rock bar which is easy. Galvins Gorge and falls is a must. There is aboriginal art on the far right hand side follow the walk trail around the water hole and up some rocks.

Mt Elizabeth worth a couple of night's stay, nice gorges and camping are - good facilities.

If not staying at Mt Barnett have a look at Barnett River Gorge an easy 2-300m walk from the carpark.

Ellenbrae is where you stop for morning or afternoon tea. Pretty spot.
Stay at Home Valley Stn for at least 2 days go fishing unwind and enjoy the bar and restaurant (the ribs are to die for)
EQ is at least a 2 day stay maybe more, an awful lot to see and do. Good 4wding and photography opportunities and don't be put off by the crowds.

One thing that you should do if not provided by Britz is get a good compressor and tyre pressure gauge. They will be your best friend as you must let your tyres down to drive the corrugations and sand, etc. 50psi will kill you and the car. Around the 28psi mark should give you a smoother ride, adjust to suit the conditions.

When you hit the black top again don't miss going to Wyndham and the 5 Rivers Lookout. Head into Kununurra via the Parry Lagoon and Parry Creek Rd. If Ivanhoe Crossing is open then this will be your biggest water crossing.

Kununurra has lots to offer stay a few days. Do the Triple J tours on Lake Argyle and Lake Kununurra. You can combine the 2 and make a full day of it. We did this last trip and it was an absolute blast the scenery you will not get anywhere else.

Darwin is great fun and Litchfield and Kakadu also excellent and for different reasons. Personally I'd do the Yellow Waters sunrise tour if this was to be your only Kakadu tour.

Enjoy your experience and time in our great country.


Mar 12, 2019
I can help :)
by: Tracy Ryan Photography

Hi Jeff,
I can help you with your itinerary. I've hosted adventure tours from Darwin to Perth and back again, as well as being a Kakadu National Park tour guide where I do photography tours through there and Litchfield.
In fact, I took two of your countrymen through Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks last September for six days and nights.
Have a look at the brochure I have here on my website for Kakadu and Litchfield. You can just follow that itinerary for that and your GF will have some down time as well. :)
Get in touch with me and I can help you with your decisions about the Kimberley. It's all easily doable, just as long as you know you will need some down time days.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mar 12, 2019
Thank you all!
by: Jeff

I've been checking on updates and reading everyone's input and I greatly appreciate everyone's thoughts :)

This is going to be ridonkulously epic but it can't be everything as we just simply do not have all the time or money in the world to do it :(

That being said, considering what yall have said we have spent quite a bit of time dissecting our itinerary and budget. Keep in mind that half our time will be spent just driving up to Broome from Perth with a detour through the southwest tip of your amazing looking continent. As this is a Kimberley/Top End thingie though I won't pour over the details about that half of the journey. It also means we won't have the $$$ for some of the things we would like to do but we have to prioritize and whale sharks are one of those priorities before hitting the Gibb as is an eco-tent after driving for hours on end through the Pilbara.

The dates of concern here are July 4th to July 20th, we had already booked our flight months ago and it leaves Darwin on the 20th.

So we are scheduling ourselves to arrive in Broome on the 4th of July (any way we could get fireworks and shoot em off on Cable Beach to celebrate OUR independence day???). We plan to have spent the previous night at 80 Mile Beach so we'd be coming in late morning I imagine. That gives us the rest of the day to plan the 2nd half of this expedition and just relax after the long haul from Karijini (which reminds me we can't stay at Barn Hill because coming from Karijini we may feel we can't even make it to 80 Mile Beach and may end up crashing out in Port Hedland instead). This would give us some much needed downtime as well. We were thinking of spending the 5th doing a humpback tour with Karma IV. We'd have to do away with a full Cape Leveque drive and/or a flight to the Horizontal Falls. It's just out of our budget both time and money. I thought an alternative half day driving to the Willie Creek Pearl Farm + a lil exploration and relaxation at James Price Point would make for a nice mini Cape experience and take some photos of the red cliffs at sunset before getting back to Broome (fyi we booked an AirBnB already).

Now the 6th is where things get tricky...(apologies for not referencing specific people in advance) (second note: Windjana is really for my reptile fascination so I don't HAVE to be there to take awesome shots of orange glowing rocks in the sunset light)

Option A (the original plan): Broome-Derby-Windjana/Tunnel Creek and camp.

Option B: Broome-skip Derby, take the main highway and get to Tunnel Creek first (meaning skipping the beginning of the Gibb), then Windjana, then keep going to Silent Grove to camp.

July 7th Option A: Leave Windjana-Bell Gorge-Mornington (this seems rushed as Birgit mentioned already).

Option B: Leave Windjana-Bell Gorge and camp.

Option C (if taking option B from the previous day): Bell Gorge in the morning then drive to Mornington.

This decision we need to make ASAP as this changes certain dates around for us. Just an fyi we have already booked a night at Silent Grove on the 7th but we also booked Mornington from the 7th-10th! This is why things are tricky! As depending on everyone's advice we may need to change our Silent Grove reservation to the 6th now! Either way we are aware that we lost out on some money here.

Now this means we either get 3 nights and 2 full days or 2 nights and 1 full day at Mornington.

July 10th- Leave Mornington, skip Manning Gorge (the crowds+toilet/shower queue is seriously turning us off). We see there are conflicting opinions on Adcock Gorge! Anyone else wanna give us their 2 cents on this one? We will hit up Galvans Gorge, MAYBE Barnett Gorges, then camp at Mt Elizabeth.

July 11th- Leave Mt Elizabeth (no we won't see the gorges, we are on a mission to get to ElQ), stop at Ellenbrae of course, then skip HV to get to ElQ before sundown. I'm guessing just the drive time here is roughly 6 1/2 hours so just the minimal stops between Mt Elizabeth and ElQ. We are gonna want to just relax in our private campsite at ElQ after this drive (yes we booked it already and were shocked to see how many private sites were already booked!).

We have ElQ booked through the 13th meaning we leave the 14th.

July 14th- Sorry guys, Purnululu is not in the cards no matter what. I want to but it just can't happen. We need to get to either Timber Creek or Victoria Roadhouse to sleep the night. I need some help here too! Since Purnululu is out of the question what about Mirima and/or Keep River? Also I do like the sound of Wyndham but that may be too much of a detour if we wish to get to our night destination while there is still some light out.

July 15- Katherine, we haven't investigated Manbulloo yet but I will make a point of it tonight! We aren't so enthused by Nitmuluk now especially knowing we will have blown so much on other tours the previous 3 weeks! Would a day spent at Edith Falls be better? I wouldn't mind a short drive to see the caves too. Maybe this needs to be another general relaxation day before getting on to Litchfield...

July 16th- Find a campsite in Litchfield. My thinking is since we got the Hilux take the south entrance and drive up Reynolds Road in search of a campsite. Walker Creek is blowing us away BUT we don't want to lug our gear half a K or more to an open campsite and knowing that we can't get to the Litchfield entrance until at least 10 AM means the closest sites will be gone most likely. Our plan is to get a site at either Surprise Creek, Sandy Falls or Florence Falls. We camp there for the 16th and 17th.

July 18th- Leave Litchfield to wrap up the outback adventure with Jumping Crocs and Corroborree Sunset Cruise. Staying at the Corrborree Tavern (is it ok???)

July 19th- Get to Darwin and our AirBnb booked already. LOL@this- I owe my GF a spa with some feminine treatment. Was thinking she can have her spa this day while I explore Darwin on my own. Any recommendations for a reasonable spa???

July 20th- wake up, pack up, return the Hilux and board the plane! Adios Oz you were amazing!

It's sad that I can't get in some things (Horizontal Falls, Bungles etc) but it really is out of budget and the time as we gotta be in Darwin for our flight!

Besides the few days of uncertainty here are there some changes that you think we need to consider?

Thanks again everyone, yall are great and I can't wait to visit if half the people we meet are as awesome as yall are! (Note: despite being born and spending so much of my life living in California I did spend 2 stints in Texas so I feel justified in appropriating yall, it just happens when you spend any amount of time in Texas!).

Side note since it's on my mind: If ANY of you are considering a trip to the States, in particular the West, I am more than happy to repay you with my own thoughts and advice doing anything from the Pac Coast border to border all the way out to the Rockies!

Mar 13, 2019

by: Birgit

Hi Jeff,
Very short notes again:

Skip Derby, I'd camp at both Windjana and Silent Grove or one of those days is gonna end up being too stressful to enjoy. One afternoon/evening at Mornington plus one full day seems fine.

Adcock Gorge is easy to get to and worth it if you have the time. If you aren't going to see anything at Mt. Elizabeth you could instead camp at Gibb River Station. 4.5 hrs or less to ELQ from there if the road is ok.

Nitmiluk over Edith Falls. Go walking along the gorges. Doesn't cost anything. Or do splurge on a canoe.

Surprise Creek or Sandy Creek sounds good, Florence will be packed to the rafters. But it doesn't make sense to return to the southern end of the park for a second night if you want to leave going north in the morning.

Mar 13, 2019
What an ironic response Birgit!
by: Jeff

This made me chuckle as it seems I've needlessly stressed myself out over thinking things! I pretty much had this Gibb River itinerary from the get go! Wow! Then I start thinking oh but wait maybe i should really do this and then this and then...stop overthinking Jeff! Alright thanks Birgit you rock! This certainly simplifies matters now :)

Mar 13, 2019
One more thought...Litchfield
by: Jeff

So it seems to me now that I'm looking at the map of Litchfield for the umpteenth millionth time Sandy Creek seems quite ideal for a campsite. Away from the tourist hordes but not too far south like Surprise Creek where a drive around the park doesn't mean we have to go way out of our way to get back to camp.

Mar 14, 2019

by: Birgit

It's a lovely campground and it's not like the extra distance isn't doable. I just had in the back of my mind that you could have gone on to say Berry Springs instead and saved yourself some driving the next day.

Apr 05, 2019
Another Top End Question...
by: Jeff H

We are definitely considering camping at Berry Springs the 2nd night now. But if we don't we'd be staying at Sandy Creek 2 nights. If so our next day looks like this...

Leave Sandy Creek ~ 6:45 arrive in Berry Springs by 8:45. Hang out for an hour leave at 9:45 to get to Adelaide Jumping Croc Cruise by 10:45 for the 11:00 cruise. Is my timing correct on this, ~60km from Berry Springs to the Croc Cruise.

The cruise is 2 hours so we are back at 1 PM. This gives us 3-3 1/2 hours until the Corroborree Sunset Cruise leaves at 4:30. We have the option to be driven there from the Corroborree Tavern at 4.

How can I best fill in that 3 1/2 hours? I was seriously considering driving Hardies Track and I saw it ends up at Corroborree Billabong where the cruise is! Is this feasible???

Apr 05, 2019

by: Birgit

Check with the Tavern. I think they access Corroboree from the other side.

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