Videos of our Kimberley/Gibb Adventure in a Rental Troopy

by Andy
(Oxford, UK)

Andy had already shared his great, very detailed Kimberley and Gibb River Road trip report here.

Below is the video version. Thanks, Andy, for allowing me to embed it!


A three week adventure around the Kimberley and on "the Gibb" in 'Marlene', our rental pop-top Troopy camper. Starting in Broome then travelling to Mornington and on to the Mitchell Plateau. Then to Kununurra and the Bungles before Wolfe Creek crater and back home again with a few mishaps in between.

The Full Story

Part 1: Over The Range
Flying in from the UK and arriving in Broome we pick up our Troopy. We start on the Gibb River Road for Hil's first ever time camping before having a couple of mishaps on our way to Bell Gorge!

Part 2: Mornington to Manning
Down to Mornington Wilderness Camp for a couple of nights then on to Manning Gorge.

Part 3: Up The Mitchell
Despite just about everyone we met telling us not to, we decided to brave the Kalumburu Road via Drysdale River Station to get to the Mitchell Falls.

Part 4: Get Me Back To The Gibb
Setting off from Mitchell Falls heading to Home Valley Station... a mere 423 kms away but it's not long before another mishap!

Part 5: El Questro To Diggers
Heading over the Pentecost to El Questro to see the gorges and the fabulous Branco's Lookout. Then finally completing the Gibb River Road heading on to Wyndham and Diggers Rest.

Part 6: Karunjie to Kununurra
I almost scare myself half to death on the Karunjie Track, which made the Kalumbaru Road/Mitchell Falls Road seem positively smooth as silk! What it lacked as a road surface it made up for in stunning views and memories. Then on to Kununurra.

Part 7: Bungled
After a scenic flight to the Argyle Diamond Mine and the Bungle Bungles we drive down Spring Creek Road to see Purnululu National Park up close and personal.

Part 8: Back To The Bitumen
After seeing the China Wall at Halls Creek we go to see Wolfe Creek Crater on the Tanami Track, before heading back to the finish line in Broome/Cable Beach via Fitzroy Crossing and Geikie Gorge.

Addendum: Outback Back Out
Cable Beach wasn't quite the journey's end for us, we had another night in Broome at the Roey before flying back home.

On arrival home the first thing we did was book another rental troopy for the same time in 2011!

Hope you enjoy the videos.


Andy & Hil
Oxford, UK

Comments for Videos of our Kimberley/Gibb Adventure in a Rental Troopy

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Apr 11, 2011
Well Done!
by: Anonymous

It was good to see your adventure through the Kimberley. Thanks for the entertainment. We drove though up there last year from Darwin in our Nissan Pathfinder, but didn't do the whole Gibb, deciding to wimp it out by doing the the Gibb To Home Valley/EQ, back out to the Highway and through to Tunnel Ck and Derby. Fabulous country and bloody rough, eh.

Your video has now encouraged me to spend a lot of time to produce my movies - a long and painstaking process for me. What software did you use? I have Sony Vegas Movie 9.0 and DVD Architect 4.5.

Good luck for your next journey here - we will be doing the UK in May/June with a mix of coach tour and car over 6 weeks.

Thanks again. Ben

Apr 11, 2011
by: Andy


Thanks, I think the time it took to make the video is absolutely worth it and by far the best way to relive the experience afterwards.

I used iMovie '11 which was free on my Mac. I don't have experience with PC softwares but I have heard good things about Sony Vegas.

Have fun on your UK trip!



Apr 11, 2011
Great Video
by: Robert

Thoroughly enjoyed your video diary. We did a "Troopy" trip around Alice Springs 18 months ago. Absolutely fabulous! We are planning a trip to Broome etc., in the near future. Your video has given me further reasons to get organized.

I have been using Adobe Premiere Professional for my videos. It is great to use. Looking forward to your next encounter with Australia. Don't forget the video!

Apr 11, 2011
I recognise these two adventurers!
by: Carolyn

Andy and Hil,

There I was, completely mesmerized by this fantastic video, when I suddenly realized it was you guys! It was when you mentioned the ?two punctures??..Great to hear you and see you again, as well as getting a mention (thanks!).

We loved your travel report and your video ? we were wholly and wonderfully transported back to the magic of the Gibb! We had often thought about you and wondered how you got on after you left us at Mornington, as we?d heard so much from other people about the road up to the Mitchell Falls and the Karunjie track. You?ve had some amazing adventures!

You may recall that we, being a lot older than you and a lot more cautious (well me, anyway!) had stayed in accommodation along the Gibb but were planning on camping the following night after leaving Mornington. We were looking forward to Bell and Windjana Gorges and Tunnel Creek after your vivid explanations but ? alas, it was not to be. I fell headlong into rocks in Bell Gorge(Chris thought it was going to be a helicopter job!), and unfortunately had to abandon the Gibb and drive straight to Derby hospital where I was plastered/bandaged up, fortunately only ending up with two sprained wrists, an injured knee and covered in bruises!

Nevertheless, a wonderful trip, which we would love to do again, maybe attempting some of the more adventurous outposts which you have discovered (if we dare?).

And yes, Birgit, you?re doing a fantastic job: we could not have survived without your ?bible? and we love reading your newsletters.

Keep them coming!

Carolyn and Chris

Apr 11, 2011
by: Birgit

Ouch! Glad you didn't do more damage to yourself. And thank you very much for the kind words!

I hope you will be able to return for another adventure soon :-).

Apr 12, 2011
Great Job Guys
by: Anonymous

Well done you guys! Looks like you had a terrific time on your hols. We have done that trip twice and always enjoy it. Our country is pretty harsh and a great challenge so hope you come back soon and give the savanaha way a look at. Good luck!

Rob and Karen

Apr 16, 2011
by: The Pest

A very well documented and programmed trip. It is videos like this that get the adrenalin going to get out there and just D0 IT.

Kevin J.

Apr 28, 2011
Thanks for the reply!
by: Andy & Hil

Carolyn & Chris,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Great to hear from you both again! We also often wondered how you got on, sadly not as well as we'd hoped it seems! Sounds horrendous! Some of the rocks at Bell Gorge were pretty treacherous! Our mechanical mishaps were trivial matters in comparison. So glad you were OK in the end.

Sounds like you should be planning another trip - you know the old adage about getting straight back in the saddle!

We can't wait to get out there again and the Savannah way is also in our sights.


Andy & Hil

Jun 07, 2011
Just finished watching
by: Anonymous


Jun 07, 2011
Kalumburu Road / Mitchell
by: Andy & Hil

Thank you, reading Birgit's latest update we are glad we did the Kalumburu Road in 2010 as it looks like it might be impossible/impassable this year!

Terrible for the tourists and worse for the residents!

Jun 07, 2011
Mitchell Plateau
by: Birgit

I actually heard today that the road apparently will be fixed as far as the Mitchell Plateau turn off. So the tourists might be OK by late June.

I'm waiting for the confirmation. But it's still terrible for the residents beyond the t/o.

Jun 09, 2011
Kalumburu Road / Mitchell
by: Andy

Well it's good news for the tourists but still a disaster for the residents. Fingers crossed some WA or Federal emergency fund can get things sorted for them.

Thanks for the update and I'm really glad people can experience the Mitchell Plateau again this dry season.

Andy & Hil.
PS. Get well soon!

Jun 09, 2011
by: Birgit

Will do my best. Thanks!

Dec 02, 2011
Outback With Nature
by: Kitty

Oh dear!! What has tourism done to my country. No Aboriginal or natural sounds, only modern buzz music and lots of shots of a made up road and beer drinking, hot showers as modern life creeps into this wilderness. How glad I am that I saw all this years ago when it was an awesome and untouched place and the only music was Aboriginal. We slept under the stars and lived with nature. Made a camp fire and slept with red dust in our hair. We could hardly stand the city when we got back. Something magical had happened to us.

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